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  1. I still find this profile to be the creepiest on this forum. Kudos!

  2. you're so anonymous on here now

  3. To live without you

  4. Running 'round on feet of clay

    Naked except for a per pet ual death

    That couldn't be stripped away

    And i'm right to prove wrong

    It moved him along closer to division day

  5. I apologise to everyone reading this profile for Laozi's display of bitterness. Hell hath no fury like a Texan scorned.

  6. Watch out Surrep is a snake in the garden. Like a knubby one inch snake that can't bite anymore and just grosses everyone out, but a snake regardless.

  7. All these comments are from genuine boner fide girls. Get it? BONERfied.

    We are Kor's Angels except for laozi - he is a dude.

  8. To see the desired proof, usual rates apply.

  9. Laozi is lying, he says its great to me in private. He shouldnt be ashamed.

  10. What Laozi said about me is true. He knows from repeated personal inspection. Same time tonight?

  11. It wasn't outlawed, it was just killed. First it died from having Baley's odd stories. Then it continued die under the strain of Eldousent's bloviating rants putting imaginary people on trial. Or is it putting people on imaginary trials? ...whatever. After that, it died drowning in unworthy spam which began toward the end of volume 6 - from about here. Then its corpse was abused in volume 7. It wasn't technically outlawed but was given a forced rest, which in my awesome opinion, it needed.
  12. Where's the PROOF? Show us naked pictures!

  13. Its true that Surreptishus is a girl, but not for the right reasons. We Surreptishus was 6ys. it got into an accident at school with a film projector. Make a long story short, its not so great down there.

  14. **WARNING** Laozi isn't actually a female. He is a guy, don't believe him. I on the other hand am a girl. Look at my profile to check. :)

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