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  1. The best has to be wen HK-47 goes on about his belief of what love is, omg i was pmsl when i heard him talking bout that, awesome line.
  2. 6. HK-47 says he was built after the Mandalorian Wars, yet he says that one of his masters (a Mandalorian) sent him to assassinate Mandalore. Was there another Mandalore between Ultimate and Canderous? HK-47 was created by Revan and was sent by Revan to assassinate Mandalore, HK-47 failed and lost his memory and eventually wound up in that idiots shop on tatoine. That means HK-47 was built before the Mandalorian wars or at least near the beggining of the Mandalorian wars. This is also a fact because HK-47 himself tells you this when you unlock his memory in K1
  3. Good game, good characters, great lines written for great characters, good sidequests, can scare the crap out of you (debatable i know), combat isnt that bad it doesnt subtract from the game from what i find to be honest. Some bugs but nothing horrible. If you get stuck the forums on planet vampire will have the answer im 99%sure of that. Music rocks, in nightclubs but outside nightclubs as well.
  4. thanks for the help guys, ty for the link Vashanti
  5. Revan was whatever you made of him, i made him smart evil, so he was smart evil for me.
  6. Kreia/Treia was the better sith lord because she was just like the sith lord in the star wars movies, manipulative, cunning etc. their goals were different but she was still a better sith lord. Mind you i dont really think she was an actual sith lord at all, she did her own thing according to her own philosophy and as such casnt really be classified as either sith or fedi. She dressed like a sith but she wasnt as crude as the sith.
  7. air speeding around? could you explain?
  8. har, har, har as much as id like to do that i need to get this project done first.
  9. Hi people, Im doing a project on fire resistant, fire proof materials and their properties, its an external piece of work so i cant use teachers for help . I have used google to try and find properties and things but all ive found is examples of really complecated new materials whose names sound like words taken out of longest posible word in german competition. <_< . Any help woud be apreciated.
  10. it was a ty between malachor 5 and dantoine in K1 since its K2 malachor is da winna!!11!! k seriously though id have to go for peragus, since its well...peragus :/ droids droids and more droids, if there were more HK-47 type droids trying to smack you down it would have been better but there werent so nah. It wasnt bad though, it was the most boring of all the planets but it wasnt bad i thought.
  11. Darth Malak vs Darth Traya/Kreia Kreia, she is far more knowledgeable and powerfull then the crude malak The Exile vs Master Vandar Master vandar? i read someone mention him as a little green guy....yoda? if its yoda i really havent got a clue but if its not then the exile, cause the exile gets tutoured by kreia. Darth Nihilus vs Revan Nihilus, he'd rip revan apart brutally due to his nature (force drain thing) Darth Sion vs Master Kavar and Master Zez-Kai Ell Sion would win, after all his invincible if you cant break his will, and those other 2 jedi didnt have a clue about Sion so thed be dead, dead, dead. Atris vs Bastila Shan Atris since shes a jedi master and bastila is a padawan and as such atris will have more knowledge. (knowledge is power idea recuring here.) Master Uthar vs Master Zhar Cant remember exactly whos who <_< Yuthura-Ban vs Master Dorak <_< :"> Darth Bandon vs Master Vrook Vrook, he seemed much tougher to me then bandon. Visas Marr vs Brianna Kae (Force-User) Visas Jolee Bindo vs Mical the Disciple (Force-User) Ill say jolee because mical gets on my nerves. Juhani vs Mira (Force-User) Mira, cause she knows how to survive without the force and now has the force to aid her as well. Zaalbar vs Hanharr Hanhaar would wipe the floor with Big Z. Mission/T3-M4 vs HK-47 A kid + a utility droid vs an assassin droid proggrammed personnaly by revan, HK-47 would win without contest. Mission wouldnt even be able to sneak attack him, since HK-47 is an assassin and as such knows all about that kind of attack strategy. P.S. Visas would win because shes Visas
  12. I figured id point out the idea in a simpler context, thats all.
  13. Simple. You were a lightside character, you choose the lightside options after you fought her. You gained a lot of influence by just being a nice guy, thus you had high influence with her before even being able to select her as a party member. When your influence is high with a character, their light/dark shifts to match yours a bit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> id just like to add why the people change from dark to light or from light to dark according to you since you seem not to have grasped the idea. (haitoku that is) You form bond with people, its one of those things that make you uber special (w00t) in the game, as such you will influence all living things that have a high mental ability, in the direction youre heading yourself.
  14. toxic gases? thats not where the red eclipse guy is, hes in the cantina
  15. Bugs? dont worry about the bugs, this game is almost bug free if you compare it to vampire bloodlines rpg the maquerade, that game was buggy as hell but it was still awesome as hell as well. Bugs can be fixed so dont worry bout bugs, what you should be worried about is if we ever manage to get the cut content back in.
  16. About equal to be honest, K2 has better graphics (not body sticking robes), but thats just about it really, and anyway the body sticking robes didnt look at all bad if you were on the dark side " .
  17. That made my day lol. Anyhow visas marr for the win for sure
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