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  1. Thanks for the reply. It's very annoying that you don't get the talent you acquire for sharing knowledge with Llengrath. Or the +1 perception from giving the guy in Twin Elms the 3 birds. Obviously the god's blessings and stuff wouldn't continue, but why would you not get these talents back. >.<
  2. Homie......I will pay you to play this guy and not start a maurader thread in 15 hours Stick with it dude, I think it really checks a ton of the boxes you've been looking for.
  3. Hey All, My understanding is you get back some of the acquired talents from POE1, such as Effigy's Resentment, after completing Hosongo. I'm wondering if anyone could make a bit of a comprehensive list of what is regained. Might heavily effect my POE1 roleplaying choices. Thanks
  4. It depends on your talents. If you don't have a lot else your dying to take it can be very good. Also, for those who don't want to be worrying about crafting potions to use all the time.
  5. Depends on what you enjoy. If you care more for the combat and challenge then this is certainly true. I kinda like seeing how companions react to the way I roleplay a particular character.
  6. Damn it Cyrus I thought we decided on a Brute!!!! Ok so anywho I think Swashbuckler is amazing. Unbroken/Trickster has very high defenses and very respectable dps output. Don't forget about the synergy here with high defenses + riposte, and things like persistent distraction + deathblows. Also works amazingly well imo with items that increase engagement like Kapana Taga and Reckless Brigandine. Lots of bonuses from having tons of enemies engaged, and Armored Grace + Abraham pet will nearly eliminate armor recovery penalty from using heavy armor. You can go with a retaliation shield or just
  7. Thank you guys. Any particularly decent dps spells you'd recommend for lower level play?
  8. Hey guys, anyone given this combo a try? Seems like Helwalker would lend massive might and intel bonuses. Enduring Dance would grant wounds quickly on a ranged character with careful positioning, and I assume the accuracy bonus would apply to Cipher powers? Cipher seems to have some decently cool pl 8 & 9 abilities, but nothing I'd miss overly much. Anyone given this a try? Also, recommended weapon setups for a ranged cipher? I like the idea of Red hand simply cause I love the weapon, and the long range may be handy, but I believe anything that hits in an aoe is recommended right?
  9. Hey guys, I never really did do much with Ciphers in POE1. Would anyone take some time to list the S-Tier cipher powers, and recommend a very good weapon/weapons for the class. Preferably ranged weapon. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you all. Despite really wanting to try out priest nukes I have a very hard time playing a main character that isn't interesting for the first half of the game. So wizard it is. I think I'll just take a different approach with Durance than I normally would have. Thanks, Mock
  11. Hey all. Of course this question is extremely subjective, but I'm hoping for some general advice that may help me make up my mind. I want to take either a priest or wizard through all of POE1 & 2. Priest would be a caster built around huge aoe fire dmg and buffs, wizard would mostly be a classic CC / debuff / nuke wizard. I'm more familiar with wizards in general, and it seems like they start a lot faster? Priest I've never done anything except buff and heal bot, but their high level damage spells look beastly. Not too sure in POE2 if they still have massive dmg. I'd prefer whi
  12. Thanks guys, this helped a bunch. I'll go with Toxic Strike. I'm getting a Unbroken/Trickster main tank build started, and this will be my solution for some decent single target dps on those big bosses. He'll have a base intel of 20 so it should work nicely
  13. Since your deflection will be low anyways, I say dump res big time. Check out the Undying Titan build to see what Unbending can do for keeping you alive. Huge Might and Huge intel....go go go.
  14. As you have made up your mind on Darryn's I think devoted would be a great choice. You named a bunch of the best reasons, but some other food for thought here. Having two sources of bonus penetration will help guarantee those big hits your looking for. Between fighter and berserker skills your hit to crit is huge and you have great bonus to crit damage. Also, I remember you wanted to be tanky. Unbending will bring a lot to this. Keep your might and intel very high and it will make you nearly unkillable, not to mention some of the other great fighter benefits for survivability. Brute's skill se
  15. Hey guys, can someone who has used both give a recommendation please? Toxic Strike vs. Ring the Bell? Which deals more damage total, given a very high intel build. Thanks.
  16. Verde, the low deflection is necessary for use with Toughened Fury at higher levels. Similar builds existed in POE1 as well, that basically had no Deflection but so much healing as to be nigh unkillable. By maxing might and intel Unbending will heal a TON and last much longer than 30 seconds. It can also be refreshed when needed due to the Discipline regen or just careful resource management. Also, the high might and dex coupled with a weapon that suits this build means the dps will be very respectable for such a sturdy tank.
  17. Looks like a really fun build for me. Reminds me of the Lady of Pain variant I played a lot in POE1 that focused on maximizing healing. What I'm wondering is can you stack the Affliction Resistance talents with resistance affliction gear, and is it even necessary/worth it? Also curious if anyone can recommend a good updated gear list for POE2. The wiki is not very useful right now. Thanks
  18. Vouge is certainly synergizes well with almost any barbarian build imo. The battleaxe is going to come quite late so consider if your willing to wait that long. If you are willing to consider Estocs then there are a couple very good options that are not very difficult to obtain. I have not tried it personally but I always thought Eager Blade would be very good on a Brute build. You can pump hit to crit very high to help proc the sword's abilities, and combining Devoted and Berserker will give you absurdly high penetration to make sure your hits really count. You could also use Reckless Brigadi
  19. Any chance there is an existing guide showing how this is built? If not would anyone offer a few tidbits about building this offensive priest, such as gearing and talent choices, and any major themes that make it work.
  20. Hi Guys, I'm just curious what level someone could reasonably expect to be able to get Kapana Taga and Reckless Brigande on POTD. I'm only a moderately skilled played although I have no problem burning a crapton of consumables trying to get these items. Thanks
  21. I've been working on a Unbroken/Trickster focused on Riposte and disengagement attacks. Theres been a lot said on the forums recently so I won't go into to much detail. One idea that I'm aiming for is a lot of raw dmg bleeds. I figure this char will have poor single target dps, and Depp Wounds, Gouging Strike, and Ring the bell, will result in a lot of raw dmg over time, with relatively low resource cost. Could someone confirm that all 3 would stack? Thanks.
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