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  1. I was reading a parallel thread inside the deadfire sub-forum and was rlthinking " i really wish to know the opinion on Gromnir on this". After that i found this post writed 22 min ago. This calls for telephaty at least
  2. One of my best char was a spear wilder. I went monk/fighter, crit based build. So 1h style, conqueror stance, swift flurry + upgrade, hit to crit chance from fighter, monks passives that gives chance of new attack on crit ecc ecc Basically i tried to stack everything wich gives accuracy and hit to crit conversion and what gives you more attacks on crit ( monk's stuff) Went very well. Sometimes i triggered even 5-6 attacks togheter. Solid char, good defensives too. Moreover spear are a good category of weapon with a decent progression. Only bad side is that in the end for the build sun&moon worked significantively better, since 2 attacks = much more chance to trigger a crit chain.
  3. I wold roll too a sc monk or some kind of chanter multiclass. Main problems i forsee in the challange are - keep vela alive - use a renovable resource class like monk / chanter/ chyper ( woedica challange is a pain) - keep up with the timelines. Moreover, since it is an hardcore run is much better to invest in a robust character instead of a glass cannon build, since a single bad roll in the end of the game could ruin the whole thing
  4. Another option is streetfighter + steel garrote paladin. You lose some speed respect the barbarian, but you get: awesome defences, awesome AR ( up to +4), timeless regen aura, hands of light ( courage + health regen), a lot of FoD. Basically slighly slower ( but as a streetfighter is not so different) but much more sturdy. And over all: as a rogue you have persistent distraction--> enemy is always afflicted unless perception affliction immune/ resistance. And as a steel garrote you will get permanent 15% life leech ( as a rogue dmg is always good).
  5. I started to hate toxic stike because in the game there is too much enemies with poison imunity ( construct, spirits, naga, ecc).
  6. Yes, but probably it it easier to boost the healing done than reduce the curse dmg. Anyway you could go both ways: Dmg reduction - high res ( as you should anyway as a FF), ring of solitary wanderer, ev voidweel, ev.strand of favor ( compete with bonesetter torch) More heal - str if you can afford it, footprints, bonesetter torch, healer belt, practiced healer talent Could be good to multiclass with a pala even more regen aura and as dicussed before, use the white void helm to get awesome accuracy to both FoD ( bleak walker) and forbidden fist. Use a plate for good misure and you should be quite unkillable ( but you might die of boredom maybe)
  7. Anyone tried to optimize a forbidden fist monk ( sc or multi) regard the self heal ability? If you stack some str, + healing items ( bonesetter torch, healer belt, footprint of Ahu Taka) + healing talent ( priest, pala or druid) and you should be able to get a nice "passive" healing. Further: there are some ways to easily apply to self "negative effects" that triggers the self healing when they end? I could only think to Hylea Talons but have not tested if it works or not... Other ideas? Moreover: is good to discuss al of this before 4.2 comes out?
  8. So dragon thrashed chanter ( trobadour) with flail ( for lower reflex) can be a thing? I never thought it would be possible to build around interruption, but this can indeed be promising, free unlimited aoe interruption are strong. There are item or weapons that buff interruption time? Btw maybe a multiclass with a barb ( berserker) can be even stronger than SC troubadour. You can still get a lot of energized with berserker frenzy + soulboud axe from SSS (+1 tier to might boost), and you get some good passives and the shouts. Maybe even monk can be an option if it is "soulbandable" with slayer claw.
  9. Herald is imho the most solid. Uber armor, infinte healing, good defences, summons. All you need to solo everything. Tactitian/ bloodmage is also a good candidate. Also single class chanter.
  10. The only thing i dislike much of chipers is that some super good powers ( es: amplified wave) need an ally target to be casted. You CAN'T hit yourself neither a charmed target. No problem at all in a party, but a big pain when soloing. At least in deadfire afaik the animal companion make for a valid target.
