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  1. what is it with chuck norris? everywhere i go people say chuch norris this chuck norris that wtf?
  2. ohh, politics of-course, my favourite spoiler of them all. -.- ty for the answer, appreciate it
  3. sion, visas, nihilus to one dgree or another, darth treia
  4. unlikely, whats more liekly to happen is that thell die having defeated the true sith in the final battle or something. it would at least give the game an ending if a somewhat sad ending
  5. what i dont get is why people shorten realease dates. After-all selling an un-satisfactory game is hardly going to make them profit more then if the waited a couple more months and released a complete game as a result.
  6. mando's certainly love the challenge of war, but i wouldnt say they love war completely, if they did they wouldnt have any honour at all, and they evidently do and as such....im going in circles here
  7. if i ever hear that you really do kill visas at some point, i swear ill use my force powers to force crush your brain and then drain you of what life theres left. Blasphemer
  8. i love this emote dont you just love it? umm im not sure about go-to if you get him early on then hes dialogue options can be quite fun i thought, but combat wise hes a pile of junk like all droids (with the exception of HK-47 of-course).
  9. malak? with half his face missing? even if i was a girl id think no ty.
  10. Zonos turn back from that line of enquiry right NOW!! believe me its not a healthy direction to go in, mentally or physically.
  11. i cant believe how many people are voting Kreia
  12. deepest personality? i would say kreia my favourite personality though is Visas because of the way shes reserved seeming (to me anyway)
  13. i dont know about kinky but definitely energetic. what with all the martial arts etc its bound to be a rough ride.
  14. have to say disciple, go-to i find quite cook if pointless. disciple is a pu*s*y, i mean come on, king arthur anybody? blond hair? sweet mary jesus :lol:
  15. sidiouses biggest mistake: trying to replace vader tut tut silly sidious
  16. i voted, neither. why use one teaching when you can use both? when you can learn what both havwe to offer? If to get stronger you need to follow sith for a time so be it, if its vice versa so be it as well.
  17. t3-m4 was worst, go-to was at least intersting to talk to, t3-m4 was just a pile of scrap if you ask me. mind you - hes good in the films
  18. umm you can actually see briana fighting the other handmaidens? i thught that was cut out.
  19. I choose the choices that are the most opportune to me at the time or in the future, as such about 1/3 of the time i pick light side dialogue options and 2/3 of the time i pick dark side dialogue options. I dont try and play dark and lig, i play as my own character andi always end up dark side, not far from dark grey. Also doing things like ordering those exchange thugs to jumo in the pit was a service to nar shadaa and should be considered a blessing by the people in the nar shadaa world isntead of a dark thing to do, i always was puzzled when that idiot that direct the thugs to you for money then runs away when i get rid of te thugs for him...pfff Also, one question, when you talk to atris she unsheath syour lightsaber, you can declare as such in dialogue as well, when atton asksyou what colour your lightsaber is i alway say silver, so i know that blade atris is mine. My question is is it at all possible to get that blade from her? do you have to help her and shell give it to you? cause killing her doesnt makethe lightsaber drop...and thats really pissing me off :/
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