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  1. I had similar issue with fighter's knock down ability - it wasn't restored after combat. But in my case, reloading helped. 3.03 beta.
  2. How much +speed I need in 3.2 to reach 0 recovery in plate? Durgan sabres, durgan armor, talent, frezy and potion will be enough ?
  3. I wonder if drawn in spring is really most effective weapon in gamÄ™. It has the most dps but isn't it delayed ? For example: with sabre you deal 100 dmg in one hit, with dagger 75 and 35 more after 5 seconds. Dps is better with dagger but if enemy has 80 hp, sabre is better.
  4. Because of the way reloading time is calculated, bonus 50% in reloading speed translates into minus 33% of reloading time. 1/1.5 = 0.66 I see. And how does it work with +20% faster reload talent ?
  5. Is such character viable at all ? Twin shot works with bows only I think, but 50% reload time from early talent seems huge? And good accurency with lead splitter might lead to one shot kills.
  6. I was wondering which Flick of the Wrist weapon is best for dual wielding rogue. I assume best one is copied after being fully upgraded. Possible candidates are: March Steel Dagger: +20% attack speed, no useless enchants. Speed it worth 3 points, so we can make it legendary+lash+speed at 13/14. With durgan steel it has +35% attack speed. I was told it is cumulative, it's 2x35%+20% from dual wielding talent+15% from durgan steel on armor+15% from gloves=120%, 0% recovery without Vulnerable Attack and 20% with it. Drawn in Spring: DoT costs only 2 points, so we can make it Legendary, Lash, Beast Slaying or leave it at superb, and use Kith Slaying instead. We can't reach 0% recovery, so it will be slower but maybe DoT makes it worth it ? Unlabored Blade: Free Mythic, has +20% speed but we can't enchant it with Durgan Steel. Not really worth it, I think. Also, can't be copied. Azureith's Stilleto: Is spell striking worth it ? Early it's really powerful, but what about later game ? Black Fang: similar question, is spell striking worth it ? Rending sounds cool, with it and talent we have 11 which sounds pretty impressive. Legendary+Rending+Lash leaves no place for slaying. Misery's End: +20% damage with flanking/stunned/prone sounds nice but is it worth points ? Oidhreacht: 20% drain sounds cool, but I don't think it's worth - if enemy focuses fire on rogue, it won't help much. All daggers have +5 to-hit bonus, very good in early game but probably not so important later. Stilletos have -3 DR, which is much better all game, I believe. My thoughts are it's either black fang or drawn in spring, but maybe I'm missing something.
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