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  1. Hi all i was just wondering about the most basic of stuff(bugs ) u see un kotor2 that shouldnt be there This isnt a rant about quests, story, ending and whatnot. Lol have u seen if u have 1 normal lightsaber in your hands when u fight with Jal Shei and such armours that your char has only 1 hand on the lightsaber, lol the other 1 is like half a foot away cluching nothing. Lol another is where u have a double lightsaber(staff) and your char (if male) does a florish he lol kills himself every time- lol i mean he cuts his hand ,foot, and head by the time he finished the florish. Lol what about the goofy and unrealistic way your char runs with a lit LS(staff) in his hand lol i mean he is sticking it half of the time in the groud and the other half in his foot lol For the last 2 thats what i like about the first KOTOR, he hald the Lsaber like any1 would hold a shord of energy(away from him )
  2. I'm not feeling justice in that example, I'm feeling anger and frustration. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol this sould be really simple " Why did the jedi think that it was unjust for the thugs to atack the child?? how do u know if something is just or unjust (right or wrong)-u evalute your FEELINGs on the matter U cant know about justice if u dont have emotions(feelings) i mean if u dont feel u dont CARE If u see a child killed, u can fell sad or happy(lol if ur a psychopath) but if u dont have any emotions u wont care earther way, the wind blowing harder could be something more important for u then the child
  3. Guy kills your friend, he get cought he goes to trial, he get off because of some technichality you FEEL that justice was not served justice has to do with your moral code, which is tied with your emotions(feelings) since every1 has a diff moral code or lac off
  4. Perhaps a sense of justice. Look at Qui-Gon in Episode 1, he left Anakin's mother behind, although no doubt he did feel sympathy and could have easily taken them both along with him. He did what was "right", at least right according to slaver laws (or whatever) on Tatooine at the time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Justice is also an emotion, maybe u were thinking about the Law??
  5. You do know that the instictual responce oh human IS the dark side dont you? Happyness salvation and morality are all from your point of view, whats good for me might not be for some guy in somalia Also man is in his esence a killer not a savior, we are killing our planet we are killing ourselfs (crime,wars) and we prob killed millins of species on this planet(because i want my house to have a better view and i dont like that forest to obstruct my view) And the instictual response when some1 steps in your space(verbaly, phisicaly) is to knock his teeth flying, not to turn the other chek( we can discipline ourselfs to"turn the other chek) but its not instinct.
  6. lol Compasion Mercy the sith say that the jei are these things. now what do u supose those are?? They are emonions. A droid will not FEEL any of those unlass u prog it to respond to that scenarion Now if Jedis nad no emotions then why would they grat mercy, its ilogical, (Jedis mind if he has no emonions)he is my enemy , i kill him, then no more enemy, mecy complicates things lol i mean it doesnt make sense, WHY WOULD THE JEDI HELP PLP IF THEY DONT HAVE EMOTIONS why would they care if he sees a child being assaulted by some thugs, why would he interfere UNLESS he FEELS simpathy for the child lol since simpathy is an emotion, and if jedi dont listen to them he wouldnt care now would he??
  7. This is my bigest prob with the game here is a post from Ynrais- which i agree totally "That's not the impression I got. How can a force bond form if you can't manipulate the force? How can two people who can't feel the force experience a bond? Why would the masters seek to remove the force from one who cannot feel the force? The exile can create force bonds both with force sensitives and non-sensitives. The exile carries with them the pain of the death of a world, pain great enough to have killed the exile had they not stopped listening to the force. The masters believed that the exile was a wound, and empty void that would draw upon the force from others with a hunger, believing it to be of the dark side. The wound was created by the death of those the exile had bonds with, and the death of a world. But there also seemed to be overtones that the grand scale of death created a loud noise of the background of the force such that it drowns out the force itself. The fact that in some of the dialogue options with Krea early on seem to mention the force sounding as if it's coming from a great distance (hard to hear over the din of pain) I think the masters were being arrogant. Certainly they've killed too, which contributes to the problem they accuse the exile of. Death is a natural thing, maybe not always naturally caused but it still happens, and it would still diminish the force. Perhaps they don't sense the force in the exile because the pain of loss drowns it out? The ithorian force adept senses the exiles pain, I also think force sensitives would have noticed if the exile was siphoning from them, the force bond could be likened to a power conduit and you can usually tell if a wire is live and which direction current is flowing. The exile however is used to the pain and can hear the force over the sound. You can't sever what's not connected in the first place. The masters attempting to sever the MC from the force would have failed if the MC wasn't already part of the force. If the exile truely is outside the force, then they'd only sever the bonds in which case the exile could just form new ones. If the MC severs themselves again before the council attempts to cut them off how could they touch the force in the MC where they need to in order to sever the tie? Most of the other expanded universe that deals with the subject seems to suggest that they don't take the force away so much as they put blinders on the target. Again how can they see where to put the blinders if the MC disappears from their force sight? If Krea were severed by the masters, and by Sion and Nihilus how did she regain her power? Or did she never really lose her power and just lied to the exile? How can two force stripped persons create a force bond if neither can use the force? I never got the impression that the exile couldn't feel the force, just that the masters were blinded by their own misconceptions. Their own superiority which is what allowed Krea to get the drop on them. "
