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  1. With Pillars of Eternity 2 on the horizon and the fact I haven't played White March 2 DLC yet, I'm looking to do one fresh run that I'd use to import into POE 2. I beat the game with a paladin so I'd like something that plays a little different from that. I'm considering priest since it fits into the lore so well but I can be persuaded into a different class, especially Cipher. I'm looking to play on Hard difficulty with story companions. I'd like to use the 2 DLC companions since I didn't play with them much in my first play through so someone that meshes well with them is ideal. Primarily I
  2. With WM2 just released and steam sales all the time I am sure there are people trying out the game for the first time. Not all guides are for everyone!
  3. I agree, it's just a perception thing though. English accents just "sound" old, at least to a lot of Americans.
  4. Yeah I agree it would work but it's kinda a novelty build that would probably be hell for a new player. Although on Normal difficulty perhaps it would be less severe. Rogues in general seem like a poor choice for a first playthrough unless you heavily researched the mechanics of the game beforehand.
  5. I think the British voice being standard for fantasy characters is a mix of Tolkien intentionally writing in a very old English style and writers following that style. Plus high fantasy normally loosely models a Medieval Europe so modern accents sound weird in that environment. Finally for a variety of reasons (for instance I read an article on how British stage actor training gives them skills to better sell/act out a fantastical role) British actors get cast more often for fantasy roles. I enjoy seeing specifically video games address the accent issue though. For instance Dragon Age dwar
  6. I think a rogue fits what you want to do best. Because of how damage bonuses are calculated might isn't that key of a stat for rogues. A high PER, high RES rogue that focuses on getting lots of crits can be a very strong build. Single wielding a rapier or similar will further increase your chance to crit. However if you want to go toe to toe with enemies you will want that shield or a weapon that stuns or prones or somehow disables. Even with high resilience rogues are notoriously fragile.
  7. 1) For melee I vote monk as your best bet for what you are looking for. Pure melee class with a lot of interactivity. Shapeshifter Druid is fun too plus gives you quite a bit of versatility. Rogue has the high potential to be very frustrating since rogues are very fragile and depend a lot on positioning. They are they most interactive melee class though in my opinion. I prefer ciphers played as ranged. 2) Eder is one of my favorite video game companions of all time. He has good lore insight, friendly, and has some really funny moments. Everyone has to experience Durance at least once. He's
  8. INTRODUCTION Hello there! Let me guess, you just got this awesome game called Pillars of Eternity and so far it seems really fun but you just cant seem to decide on that perfect main character. Or hey maybe you've had the game for months, still sitting at that "create character" screen waiting for divine inspiration. That was me. I bought the game in December and had over 100 hours played before I even created the character I eventually completed the game with. This post will hopefully help you find that perfect character quicker than I did, and give you some tips on creating that characte
  9. The mail has 3 uses. I briefly added other items like molten shield and such but I ended up with so much stuff to cast I was hardly swinging my sword!
  10. Towards the end of the game I realized Paladins make for pretty solid battlemages because of their high int and might. I bet there's a solid build out there for a paladin that focuses on fire spell items. Casting speed is quite lackluster though.
  11. I love Eder. Decently built, pretty funny, and in my opinion has by far the best banter with the other companions (everyone else seems to kinda hate each other). I found his story arc to be the most cohesive and well done. I actually liked Sagani but that's probably because her banter with Eder actually made me laugh out loud. I also like Kana too not so much that his story is that interesting but he adds a lot of good lore flavor to a lot of situations. Devil is good fun. Aloth is just inconsistent and Grieving Mother just didn't work for me. I still need to have meaningful playthroughs with
  12. I recently beat the game with this build (pre WMII) and I made some optimizations (too bad I can't edit them in). First up St. Ydwen's Redeemer is awesome with this build. The Destroy Vessels makes for easy Inspiring Triumph procs plus of course the other goodies St. Ydwen brings. I also wore Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath. Transitioned into more of an off tank as this build really needs an Eder type (and a ranger pet as well). Go with Intense Flames and Scion of Flame and your Sunbeams get pretty nasty. I also picked up Righteous Soul because disables are the worst. I didn't end up taking Swo
  13. I have yet to beat the main story for the first time. I own WM I but I haven't bought WM II yet. Without spoilers would the story flow better if I complete WM II before finishing the main story? I have completed most of what was in WM I if that makes any difference.
  14. Sinle target dps is what I want. Someone to make the annoying enemy druids/wizards/priests/etc disappear!
  15. Detailed advice indeed. That is accurate for v3… Hihi I did a damage per hour in combat calculation on a "we just dps" party once and cipher was going at a nice 1200+ clip (from the start of the game I had a consistent party). Next in line was barbarian at just over 1000, rogue was at about 750 (no deathblows until high level unfortunately but after that it goes higher). Per rest casters were not run though as I was speeding and did not want to rest. Was there a ranger in this group? I thought they were among top dps.
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