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  1. Honestly I just saw his quest as him trying to keep an old promise.
  2. I never had a companion leave. How do you guys manage to trigger that?
  3. There is no good reason to remove it for PotD. If you think it makes the game too easy then don't use it. The same reason I never do iron man or expert mode is because they deny two things I like: saves in case of bugs and important gameplay info. I don't demand them removed, I just don't use them.
  4. There are two women arguing outside of his manor, they give the quest to steal some tablet. Yeah... I ran into them on the way out after burgling the place... You too, huh? I just went into the bathhouse and BAM a secret lab! I had to loot it. It's not my fault.
  5. After slaving for the factions to improve all of them I was quite annoyed that they decided to try and force me to choose just one of them... So I peaced out and went at it alone. The Deadfire ended up in complete chaos, so probably the worst option I would say. Then I tried the Huana path afterwards, though I have to say that is some underhanded and evil **** they did there. At least the Valians have the balls to stand by what they are doing, and their way of doing things is decidedly the least evil even if it is based on profit.
  6. Honestly, I think the simplest version would be that whatever the Engwithans did to create the Wheel also destroyed the previous process (who knows if even that had been natural?) that existed before. It would not just hijack the process that came before the Wheel, but replace it entirely. As for souls getting destroyed then either is probably true: a certain frosty fellow is eating them or Eora is not a closed system.
  7. I am currently making dinner. Like real food. I fel like an adult and it is scary. At least now I can dedicate the next few days to an RPG.
  8. In the meantime you can use cheat engine to fix it. It's a nifty tool like that.
  9. Well, now I am certainly looking forward to playing through the game again whenever this expansion thingy gets out.
  10. Thaos makes the same argument. The gods are man-made, but they are also real. The entire argument behind having these gods is to put the argument to rest - they are real and can interfere. They are not like the fictional gods which spread chaos on the world before them. With one pantheon of real, powerful gods you can bring order to the chaos left by the void of false gods. However the thing is that for a god to be real to people it also needs to have a mysterious or unknown origin. Thus you keep everything secret - whatever the cost - and that is where the Leaden Key comes in. And quite likely the savages protecting the ruins as well. So, I wouldn't say the gods aren't real, rather they are artificial.
  11. I killed those villagers with Aloth, but nobody cared so I guess it is not too bad? Oh yes, also I let the Adra Dragon take over that dragon hunter. I felt a bit guilty but I had no option of digging the Adra Dragon out and dragons are adorable.
  12. After the Godhammer incident Eothas was understandably more cautious. A subtle vessel was needed. His soul had already been fragmented into pieces, he couldn't risk a repeat of what happened on the bridge. One of his soul fragments entered you. And merged with your soul. This is why you are referred to as the 'Ancient One'. This is why you were destined to fight Thaos and Woedica. That still does not fit with his persona of honesty. Remember that gods are bound to ideals. The ideals of Eothas are benevolence and honesty. A deception, like the one you describe, is completely opposite to him.
  13. I strongly doubt it. However if you play a priest of Eothas it would be pretty cool. That's pretty much what I did in my first playthrough. Benevolence and honesty to the max, also every Eothas dialogue. But anyway, as I said, I strongly doubt it. One of the aspects of Eothas is honesty, he wouldn't hide in you like some thief afraid to get caught. He would show himself as he did before.
  14. Dispositions goes from 0-4 and you need about 20 points in any given disposition to reach 4 IIRC. You gain a point every time you pick that option in a conversation. You can try it out by playing with the IEMod and its console commands. It functions about the same as reputation.
  15. I went into this game prepared to dislike every companion, and I am glad to have been proven completely and utterly wrong. I liked all of them, really, but for different reasons. Aloth was both funny and interesting, though his ending confused me a little. Did I turn him back to the Leaden Key somehow? I don't know. All I do know is that his every appearance was enjoyable. Durance I used the least, being a priest myself, but he did have an intriguing personality. Unfortunately I never really developed too much with him and he set himself on fire, so eh. Edér is like the Garrus or Alistair of the team. Great character, was especially interesting since I played a priest of Eothas myself and got to experience that journey with him. Was that really Eothas? And it got especially good near the end of the game as Edér got to some realizations about the gods along with the player character. Loved it every step of the way. Grieving Mother is probably one of my favourites. The Watcher abilities really got to shine with her and the mystery surrounding her was great, and a bit of moral debate never goes wrong. Such a strange and yet relatable character. Hiravias is kind of funny. I thought he would annoy me at first, but I really liked his story. Soul splitting and reconnecting them, and him being guided by two gods, one of them Wael, was quite something. Also think I got his best ending. Kana Rua is another character I thought would annoy me. I was so wrong. That guy is so damn enjoyable in every piece of dialogue he got. Maybe it's just the lore nerd in me, but I adored this character. A quest for lost history and getting history of his weird home on top? Count me in. That's awesome. Pallegina was nice as well. I liked her ideals of serving her nation not necessarily through answering to authority, but doing what she thought was right. The ending I got made me a bit sad for her though. Also her talking to Hylea, great scene. Sagani probably had the best story. I mean what a strange custom that actually totally makes sense given the setting. It also gave a way to highlight the Watcher abilities through a different lens than just reading people. I found it very interesting, despite the sad and maybe a tad predictably realistic end for the story. That's not even to mention the funny party banter with silly hand-devouring animals.
  16. The art and most certainly the atmosphere does its job of making this a truly epic adventure. I liked the Gilded Vale the most, the tension and hopelessness felt very real the first time I got there.
  17. They're easy enough to ignore, the same with the tomb stones, but honestly I would prefer the game without them. Mostly because they're a bit immersion breaking. I might actually have liked them if there were more to them than what currently is, but as it stands right now they're just fluff.
  18. The biggest flaw of the Stronghold is that it is underdeveloped and lacks consequence for the story. It is completely uninvolved in whatever you are doing, even if it can be affected by what you are doing. That, I think, is its biggest flaw. It needs more story to put it bluntly. Perhaps you should actually visit and subdue the lands near it to officially gain the title of 'Lord of Caed Nua' or whatever the title attached to that place is. Or maybe we could have some text adventures for the adventures? The mechanics are already there and it'd be a wonder to replace that timer with some interesting stories. Without spoiling too much then you do meet another with the same condition as her. It has a perfectly viable explanation in the lore.
  19. Isn't the point of an easy mode to just be easy and not impossible to fail at?
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