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  1. I'll save you some time - we forgot to place it. Jorge has done so now and it will be in 3.02. Thank you! We've been going crazy.
  2. I would say you need another tank. Itumaak is def not a tank, and even using a shield to get some defenses, your rogue would be better suited to flanking not tanking. I've never liked GM so I'm biased, but both are fine to keep. If you want dps keep Sagani, if you want more CC, keep GM imo.
  3. Dual wield sabres. When I have some time tonight I'll post about the best talents and what not. How do you feel about some spoilers concerned other things to do with your rogue in game. Do you want a glass cannon flanker for max dps, or do you want balanced? all info that will help make better suggestions.
  4. While int is great on a wizard I think it is possible to go overboard. 20 might be unnecessary. Self buffs last a long time already, CC duration bonus is nice but if you land a powerful CC, especially later on, you should be able to end the fight fast. While int 20 is very good I feel like those points would be more beneficial elsewhere. You get numerous +2 int items very early in the game and throughout playing can get passive boosts to int or use food, resting, etc if you really need more. I think 18 is about as high as I would go for a base stat
  5. I play around with this type of rogue build a bit lately. I have dex, per, and res pumped with everything else around 10. You don't need to pump Might on a rogue, you get a ton of other damage bonuses. As for the shield....well no there isn't other ways to get that amount of defl. It doesn't mean your dual-wielder can't have some decent defenses but not as much. I'd use either Sura supper plate for retaliation attacks or Little Savior for +5 def aura. Even just left at Superior little savior gives you +25 defl and another 6 from weapon and shield talent. Also, that all goes to your reflex save which is so handy if you mess up and get caught in a dragon breath. Crusis's opinions about weapon focus are a bit unique imo. If you really want to build a jack-of-all-trades it would work, but its not ideal imo. Sabres really are the mac-daddy for dps. A couple of unique sabres have Annihilation, which gives +50% crit damage. Along with durgan steel, and a couple quest related talents, you're at 170% crit dmg. Now with a rogue it is really easy to be 50%++ hit to crit conversion and you have a very high accuracy anyways, resulting in lots of crits.
  6. I think your stat allocation is quite good. Just be careful! There are many ways to increase might if you want to. Without going into spoilers too much you can get +3 might permenantly through quests and actions, as well as +4 from an item. +3 From resting bonus, +3 from food, +10 from Champions Boon(which gives per too for more crits!) So in theory your 15 might could be 35+ easily. I wouldn't sacrifice something for another 6-9% damage. IMO Per is extremely important. Critting frequently not only helps your damage a ton but also spell durations. As mentioned above wizards can interrupt with the best of them. High Per and interrupting Blows talent coupled with debuffs from yourself or other party members to Resolve or concentration, and you can really lock in down with Wall spells, chill fog, etc. I think a Wood Elf with your exact stats might be my choice for a really power-gamey wizard that was intended to lay down some serious dps and contribute a bit of CC too.
  7. Survival is extremely good now. Lots of nice free buffs. Since there is very little else worth using with tanks, I pump survival heavily. I've been pretty unimpressed by Athletics now. Mechanics can be on anyone depending on your play style. I don't use it on a main because I want to maximize their combat capabilities. I would say most if not all of your party should have lore to some extent. Even 2 lore allows for the use of Prayer against Fear scroll. On very tough encounters having 3-4 party members use a scroll right away can be game changing.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. I'm still not to sure why people seem to love Deep Wounds.....kinda seems like a rain drop in a lake with the dps a rogue can put out.
  9. Hey Guys, Would someone take a minute to explain some things about retaliation please. 1- Retaliation items do stack right? So You could have 3-4 items with it and get that many separate attacks off one retaliation? 2- Does the mob need to hit you or do you retaliate on any attack? 3-As for deep wounds and retaliate does the Dot stack or only one at a time? Even if it doesn't stack you'd still get raw dmg applied to each retaliation right? just only have one dot stay on. Thanks
  10. To the OP. I would try not to worry to much about this really. In my opinion there is no way to make the game feel perfectly sensible from a RP perspective if you intend to do most or all of the content. I will always have that feeling of...hmmm....worlds ending....lets go help a farmer find his pig. Weird. Anymore my play order has a lot to do with getting the gear I'm looking for, primarily for my PC.
  11. Dude seriously your this mad because somehow in your head you think you should be one shotting mobs that are much higher level than you? Stop acting like an idiot....no one at all is taking you seriously kid. Once you grow up a bit you'll understand that the only time people take you seriously in life is when you act mature when giving your opinions.
  12. As a few have mentioned many of these weapons are very good. Personal preference will obviously have an effect but Abydon's Hammer is very good, the dagger is VERY good....and stormcaller....well if you don't get it, I'd say you clearly haven't tried it at all. Also, I would not want soulbound weapons to be so powerful that they were the obvious go-to weapons.....one amazing thing about PoE Is that SOOOO many weapons , builds, etc are viable and powerful.
  13. I don't really feel like 3 more damage per hit is that worth it. Remember that your Cipher will have +40% damage once you take Biting Whip talent. I would pick weapons that have a higher base damage. If your planning on using light armor you'll be able to attack very fast still and with the right gear and spells probably be at zero recovery.
