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  1. Hey guys, Can anyone recommend places to get rubies by level 8 for exceptional weapon enchanting? Thanks
  2. What about being an Aumauwa. Having to make choices is part of the tactics.
  3. The only way you can get away with Con and Resolve that low is if you use a reach weapon (most likely Tall Grass) and make sure you are ALWAYS behind another tank. I wouldn't recommend it. You can def drop Per some.....there are a zillion ways to buff accuracy in this game. As for weapons, as always Soldier focus is great. Tons of amazing greatswords, Tall Grass is good, etc. And most can be gotten really early. Lots of options though. Dual wield sabres or battle axes, both have very powerful options. A main talent imo is the one that makes barb attack fortitude instead of deflection. Many good ways to debuff fort save or str/con and this can really help you land a lot more crits.
  4. Do the .5x crit modifiers from Resolution and Purgatory stack or does one get suppressed?
  5. Any word on when 2.04 may be out to fix the Durgan steel and Dozen's luck problem that Andrea mentioned above. I'm very sad I can't roll this crit build right now.
  6. Few Questions.... Does Blast talent effect Blights? How big of dps boost is Dangerous Implement and does it effect Blights as well.
  7. As stated Tall Grass is a nice option for the reach, and just overall a great weapon. The other really nice choice imho is Estocs. Blade of the Endless Paths is a beast for the attack speed and who doesn't like DR ignore. Personally I liked my rogue to have light to medium armor. Basically light enough that Durgan Steel + maybe the gloves that give-10% penalty can wipe out any attack speed penalties. BotEP can also help make up the difference. Estocs probably offer the greater dps in the long run but its close with the inherent synergy for Tall Grass and rogues. As stated above the best defense with a rogue Is to not get hit. I want to max out my dps potential and rely on solid tanks and CC to stay alive.
  8. Hey guys, I have some general questions concerning a wizard designed for CC/dps in a pure caster roll. Help is greatly appreciated. 1- Can anyone recommend a good build for talents? Not sure what to take. 2- What is the best dmg type/types for wiz nukes(i.e. what talents would I take here for the dps boost) 3- Recommended armor and weapon? Most pieces seem fairly obvious but not experienced enough to know what to do here. I appreciate the help, I just really don't have the time anymore to test/figure this all out for myself. This helps a lot for maxing out my game time.
  9. Couple things.... I see you put down max int for rogue? why this seems like a massive waste. Also if your Cipher is focusing on dmg you have no crowd control and will wipe, well always. A Cipher specced for tons of CC or a wiz is essential. As for the last character, I recommend priest. You don't need them for healing very much but their buffs are amazing....like really amazing. Your character's DPS will sky rocket.
  10. Ya a green sword would be a large problem to say the least haha. I'm leaning towards shock. I'm considering going with Hiravas(shock wildstrike build) and use Stormcaller on my Cipher. Haven't played with Hiravas much yet so it would be fun to try. I think I'll probably go with a Darcozzi pally for my second tank. Zealous Focus + Critical Accuracy and the +10-20 accuracy from Liberating Exhortion, it just works soo nicely with a crit focused build.
  11. Does anyone have a recommended party set up for this build? I just started a new character, planning on focusing on a crit build with St Rumbalt. So far I'm planning on priest, wiz, and cipher. Not to sure what else will compliment this build well? Sagani is a favorite of mine and does incredible damage at higher levels. Also considering Hiravas and Kana because I haven't done a full play through with either of them. Opinions would be very welcome. P.S. can St. Rumbalt have superb + lash on it?
  12. Really messing with my brain here guys. LOL. Been working on starting a barb and also planning on something like the Lady of Pain build, and now do no idea what to use. For the fighter, I won't be too torn up if I give up the ranged capabilities.
  13. Hey guys, trying to decide what lash dmg to put on my Tall grass for my barb. Is there any clear cut best one?
  14. Tried it a couple more times.....ughhh. I can't remember being this flustered by a fight since Kangaxx in BG2 until I figured out how to cheese him.
  15. I mean c'mon this fight is ridiculous. The mobs are all immune to most CC, my parties getting destroyed in 10 seconds at max level, don't even have time to try to get some defensive spells or potions up. Any particular tactical advice cause this is just amazingly stupid right now....
  16. My thought was to take a fair amount of melee oriented talents with Hiravas and have Sagani using Stormcaller to debuff shock resist. Would take the talents to add shock dmg to shapeshift attacks, and druid's naturally have a lot of lightning type spells. Does taking a lot of melee talents really effect a druid's spellcasting anyways? I never see many talents I would take on pure caster wizards or druids.
  17. Hello Guys, Just wondering which, if any, weapon feats work for Druid in shapeshift form. Such as weapon focus, or two weapon style, etc. Thanks
  18. Up to level 8 now, Groups almost there as well. Looking like It is time to progress the main story line and open up Stalwart. I just completed all of the Dyrwood Village quests. P.S. I tried using forgemaster gloves then casting my duplicate. He seems to still just be using a wand.
  19. Thanks again for the replies. I'm at level 7 now and really enjoying the build. Now that I have a duplicate I'll try out the forgemaster's gloves. I decided to try out the party I described above and it seems to work decent. I do seem to be at a point though when I'm starting to run out of easier quests to do, and I'm still struggling with some encounters, such as bounties. Gonna keep trucking along.
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