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  1. But people want exp nerf - I don't. Even with the maximum level I had huge problems with defeating the final boss on easy difficulty and latest bounty quest. Why? Because I don't like too tactical combat and we have 2016 (2015) not 1999 and I don't have time to look for tactics to every opponent and repeat the fight over and over (and even on BG 1 and 2 when you have a very high level you still fight with easy opponents). Without lvl cap I'm stronger so the fights are easier - this is my reward for doing everything in the game. With lvl cap - my progress is stopped, I can't be better. Sorry, but for me this is very stupid. Why dev do unrealistic bosses? ID 1 or 2 final battle with twins - terrible. 100% resistance to spells lvl 1,2,3 and don't remember even 4 and 5? Magic word - die = resistance, magic word - sleep = resistance, stab weapon = resistance, arrows = resistance. With no level cap it becomes nearly impossible to balance this kind of game. This is not meant to be an open world exploration like Skyrim where you can go anywhere at any time. Also, without a level cap how do you plan on gaining new abilities as you progress past the current level cap? I don't see the devs having time to design an infinite number of abilities for you to keep gaining. Also the ability to keep gaining more and more talents would further ruin any balancing attempt. You are supposed to have to make choices not get everything. There is also more to a character than experience. Finding new, powerful items is certainly worth doing some sidequests. As for the bosses being hard on Easy, I'm not sure what to tell you. Many people find this game to be fairly easy on Path of the Damned......also most people want to be challenged to some extent. I don't see how a game is enjoyable if your steam rolling everything without any effort at all. On easy there should be almost no tactics involved. If you can't be bothered to learn the absolute most basic of game mechanics, that's a you problem. PoE was designed as a throw back to infinity engine tactical combat. If that is not your cup of tea, why are you bothering with this game, its probably just not for you.
  2. Ya imo, Aumaua will be better late game, while pale elf would make the early game easier vs shades and stuff.
  3. I have this image of a dwarf wagging his finger at the Alpine Dragon, " Sit Dragon , Sit!.....BAD BOY don't eat that cow, no!"
  4. What about something like Boeroer's melee ranger. Use a 2her and dps pet. The combined dps is staggering.
  5. AH ic. I still think goldpact will be the way to go. Some of the might boosts will give major Cruel points if I remember right, and it isn't a disfavored disposition for goldpact. I'm currently laying out my build for this solo try. I'm leaning towards Pale Elf as I think the elemental resist will help in a million spots. I'm not a fan of the idea of an Orlan paladin. Even though solo does require quite a bit of min-maxiness I figure I still gotta like the char. Coastal Aumaua also a candidate atm.
  6. Still probably the best dps for a 1her right? Also as for the CC topic, I'm not saying my Cipher would never use CC abilities, but it would not be the primary focus. I basically never run without a wizard and priest so they would handle most CC and let the Cipher focus on self-buffing and putting out the dps.
  7. I feel like control ciphers will not work nearly as good with the increased focus costs. This idea was around a primary dps char.
  8. Hey guys, I had an idea for a Cipher dps build for 3.0. Hoping the more experienced builders could critique this and let me know if you think it would work well. Thanks for the help. The general idea is to dual wield Drawn in Spring and Spelltongue. Does spelltongue work for keeping up the buffs from cipher powers? If so I would build for fast attacking and rely on soul whip and the buffs to compensate for fast 1h weapons. Thoughts?
  9. That's awesome thanks for the help. Did you find that you used Lay on Hands often or do potions handle the healing ok? I was thinking that having zealous charge + one other aura might be nice for versatility. It does seem like besides the auras there isn't a whole ton of choices for class talents really, since Exhortations aren't needed in solo. You mentioned in your first video that Goldpact gives access to two points that you cannot otherwise get. Could you please explain, I haven't discovered this one yet.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. Some good tips there. Few other questions I thought of..... -Does outworn buckler aura effect the user also? -Which paladin aura would you recommend, especially for early game. -I've always had bad luck trying to use the "loot per day" chart, but I'll have to look into it again. -With the stats you mentioned would you consider int and dex dump stats(int until Sacred immolation ofc) or try to keep them decent? Raven, I would be very interested to see a video detailing your build(and maybe mentioned abilities you feel are the most crucial for certain levels?
