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  1. Was an octopus i think, also i have a re-collection that it was first created by a people that live in the general area where Israel is now. The country from which Dido came from, the woman who ruled Carthage when Aneas (i think) was sailing from troy to italy to found rome supposedly, (or his descendants).
  2. The mans face looks absolutely fine, all thats wrong is that the "eye" is floating in front of him and also now has lostits shape and become jagged and twitchy. it doesnt even lok like an eye anymore but a jagged blob folating that keeps on changing shape from one jagged blob like shape to another. Also when i entered maintanance where the hk protocol/assassin druid is, i suddenly get a point in space which as i carry on running expands in a circular way to make my charatcer compeletely see through where this point is, it usually expands to cover the whole torso before "resetting" and doing it all over again. Also at regular intervals my game starts blinking about 4 or so times, it makes little parts of the screen different colour, as if a layer is being "seen" through to reveal the stuff underneath. They dont cause the game to crash but are still highly irritating. I never had any problems when i first installed the game, however i unistalled te game for a period of time and then re-installed it and thats when these buggs started happening. Could this be to do with the patch? It has happened before that a patch that fixes some things then causes other things to come to the surface and "break" Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Red, maybe silver but ive yet to complete a game and fins a silver lightsaber or silver/white/ crystal but i think even if i did id still go with red.
  4. When i listen to loggs in KoToR2, like in the med-bay on Peragus and then in the officers desk, i get a glitch where the man talking appears all normal...except his eyes, in stead of eyes theres a huge 1 eyeball floating in front of him instead, blinking and twitching etc. :crazy: mmm, any clues?
  5. Double-bladed for me, dont care really that 2 singles do more damage, i do more then sufficient damae already with a double hander and it looks cooler to me.
  6. In regard to "re-visiting" planets from KoToR2 in KoToR, im not sure about this, if its 1 or 2 maybe, but i think it would probably be better to go for planets we havent seen yet at all. Someone mentioned Coruscant...putting that place into a game and it feeling like Coruscant will probably take up so much room its crazy, think 2-3 "normal" planets put together.
  7. http://www.killermovies.com/forums/archive...on-for-now.html have a look *shrug* Anyhoooo, if its true then its about time. :joy: edit: ahh hrmm, in my ahh rush i missed the collation of the KoToR3 threads, and form what ive read this isnt new info so lock away.
  8. That comment coming from an individual with Pisha (i think...) as the avatar made me laugh. Atton overall but jolee has his moments.
  9. I dont bother converting anyon except atton, then theres me visas and atton and that is more then sufficient. The others are capable enough as it is to take care of say, the sith temple on duxun.
  10. Ahh great male revan, female exile we ALL know what will happen in KoToR3 nwo dont we? *smooches* Have to agree the male exile version was a lot more interesting to me, but that is most likely because ima guy and not because of the game features.
  11. Atton and Visas once atton is jedi. Otherwise its visas and mandalore. right at the beggining bao and kreia - stick kreia in jedi support mode and you can obliterate just about everything.
  12. Since when has that stopped anyone? If anything it being freaky will make it even more thought about etc. Anyhow Mira - 88 Visas - 87 Handmaiden - 86 eh? thats way close :/, come on vote visas someone new.
  13. I found uthar second hardest because i somehow talked myself into fighting both uthar and his apprentice girlfriend at the same time, and neither were poisoned....was a close one.
  14. Atton, hes a survivor never gives up and now a jedi as well, no contest..id vote visas purely cause i like her dress most )
  15. I use force powers minimally, mostly bladework for me, as such consitution i voted best but a high strength is just as important i thought, cause otherwise you wont hit anything.
  16. i have to agree, i was trying to find the thread that had the definition of love by hk-47 in it but didnt find squat, searching is a lot harder then it seems. still cant find the quote..help?
  17. neutral, do whatever is in my best interest mostly i wonder how many of these polls there has been in total
  18. im not going to vote because i just cant pick one over the other.
  19. makes sense to me, a lot more sense then the other theories and its easier to understand. i really want to add something meanigfull but honestly there isnt anything to add, you hit the nail on the head.
  20. visas, cause the whole totaly devoted thing kinda makes me feel i have to have her with me.
  21. voted manaa but should have voted duxun, dint llike rakata prime, although its good i hate beeches so you know...
  22. to be honest i put tank droid, because all other bosses have ways to beat em easy, but every time i do telos i dont have any decent weapons so it end up being a tough fight for me.
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