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  1. Played around with several builds and ended up choosing something similar to akagi. Might 16 Con 18 Dex 12 Per 11 Int 7 Res 13 Seemed to be a good balance of damage output and survivability while still taking enough hits to quickly accumulate wounds. Thanks for all the help guys! Definitely having a good time with this playstyle and enjoying zahua as a character so far, though they seem to make his philosophical nature seem a bit more silly than I was hoping for.
  2. Thanks for all the input! I'm going to try out some of those builds now. I'll let you know what I decide in case anyone is interested.
  3. Looks like I didn't ask a specific question. I'm looking to tweak his attributes to better suited a tank playstyle. I'm keeping Zahua due to story reasons, but the question works the same if I was to get a hireling. Which attributes are most important for tank, can I dump might completely? It significantly hurts fortitude, so I was hesistant.
  4. Hi all, I just started the White March DLC and really wanted to incorporate zahua into my party. I wanted him to take Eder's role as main tank. The thought of an ascetic tank was just too much for me to resist. The tank is gonna take a beating, so why not make him the guy who uses pain as a pathway to enlightenment! Furthermore, monk looks to have some pretty cool CC abilities that may be a bit more interesting to play than Eder's fighter class. Anyway, it's pretty obvious that using zahua with the attributes he comes programmed with wasn't going to cut it, as he was balanced around dp
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