  11. Do any of your videos show your build? I've never really tried solo before so I would be interested to see your stat spread before level 13 and what abilities and talents you picked up if your willing to share your build. Preferred armor and shield choice?
  12. I disagree with your stat choices entirely. No might means he won't be able to hold agro. Remember that in this game you need to do some damage to keep mobs attention. Also for even a tanky monk I wouldn't go above 10 res. Remember that you WANT to get hit and take some damage so you can use abilities.
  13. Without going to in depth here is a starting point for you. I'm sure some experts could go more in-depth, but to be totally honest I don't feel like druids need precise min-maxing. Stats will depend a lot on how you want to play your druid also. For my druids I concentrate on Shock damage as it has great synergy with druid spells. If your going to main druid, I would also plan on having someone using Stormcaller. Sagani is a favorite. Talents(in no particular order) Wildstrike Shock Greater Wildstrike Shock Weapon Focus Peasant Two Weapon Style Scion of the Storm After that you got options. Apprentice sneak attack for some more melee dmg. Defensive Talents. Vulnerable or Savage attack. Outlanders Fury could be good depending on whether or not it is 1/encounter or rest. Depending on your party setup and how you typically position your group Gallant's Focus can be nice also. Effects spells and weapons. You got some room for personal flavor here. For attributes I would have might, perc, and int all fairly high. 16+ish. Int maybe all the way to 18 for AoE and durations. I'd also want some points in dex. Con I would say keep around 10 for when you shapeshift and get in and mix it up. Res could be sacrificed though.
  14. For a character meant to buff party members I think coordinated attacks would be outstanding. I've never really cared for Sworn enemy, so that might be a good switch. Also Inspiring Triumph is iffy to me on a paladin. Its hard to reliably get killing blows on a pally. Liberating Exhortation could be quite nice here. If this is for a main player character then I would drop Deep Faith. Its an extremely minor buff when compared to how much your getting from faith and conviction already. Also Critical Focus doesn't stack with the third level priest buff that enhanced hit to crit. If you want to increase your dps some to make sure you can get final blows then I would look at Intense Flames and/or Scion of Flame.
  15. Well the first set you can only do 3 of the 4 before act 3 anyways. And that 1 is the hard one. I'd say around level 7-8 they are manageable.
  16. Pestilence is good for the pet dps as Boeroer said, but really there are a lot of other ways to get a DoT on mobs. If you plan on having a dps ranger, make sure you have ways to apply DoTs. Wounding shot works good, and some other classes would work good in conjunction. A ranged rogue like Boeroer's Mad Hornet would be great, and druids work amazingly well for this also. Once you get stormcaller I'd say there is no comparison from a dps perspective.
  17. Hit more foes with carnage, keep Frenzy and Bloodlust for longer, heal more with Savage Defiance, keep more foes sickened with Threatening Presence, make better use of on-hit/crit effects, use Heart of Fury for massive damage, and in general be more useful. Yes, that's on paper... However you rarely find situations with more than 3-4 enemies clustered together. The real question is if it's worth being able to hit 1-2 more enemies once in a while or is it better to strike 3-4 enemies faster and harder all the time. I think this hits the nail on the head. How often can you truly hit a bunch of mobs. I would prefer to have high single target dps and just drop enemies quicker, especially since this lowers the incoming dmg to your party as well. I've always found Carnage to be fairly underwhelming. The radius is quite small even with maxed int. With resting bonuses, gear, etc, it is decent but I feel that I've gimped my other stats so hard to make it happen that it's pretty meh. I think the base radius of carnage should be increased by maybe 50%ish so that you can take less int(thinking like 13-14 instead of 18 here). Another huge problem with Carnage imho is there are not enough talents that make it better. Accurate Carnage is IT. Other classes have talents and abilities that really focus on what makes them unique, such as a ranger taking a bunch of talents for their pet. The only way that Carnage really works good imo is if you focus on proning or interrupts and use your barb in more of a support role. It doesn't *feel* good as an AoE dps class, which is how I would personally want to play a barb.