  14. A couple notes on your ideas.... -Your perception is WAY to low. Remember that accuracy effects your ciphers powers also. You simply won't be landing your spells and wasted focus is very bad, as you can't just cast another spell and hope the second one sticks. Drop con and res a bit, and maybe even int to 15-16. There are plenty of int boosting items and you really only need some much AoE. The duration bonus is nice but if your ability is a graze or misses it won't matter anyway. -Where do you get the idea for stilettos? There is only one decent one that I can think of. Stiletto is possibly my absolute last choice of a weapon to dual wield. Sabres, warhammers, battle axes, daggers, all would be much better. Maybe even some other options....depends on what you like. I would go sabre myself. Very high dmg with crits and a nice one you find offers healing to help save you in melee range. Ciphers get some abilities to boost accuracy so that will help you crit more. Consider running a paladin with a marking weapon and coordinated attacks to further boost accuracy, and of course a priest is always an epic buffer.
  15. Few things. As for monks Yes a low con, high Res is very contradictory. You want to get hit on a monk to generate wounds, therefore lower deflection and higher endurance is better. For only one play through you really shouldn't stress so much about getting all of the dialogue options. Every conversation has plenty of choices and very high skill checks are not that common. You will be able to roleplay your chosen character just fine while still having good stats. A lot of people tend to go for specific stats for dialogue options on second/third/fourth etc playthroughs to get to see more choices then they saw originally. As for your rogue idea, it will work, although not optimally. Would you consider a small shield? It would help a lot. I feel like a very small buckler still fits into a nice duelist theme and sabres are exceptional for rogues. I've toyed around with a rogue that had very high dex, per, and res and took a few defensive talents to wield a 1her and small shield. While it won't have the dmg output of a dual-wielder you will still do substantial dps with a couple of the unique sabres and actually be able to take a couple hits on hard. As this build relies much more on high deflection instead of higher DR, you could wear lighter armor to stick with your theme. If your interested I'll post a build layout for you. Not that I'm an expert by any means.....
  16. I was considering a human variant just to spice it up a bit. I think Estocs look weird on an Aumaua too for some reason. Thinking... M-20 C-10 D-13 P-15 I-13 R-7 I think this will offer a nice balance. I still wanted to keep dex decent for all actions, but the increase in Int is very useful imo, and I like the idea of having a bit more con, since you do take some nasty hits sometimes on this guy with the low Res.
  17. I think the soul bound dagger would be sick but haven't tried it. Could be a LOT of procs of firebug though resulting in a ton of AoE dmg. Also the accuracy would be helpful for a barb and carnage. +18 from the dagger, +5 for being a dagger, +4 from the game in Gref's rest. Probably use Drawn in Spring for single target dmg for say dragons.
  18. I've been tempted to use it on gauntlets of swift action. Again depends on the build but you could have multiple characters with no recovery.
  19. IMO both are totally useless. A fighter will hold engagement by being able to put out at least decent dps. Talents that help with engagement are largely useless imo.If you want a more tanky focused fighter you will still need a good balance of offensive abilities.
  20. Indeed, Outlander's Frenzy would be very thematically appropriate. However, the reason I discarded it is twofold: The bonuses from Frenzy don't stack with Champion's Boon and Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, which I tend to (ab)use in almost every fight from the moment I get access to them. With Champion's Boon your MIG flies to 45, which is pretty insane. That said, it is also true that Outlander's Frenzy can be had much earlier than either CB or DAOM, and it can be liberally used in thrash-mob fights since it's per encounter. Unfortunately... ... I find its effects to be rather lackluster. +2 MIG / +2 CON isn't going to make much of a difference, and +20% attack speed is OK but unimpressive. Personally, I would rather pick a different talent. When I had to choose between the two, I thought long and hard as both were a good fit. Ultimately I thought, if there's one guy whose blows tear stuff asunder, that would be Hulk. It makes sense, however, to indicate Charge as a viable alternative—and so I will A fun fact I forgot to mention about the 0-recovery variant is that if you reach 0 recovery and have a DEX score of 22, you're going to land an attack every 25 / 30 = 0.84 seconds (or thereabouts) with a weapon whose Interrupt lasts 0.75 seconds. Suffice to hit once and your target will be locked in a state of permanent interruption ... and if you happened to miss (which won't happen anyway) and the enemy hit you, it would go retaliation - interruption - here comes another estoc swing. Do you feel like the interrupt on this one target would be worth the dex investment? You'd most likely be starting with a dex of 17 to make it happen. I feel like spread some stats into int or con could be a better alternative. Thoughts?
  21. What item you duplicate will depend totally on your build, and also on your party composition. This gives you the ability to get two of an item that really makes a build flow, allowing you to maybe use two character builds that otherwise wouldn't work well together.
  22. Boeroer, I've always liked the Riptide idea....have you considered any modifications with 3.0 and WMII items? Not sure if it would be able to move away from Tidefall as the DoT really helps make your pet shine. Then again there are plenty of dot effects in this game.
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