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  1. Hmmm still can't get the merchant to appear....I've made sure I downloaded Deadfire through Steam, and my steam profile shows it as installed....any other steps?
  2. Ya so for sure I've been in the right places. I went and did the little interaction with Ninagauth in Russetwood and got the map, didn't change anything. Have base 10 mechanics and have tried buffing past there too..... This is super frustrating, while not exactly game breaking this kind of stuff drives me INSANE.
  3. So Aloth has a base of 10 mechanics and I've even tried buffing it....W T F. I'm like 99.9999% sure I'm in the right spots, although its been a while.
  4. Hey guys silly question probably, what skill or attribute effects your ability to uncover hidden items. Tidefall and Ningauths grimoire are pissing me off atm.
  5. I think that the OP brings up a very good point, that people will normally pick a specialist wizard based on what spells they will give up. For example in BG2 you almost HAD to pick Conjuror. You only lost Divination which you priest easily handled. Anything else was debilitating, but who wants to have one less spell per level? I'd prefer to see either less downside...or more upside to the specialization. I think PoE 1 did an AMAZING job of giving wizards soooo many spells that work good. I feel like PoE had the best Wizard class I've seen in a very long time because they are so incredibly
  6. Hey guys, quick question. Do the Bracers of Spiritual Power give bonus damage to chanter's chants and invocations? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, Just decided to pick up PoE again after a long time away. I want to try out GM since I never did a run with her. Could someone suggest a powerful build. I'm not too picky on how she is built I just want to feel the power of a Cipher. My party setup Is versatile so anything should fit ok. Thanks, Mocker
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys. Really helped me sort some things out. Oh, did they ever change it so that Heart of the Storm increases dmg when using Stormcaller?
  9. Hey guys, coming back to PoE after a long break and decided to play a ranger using hunting bows. Wanted to get opinions and facts on a few things to help me finish off my build. -Vicious or Swift Aim - Rangers have crazy accuracy already but does the increased amount of crits and the extra dmg from Vicious outweigh the increase in attack speed, especially when considering twin and driving arrows? Heavily considering the doemenels quest line as the crit dmg seems to be the best of the three options for a ranger, and incidentally I've never done them before. Also just curious how these
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for a great portrait to use for the cliché Dark Lord look. (Kinda thinking Nazgul in plate). Getting tired of the tried and true Black guard portrait from NWNs. Would greatly appreciate any posts. Thanks
  11. I'm sure this has been answered but I'm not sure for 3.02 ....does Scion of Flame effect the lash and dragon thrashed chants. Sorry just thought of another question....what summoning invocation is best?
  12. I'd go with Drawn in Spring and Unlabored for pure dps. The Firebug proc is really something else for adding total dps. If you don't care about the AoE then two Drawn in Spring would be great. If you want to go with Daggers imo have two sets. Double Drawn in Spring for extreme badasses (i.e. dragons) The DoT will really pay off in longer fights. For big mobs use Unlabored and March Steel to hit zero recovery and the proc can be great versus big mobs. Also these attack speed calc have not been using Gauntlets of Swiftness for another .15 multiplier. Don't forget about those if you reall
  13. Really depends on the playstyle preference. If you're the type that does the RPG beginner's mistake and conserve everything to the end, yeah they can feel like a liability. But if you're willing to go through their resources in most encounters, you'll find they have a huge edge over the other classes. I myself am very trigger happy with spells, so I find my Wizard usually dominates in overall efficiency. Druids are a little underwhelming though, since all their best spells are congested in 4th and 5th level, so it does feel like they have less casts than a Wizard at times. I find that
  14. Flick of the Wrist is +4 accuracy to daggers and stilettos, you get it by winning games of Orlan's Face knife tossing at the inn in Stalwart. If a Ranger with base 10 Perception (not counting any bonus from resting or equipment) with their highest base Accuracy can't reliably hit then every class will be missing and anything besides a Monk or Fighter (the only other high base accuracy classes) will be whiffing like crazy. Another +4 accuracy from a 14 Perception won't make that big of a difference. Plus we're talking about a melee Ranger, double teaming an enemy is the whole point of
  15. He may hit like a truck ... if and when he hits. That low of a PER isn't so good. All the Might and Dex in the world means little if you can't actually HIT what you're aiming at. At a minumum, I'd drop DEX to 14 and raise PER to 14. As Kdubya pointed out it might not be such a problem with the rangers accuracy bonuses. You could also do a similar build concept with Drawn in Spring which would get you +5 ACC from dagger and +4 from Flick of the Wrist. Use Little Savior for a massive defensive boost.
  16. Well I finally managed to get down to level 12 and get my BotEP, now its time to respect to the Glassy Pain style and start working on finishing WMI so I can get things durganized.
  17. Well Hours of St Rumbalt would be the go-to for crti dmg on a 2her right? Which is a great version of this build. But I think that zero recovery is very difficult / impossible to achieve without the attack speed bonus on BotEP. Not sure. Also, even with BotEP if you side with Doemenels, Durgan it, get Dungeon Delver, that's still 120% dmg per crit....and you crit a crapton. BotEP will normally be better dps over the course of an entire fight but if you love big numbers(I get it!) then go Hours. P.S. Man I'm struggling to get BotEP right now....I might need to come back later on my figh
  18. Ya supposedly in 3.02 Bash and the proc on shields is going to work with carnage. If so I think a barb with Unlabored blade and dragon shield would be fun....great AoE dmg and should be tanky. @Crucis....I definitely disagree...carnage is what makes barbs unique, without it they would be bland and too similar to a fighter imo. It would have to be a total revamp of the class and if Frenzy was the focus they would need to make it stack with other buffs or be very unique somehow.
  19. I've always felt the problem with barb is there is not enough focus on carnage. You get it, take accurate carnage, done. I think they should have talents hat enhance carnage in some way. Maybe make an offensive one that boosts dmg, and a defensive one that boosts interrupt or something.
  20. I think you have a good setup for using a rogue for the main dps if you are really focused on good CC. The key imo is not getting agro on the tanks, its totally neutralizing the opposition which wiz and cipher are incredible at. Don't even think of getting into melee with your rogue unless things are locked down. By level 12 you have the spells to do it.
  21. Love it man. Huge Glen Cook fan. (If the name Mocker doesn't give that away) I prefer the books of the north so I would leave out Uncle Doj. I feel like Raven and Silent would be the ones you would really want to get in. Just depends on what "era" you want to go with. I have a hard time thinking of Lady as anything except a wizard, but again it depends on what time period in the saga.
  22. I think Obs has finally done a great job with this. Every class can be built powerfully and be enjoyed if it suits your style. I think that two things people tend to miss are.... -Most classes have multiple different playstyles that are equally viable, i.e. ranged or melee, etc. That is very amazing imo that Obs managed to make so many options viable. -Not only do all 11 classes feel generally well balanced imo, but I think it is impressive that they managed this with such diverse classes. There really is a playstyle for everyone imo. If I had to pick 2 classes that are a bit u
  23. One other thing to think about would be indicating release version/DLC expansions. One of my biggest issues looking through old forum posts is trying to reverse engineer what version the author was on when they wrote the build. +1 Definitely need to have only currently relevant builds in the thread. So many new members start searching and find horrid advice cause it is outdated. Doesn't need to be based on the patch # but we could just only put in builds that are still viable or have been updated.
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