  18. Druids always had a very powerful repertoire of spells. But yes the shape shifting got buffed. I really like Hiravas now. He has good CC and debuffs, nice spell dmg, and huge spike dps with shape shift. I take Weapon focus peasant, dual wield style, both wild strike Shocks, Scion of the storm, and apprentice sneak attack. The shock is very synergetic with the druids powerful shock spells and if you have a ranged dps character using stormcaller, make sure they plunk targets before a shapeshifted druid attacks. Rangers rock. They have some very nice abilities to buffup their ranged power but I would take a lot of talents for the pet. The combined dps is very good. As stated above you have a few different specs available to you. For a powerful and simple build I would do a Wood elf with hunting bows(there are a couple great ones) with a wolf companion for dps. My only turn off to ranger is that it takes some micro-management to keep the pet alive and dealing good dmg. That said, Sagani and Hiravas might be my two favorite NPCs.
  19. In my opinion barbs work very poorly as a "caster rusher" You want to be targeting many enemies so carnage works, not just picking off casters 1 by 1 in the back. Here is some random notes..... Brute Force imo is a waste. It's not too useful on many enemies and deflection is extremely easy to debuff. Savage Defiance for healing is basically mandatory I'd say. 13 in each stat is going to be.....like really bad. You need intel for your carnage to have a decent AoE. With only 13 might your attacks are going to hit very softly, and this will be especially true on carnage where your doing less dmg already. With a barb your Deflection isn't great anyways and unless your going to spec for it and use a shield then another 3 won't matter. Forgot the Res. I would leave con around 10 since barbs already get more HP than other classes. Since you def don't want to min max I would say that 16 might and 16 intel, and around 15 Per would be my bare minimums. I would drop envenomed strike and interrupting blows. Vulnerable attack or Savage Attack are nice. Apprentice sneak attack is a nice dmg boost. The upgrade to Savage Defiance may be worth it to you. If you want to take defense boosting abilities maybe get stuff to boost your will save. 5 deflection won't help you much. As a barb your gonna get hit. I'd rely on Shod in Faith for healing to survive. Do you have a plan for weapon type? If not I'd say Soldier....there are a few weapons that work good for barbs.
  20. 1. Not really. Might is good but intel is #1 for barb. I'd say high per is extremely important and dex surely can't be forgotten(welcome to the tough part of barbs) 2.Axes don't get a ton of love but there are like 4 really nice ones available. Albeit later in the game. We Toki for knockdown on crti is very good. (Soldier also offers some great options for a barb if your not dead set on axes) 3. Battles Axes + light armor on a barb sounds like a lot of deaths to me personally. Look for other ways to increase your attack speed. Dual wielding offers faster attacks and there are plenty of gear choices to be made to increase attacks as well. Tall Grass pike with light armor would work good though. With axes I would probably run with plate armor and then get Shod-in-Faith boots. Your gonna get crit with a barb's deflection so the heal will rock. 4. Haven't played a barb a lot recently but from what I remember very few of their class abilities are very necessary. Accurate carnage is a key ability. Savage Defiance is amazing for staying alive. For general talents I think that Vulnerable attack is very key for a barb(especially if you dual wield). Carnage attacks deal less dmg than a full hit so high DR enemies can wipe out your dmg.
  21. I doubt more PER is really necessary. He has +20 from his talents and then you throw in the absurd priest buffs. I could see dropping a bit of dex to boost per tho.
  22. Is Defiance Bay rioting right now? If so go to Twin Elms, and then you should be able to return to DB.
  23. Without going too in-depth(you really just gotta play and learn) a major problem could be that you seem to be using traditional MMo type roles for your party. That is not gonna work. Fighter - Tanks don't work great as pure "tank" builds. Fighters are quite effective dmg dealers and need to do dmg to hold agro. Wizard - Can do great dps but you really should be using a lot of debuffing and crowd controlling spells as well. These are KEY in PoE. Priest - Can they heal yes? Should they be a "Healer", god no. First off you want to be using the priest buffs, they are outrageously good. Also don't neglect crowd control. Warding Seal comes to mind as super OP. Chanter - Not really a buffer at all. They have a couple decent group buffing chants but not incredible really.
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