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  1. Hello everyone Would like to get your (more experienced) thoughts on a build I'm planning now that the new classes are out. Thinking Arcane Archer/Steel Garrote Essentially build would revolve around using flames of devotion as a source of elemental damage (negating the AA Acc penalty) and Zealous auras to buff accuracy/penetration. The heal from damage would also help the health penalty Questions are - would this work? , stats (thinking high might/int, not sure about the rest, proabaly dump con a bit) and weaponry (Dragon's breath for RP, more fire dmg) Thanks all
  2. Thanks all, much to think about, didnt really consider a ranger (despite the lore) as when I last played Rangers were average at best , but I might give it a go now. Either that or keep with a DnD theme and rp Keldorn as an Immolation paladin.
  3. Hi everyone- I've recently come back to PoE to do the expansions having played through the game when it came out multiple times (fighter, monk, cipher, priest). Im now struggling with deciding what class to run through the new content with (as usual). I want to maximize the use of the new soulbound weapons- either Abydons hammer or the Redeemer and RP as a Minsc type character (Go for the Eyes Boo!). My class choice would either be a DPS barbarian or DPS paladin (leaning more towards this) but Im not sure how to build this effectively.My other thought was around a Lady of Pain variant (Hulk smash) (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80748-buildpreview-lady-of-pain/page-5?do=findComment&comment=1777435) which was almost exactly what I want but in a fighter, which ive already played as. Current thoughts on stat spread for paladin MIG 16 CON 10 DEX 15 PER 13 INT 12 RES 12 Any advice would be very much appreciated
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