  8. OK, hi every1, i just wanted to pass some of the things i found wierd in the game to outright stupid RANT ON 1)I understand about the Exiles history being hiden at the begining of the game and that you have to figure it out as the game progreses(and i actually agree with how the did this) What i DONT agree with is the way they make u belive one thing at the begining of the game and after a couple of planets they throw the befive right in your face (At the bigining of the game u find out that ur this ex-jedi(while every1 for some reson think u ARE still a jedi) but any who fought in Man wars nad trought something or another lost his conn with the force at M5 and then we meet kreia and we leard about a bond with her and i begin to think that u have discovered your conn with the force again(which is totaly a lie) but the game make us belive this for half if it. I mean u even have some dialog octions with the Masters "But i have regained my conn with the force blah blah" I mean is the Exile a complete moron not to actually remember how it was to be conn with the force and how it fells now that hes only leaching it of others?? 2) The idea of influence in this game (beside being totally ilogic) is idiotic. I mean if u create bond storng enough with others that they do whatever u do, and plp like Visas who is a sith when u meet her but if ur LS she becomes LS in like 2 secs- i mean she changes her whole outlook on like her thinking everything in 2 secs because the power u have with this bond Now the idea of u trying wo with influence with other npcs(by being nice with them ) becomes idiotic i mean if they change their whole LS-DS in 2 secs of being with u, and that means their whole outlook onl live and everytihng. THEN why dont u make them (feel think love and whatever) the same way instead of the influence thing ?????? RANT OFF Well about everything i can think about now but dont worry ill come back with something else soon (w00t)
  9. true in a that on earth there are ONLY humans, but in the SW galaxy there atre 100s of species an 1000s of diff worlds i mean a Zabrak born on Corelia would be what??
  10. lol ..all of them in the entire galaxi?? and beside the its not the point, Jabba the Hutt lives on Tatooine but wouldnt rever to him as a Tatooinian now would u?? but anyway Bao Dur isnt living on iridonia atm and who to say he was born there anyway, because he never tell us that
  11. I do have a little question about Bao-Dur , in the game kreia and every1 else calls him a Iridonian while he is crearly a Zebrak
  12. True here BUT only if hes LS With the DS he does almost the same as Nihilus BUT with a diff perspective between them Nihilus NEEDS to feed otherwise he dies. The Exile , being an evil guy, doesnt do because he needs to, (because he lived for 10 years without the force so thats not it) he only does it because he CAN and for the power it brings him DS
  13. I agree with you. The only thing i would add is that the Exile does not create FORCE BONDS with those around him, he canot create something of the force since he is is basecly a more controled version of Nihilus meaninf hes a wound in the force lol the bath tub thing is a great anology About the bonds themselfs i belive and it it hinted in the game by the masters that the Exile has an inate way NOT conected through the force but something like an EMPATH to bond with plp. With this kinda bond i think he is able to well READ a pesons mind, learn his tachniques and powers and use the exces force of the persond to fuel those powers..for a time until he need to get some more, this is the LS version Now for DS its virutally the same with the bond eg..remember when he fights the masters and kreia tells him about thewir styles and tachs , well i think at that point he created the bond with those plp and downloaded the info right out(lol for a better term)Anyway with the DS he just sucks the force right out of plp when he kills them, and i dont mean only the masters ( as yoda said "everything is connected throught the force") so even the thugs and plp he kill have some conection to the Force that he can feed on. Well thats what i think anyway he is like a spunge that absorbes the force , but that spunge is gona run dry after awhile and he has to do it again. I also do not belive the idea of some plp that the Exile get his connection through the force back, little with little as the game progreses BECAUSE if he had any connection with the force when he meets Nihilus he would have beed sucked dry on the spot and killed.
  14. so the diff between the DS and LS char is what he feeds on lol i a DS feeds on DS power and steals experience related to that, but what about a LS what does he feed on?? good intentions?? lol
  15. ya i got it, to its like u steal their technics and experiences from their mind but since u u are a wound in the force and are not conected to it , u need to kill them and absorb their forse so u can power those technics, for awhile atlest, until u got to "feed" again because the forse runs dry . right?
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