  11. Also: - chanter with old siec chant (15% lifesteal) - or multiclass pala with wizard for concelhaut staff (30% life drain) A proper weapon is also - eager blade with battle unending upgrade. 50% to have a good heal on crit. Massive underrated weapon imho, i've played a solo monk/devoted build that weapon and was awesome.
  12. Good job. I'm fan of reaver ( although i would make it "proficient" with all 2h weapons + battleaxe) and duelist (d&d love).
  13. @ maxquest: you forgot the allmighy "claim and refusal" : -15% dmg recived for melee attacks, -10% dmg done with melee attacks. Nice list btw. I tried to build a super low deflection barb with super high healt and stack dmg reduction items to make the ultimate retaliation tank ( single class for barbaric retaliation, so no warrior stance). I failed. Miserably. Mostly because there are not enough item to stack max dmg resistance. Another version actually was about stacking just AR, but as the point was getting crit all the time tgat too didn't worked too well ( was ok, but not OP)
  14. Old siec + woedican paladin heals kind of stack ( they worked as 2 separate sources of healing --> you do 10 dmg--> you get 2 different named istances with respectively +1,2 (12%) and +1,5 (15%) healing {numbers can change slightly due rounding} ), so i'm positive that the blood ward work the same. Only bad thing is that as far as i tested ( a lot, but not every possibility) "leeched healing" (es:blood ward, old siec chant, woedica paladin passive, concelhsut staff) is boostable ONLY DOING MORE DMG, all effect that gives you "more healing" (es: bone setter torch, healer belt, talent "practiced healer", ecc) DOESN'T boost it. The bright side are that: - lashes count as "more dmg done", thus increasing your leeched healing - axe modal bleeding cut count as "dmg done", so as long that the dot goes on, so will your leeched healing.
  15. About wizardslayer: i like to pick underdogs and try to transform them in something that works. After several trials i found a singleclass version and a multiclass version with kind wayfarer that worked quite well. The only thing that really still bothers me is not the class in itself ( playing with some huge restrinction in trade for some kind of power is cool) but that many "spell like" abilities are not properly keyworded. I mean: the main selling point of the class, apart from the +25% spell resistance ( not bad but not OP either), is the ability to make casters ( chipers, druid, priest, wizard, chanter) to fail spells. This of course is not working for all kind of "martial" abilities, so let's say that more or less only half of enemies are subject to spell failure. What i really despise is that afaik more or less all boss abilities are not keyworded with "spell" ( or the equivalent), so you lose most of your power in the fightes where you need it most. And this is not fair imho.
  16. About furyshaper: what about multiclass with a chiper? - you have a +15 will talent to balce the class malus - you mantain the madman/psycho mood - you have many ways to lower enemies will with chyper spells - fear ward + spirit tornado : terror for ages - if solo : you have an easy frienly target to cast amplified thrust/soul shock/amplified wave ( actually is only a supposition, not actually tested) - somebody tested if the empty soul talent work also with barb spirit tornado/ dazing shout? Edit: wards are NOT valid target to any chiper power ( at least not for ampilified wave, soul shock, amplified thrust and the + accuracy power)
  17. My 2 cents: Steel garrote paladin + troubadour ( herald) Steel garrote ability at max lvl is about 15% of dmg done as healing ( i have not tested it a lvl 1, maybe it is not scaling at all) Go for long night drink phrase, and you have the aoe weakened you need to keep leaching life forever. As a bonus: weakened is a tier 2 ability, do is not negated by mere resistance ( it downgrades to sicken), you need an actual immunity. At higher lvls : you can keep on both long night drink + old siec revenge phrase to get 12%+15%= 27% healing on dmg done, wich is nice. Since i was going to max str anyway i trowed in also the regen aura + healer talent+ bonesetter amulet + ahu saint boots to get +33% + 15%, +15%+ 15% healing, so my aura gave me +7 hp/3 sec. For bonus style points: i had gone for pukestabber + soulbind dagger, so i had my beautiful drunkenmaster vampire knight, he was always drunk (pukestabber mad drunk bonus), the others could not stand to had a party with him ( puke on crit/ weakened)
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