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    Deralia. It's in a remote system. Why?
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    Star Wars :) and sci-fi / fantasy in general. I'm a big Red Dwarf fan. I like reading and walking, and any day now I'll start writing a sci-fi novel I've been planning for years. Any day now.
  1. Exile: Kreia has already chosen, you great fruity mummified lump of atoms! Sion:................................
  2. Bao-Dur, I mean. Not T3. I think Bao was the most loyal. He dies for me! Kinda. He's a tight t-shirted martyr.
  3. The voice is VERY very sexy! And the whole tight t-shirt look. And the brooding. And the way he stares at you when he's going on about the war. 'I'm.... sure you do, General'. He's hotter than any of them. Hotter than Carth, I dare say.
  4. Yeah I never noticed that. But then, due to the success of Star Trek and similar earlier shows, most uniforms in the future look like that.
  5. Spectre and Architect must shush now. The reason Revan has few powers is because s/he's in an RPG, you eegits. It's hard to say who'd win. Luke may be good and the son of the chosen one, but Revan once stormed through the Star Forge, killing insane numbers of Dark Jedi. I guess if it came to tactics Revan would win. If we're talking Luke from any time prior to ROTJ, he'd lose. And Luke is waaaaaay cooler than Revan. Luke is what Star Wars is all about, dammit. And his last name is 'Skywalker'. That's a cool name.
  6. Chiss are one of my favourites too. I haven't had much love for Wookiees ever since I saw the Holiday Special. I'm quite fond of Miraluka. And I think Twi'leks are so popular because 98% of them are either sexy slave girls or petite, semi-nude Jedi. Sullustans would be just as popualr if they were naked all the time.
  7. Adare / Azkul hired 'Extreme Makeovers' to do it. They cut the weeds, rebuilt the Enclave and picked out new outfits for the Jedi Masters, even buying new earrings for Zez-Kai Ell and building a home gym for Kavarr. The whole thing took three days, and as the Exile re-entered the Academy, the team (who had been hiding behind foliage) jumped out into the centre of the Enclave, where Kreia killed them all so they wouldn't interrupt the meeting. That's all in the cut content.
  8. I never thought of that one. And I love all the theroies about where Star Wars names come from! Good one.
  9. K. The main character should be all new, but strongly tied to (maybe a padawan of) one of the NPC's from either game. You should definately run into Revan and the Exile at least once each. For me, the story would be about this new Jedi going picking up Revan and the Exile's pieces and sorting out the mess they both made of the galaxy one way or the other.
  10. I'm sure you get Calo on your first planet and Bandon on your third. Fighting Bandon on Korriban always seems odd to me. First off, if Malak's apprentice was on Korriban at least someone would have mentioned him to me. Second, after a while one of the Sith is going to find the body, or notice he's missing! I tend to do it on Manaan or Kashyyk (sp?) and I tend to bring Bastilla along.
  11. Speed is always a good choice. Get speed and heal and you can't go wrong. Pity about the armour restriction, but Jedi shouldn't wear armour, so.
  12. I'm also a guy and I prefer both Revan and the Exile as female. I think the Carth romance is much better written than the Bastilla one. Those cheesy lines you give Bastilla and then rescuing her at the end. If it wasn't KOTOR I'd call it nauseating! As for the Exile, I can't pick a male head I like, and Visas always telling me 'my life is yours' is creepy. Also, in both games the Jedi robes make male characters look unnecesarily broad-shouldered.
  13. Thanks. Just a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.
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