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  1. Torment's combat wasn't any worst then any other IE game, it's just that most of the encounters leaved a lot to be desired, which would have been been as scarce through out the whole game as it was during the first few chapters. One thing it did very well were the spell effects and critical hit animations, which made things a bit more bearable.
  2. That's because standards have been dropped in the military as well.
  3. Indeed, which is why Middle Eastern societies are not evolving. By subjugating women entirely, the males have no incentive to do anything. That said, i'd say that the whole women's movement of the 50s (third wave feminism) pushed the balance to the other extreme. All feminists do this days is franchise women's greed, take advantage of the court systems for themselves and dump down society as a whole to the fabled 'kitchen' they so vehemently tried to struggle out of (or so they said. Personally, i don't believe them), which is why the west is folding so easily against Muslims. Schopenhaue
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Whitman 41 years ago (definitely more than 15), this man shot and killed 14 and wounded 31 others at the University of Texas at Austin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_related_attacks 1st entry 116 years ago (also definitely more than 15), a man fired a shotgun into students at a playground I love how the number of shooting keeps multiplying as time goes on. There's almost 30 years of gab between each of the early shootings but how many did we have in the past 10 years alone?
  5. "BOLSHEVIK PRESS MESSAGE", lol, please.
  6. Probably due the fact women do contribute nothing.
  7. Conan has a few qualms dealing with magic users, unless they happen to be voluptuous and fair skinned women with a soft spot for a bit of rugged barbarism after dealing with civilized flappy invertebrates their entire lives.
  8. He generally used whatever weapon was common in whatever area he traveled at any given time, though he seemed to favor bladed weapons above all.
  9. In case that was directed at me, i need to specify that i didn't imply his demeanor was wild, but his physical characteristics most definitely are. His superior strength, agility, cunning and heightened senses are always ascribed to his barbaric heritage. Fighting Conan it's like fighting a tiger. All considerations of martial ability and experience get thrown out of the window compared to that. As an individual, he is usually very rational and cool headed which is not very 'barbaric', i agree. The fact at one point he becomes a military genius and ruler of a large kingdom should prove be
  10. Intelligence isn't measured by the number of books you read. Howard was a deeply troubled character who resented his own position as a self made literati among uncouth traders and professional men who had no interest in such things. Locked in an environment that was completely anathema to his nature he sought freedom in his characters, chief among them Conan. This is why he took such great care in centering his narrative in the contrast between the unflinching, unconquerable nature of the barbarian (his own personal ticket to freedom) and the inherent oppressive condition of civilization.
  11. Not if you based your character on the books rather then the ****ty film. If you read any of the original stories, he always wore the most appropriate gear for the situation, including full plate armor in Hour of the Dragon.
  12. I was referring to the whole OMG PHYSICS R WRNG SCIENCE IS A LIE EINSTEIN WAS A DIRTY ZIONIST!!!1 ordeal.
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