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  1. For the Backlash Beldam build you don't need to be a godlike. Every race works just fine. There's a duelist's hat that is enchanted (the only one): The Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak. It's nice and big and purple and does -1 INT and +2 RES. My dualist monk from Old Vailia used that and it looked awesome with his vailian clothes and his Rapier and dagger. That hat sounds flamboyantly fascinating! I will have to look that build up! Thanks for all the insight everyone!
  2. Well, I can tell you that I wouldn't be down for a godlike, at least for the duelist, dashing pirate. No hats is a deal breaker. :3
  3. Thanks for the replies! And yeah, I don't mind her wearing a shield if I went the rogue route. Preferably a D&D style buckler to a large shield. I actually considered running chanter (A pirate bard!) instead of rogue for this build, since everyone said Riposte isn't worth it anyway. I also don't really mind running it dual wield, but it would be a rapier/sabre in one hand, and a small parry dagger in the other. This aesthetic still fits in my book as well. And yeah, I know game mechanics wise for monks its contradictory, but theme wise it fits better for my idea of a monk chara
  4. So, I bought the game when it launched, but I've had zero time to play it until recently. There are 2 character archetypes I am interested in: An agile monk, who forsakes weapons, using dodging, parrying, and skill to win, over broad constitution and soak. A dashing corsair, renown for her fencing ability, and her quick witted tongue. This particular archetype includes the parry/riposte dueling style (one rapier or saber, and no shield). I have read that Rogues have Riposte as a skill, but that it is terrible. Is a chanter perhaps? or another class better suited toward this co
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