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  1. its posts like these that really bring homw the point that you can play these games through 20 times nd stil not know all the goodies in the game.
  2. the swoop blur is the only thing that makes the swoop races tricky, so why remove them?
  3. cant stand poems to be honest, but ill add that i highly doubt Revan was named after Raven. Coincidence, is all.
  4. umm, ive played through about 3 times, so far and found nothing exotic so to speak, none of the rare lute anyway
  5. love interest between the exile and revan?umm i suppose yeah...
  6. im doubting it will happen to be honest, but if it does im game.
  7. dont trust microsoft, they re a bunch of leeches as far as im concerned
  8. dark blue i like dark green i like light colours = meh pitch black hair = ownage (lol) went for blue (dark never light) this time
  9. its 3 masters, 4th is dead on korriban. ive done the ending where you leave the masters alive, kreia kills them instead of me...-.-
  10. if you dont kill the jedi masters immediately and kill the last 2 or something in the enclave on onderon, then kreia asks you if you are satisfied, in my last 2 playthroughs what i said made her angry saying i hear but do not listen, and drains me to un-consciesness. my question is whether, there is an answer in which she doesnt get angry at you or if there is a different respons of some kind.
  11. i favour red, no matter what allignment i am, it appeals to me the most.
  12. voted, bastilla, but only once shes turned dark side i think (havent completed the game as light side...1. on to do list). Then it would have been HK-47 for already said reasons.
  13. you could try and list cutscenes you already have seen, then other can add to the cut-scened you havent seen but they have. otherwise you cant really post...
  14. i think they are sticking with things from storyline to storyline as if you played as LS in previous game, thed probably get sued by the zealous american mothers for corrupting their kids with "evil" games or something otherwise.
  15. i didnt even know you can killhim as a female....really need toexplorethe gamemore
  16. too bad indeed, hopefully K3 if it comes will be more....diverse.
  17. i have to agree there, that was a great moment. didnt make me feel bad though,unlike the tatoine thing
  18. taking that wraidplate from the tatoine woman, when it was all she had left (not paying for it). Made me feel very bad, :/ edit: the torturing bastilla moment was bad as well. :/
  19. i put Revan, he wasnt the most powerfull but he was the best strategist and when you combine that with his considerable skill with the force = best.
  20. Ha! You are no match for me Visas lover! You are incompetent and have a very limited understanding of the force. If I was a Sith Lord, I'd refuse to train you because your too weak minded. I'd simply behead you and feed you to the Kath Hounds. PS: Don't take this seriously... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oh yeah? why would i have a hand-maiden lover like you teach me anyway? your followers are mindless weaklings, if it comes to a battle between us i would not even need the force to crush the life out of you P.S. ditto
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