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  1. Calling Shenanigans on anyone claiming stun locking phantoms aren't a problem. They have a 61 Accuracy on their stun, meaning that you need a 61 minimum just for them to "miss" you 15% of the time. With a 90 as has been claimed is enough to "beat" their stun, you still get stunned often enough to be locked: 61 - 90 = -29 | 100 - 29 = 71 | 71 - 15 = 56 56% of the time you will be Grazed or Hit. Grazes, at least for me, last for 1.8 Seconds. Which also happens to be enough time for them to hit you again, since they seem to be attack 1 time per sec. As far as I can tell, unless you are extremely lucky, a single phantom can keep you permanently stun locked while solo. If you really wanted to make yourself "immune" you need to hit 146 Fortitude by my math, which just isn't achievable at level 4 when you first run into them. Also, how are you guys getting the mats to make FoF scrolls? 2x I have play up to Caed Nau, and both time I have exactly ONE spider leg.. so at most I can make ONE scroll, much less 4? or more? I am not going to believe anyone has beaten PoTD solo unless they do a complete, unedited, live play-through. Doesn't even have to be expert & iron-man, reload all you want.
  2. I have been looking for a good Solo build for PoTD triple crown.. I tried a straight barb, but maybe this will work.. However, like others i need to know WHERE to get these supposedly easily obtainable retaliation items..
  3. Sword Coast Legends.. IE Type Game D&D System Better Engine the PoE Comes with "Map Creation Tools" out of the box blargh blargl
  4. Being a "Backer" should not have been an achievement in the first place. Why not have an achievement for simply purchasing the game? Hey, you bought the game and didn't DL the torrent, good for you.. achievement GET!! Achievements should directly reflect IN GAME progress, not RL progress.
  5. I decided to try soloing PoTD but I can't seem to get past Caed Nua, since the shades perma stun lock. Even on a "graze" they stun for 3 seconds, and they attack WAY faster then once every 3 seconds.. as soon as you get hit, its game over. Attempting to "Sneak" by them doesn't seem to work either, as there are just too many. That is my first roadblock.. Anyone know how to deal with the perma stun locking?
  6. Raised the bonus for having fewer than six party members from 5% per character under the limit to 10% per character under the limit. What does this line in the patch notes mean? What bonus?
  7. What does this mean: Raised the bonus for having fewer than six party members from 5% per character under the limit to 10% per character under the limit. What bonus?
  8. Simple solution: No stats You class gives you a "baseline" of whatever, and then you gear determines everything else.
  9. To the OP about the Original Question: A. Fanboys + Pride = Undeserved Hype. IMO PoE is mediocre at best, there are other ISO View CPRGS that have come out recently that are equal if not better. I personally dont think it deserves a lot of the high praise it is getting, and frankly if it had been released, as it is now, without "Obsidian" on the label and the hype buildup from kickstarter.. I think a lot of the people singing its praise would probably be criticizing it for its flaws. Sadly, there is no way to do a "Blind Taste Test" in the PC gaming world. Now, on to the complaints about the story and the companions.. yeah, they really dropped the ball here story wise. Most of the people who follow you around have NO compelling reason to do so.. Why is ranger girl willing to risk her life fighting a dragon with me just because I suggested I could help her find some dude.. be like.. yeah, so.. that guy your looking for is near the ocean but first we need to go the complete opposite direction and climb and mountain and kill a dragon.. you know.. for your quest, you needs it. Take Suikoden 2 for instance, had 108 recruitable characters, a good 50% of which were playable, and all of them had a somewhat compelling reason to be helping you.. even though most of their "hey I'll join you" dialogues were 1-2 lines and they never spoke again, ALL OF THEM could be reasonably explained why they are there. = GOOD WRITING PoE.. I can't even explain why the main character is doing any of this.. I needed some berries so I wouldn't die of fever.. which I NEVER ate and now I'm chasing a dude around because now I can see souls. Yeah, I personally would be happy to have lived and come out with a cool power.. time to take advantage of it and make a fortune.. THE END. game over. PoE needed a better hook, one that gave a really good reason for the PC to be there and then a dragnet to pull everyone else who joins along with you, regardless of their personal quests.. IE, something like what DA:O did. All the origin stories FORCE you to join the grey wardens one way or the other, you are now part of something bigger then yourself, with no way to "escape to safety" by abandoning your task.. you cant NOT fight the darkspawn, because one way or the other they are gonna be in your face. PoE.. at any given moment you could simply say.. meh.. who cares, and go get drunk at the bar/run your stronghold for the rest of your life. Good hooks: Star Wars - Lukes family is murdered and he's being hunted by the empire.. only choice is to fight or die. Han.. perfect example someone with no good reason to be there, in it for the money.. but then Liea shows up and now he wants some of that.. DA:O - Pick a backstory, forced one way or the other to "Join or Die" the greywardens, greywardens wiped out and now everyone is looking to you as the last hope so save them.. Bad hook: PoE - My cart broke down and I saw some dudes messing with a machine and now I see dead people... guess I'll go into business as a psychic. IE.. you have to bring RL morality into the equation to justify pretty much everything else that happens from that point. Once you make it to town, you could have a pint, tell your story.. then keep on keeping on going wherever you were headed in the first place.
  10. Immersion in any CRPG is a joke. Any time you assign a stat to ANYTHING the immersion is broken.. You want 100% immersion? Buy a crossbow and go boar hunting IRL. But even RL boar hunting is full of "Min/Maxers" who spend countless hours comparing bow draw weights, bolt weights, and head designs for maximum penetration and bleed damage... IMO CRPGS should be about a fun enjoyable experience, and "hiding' information from players so they have to guess what does what does not equal enjoyment. Also, outright mislabeling a mechanic is just bad form.. IE. stealth, which CLAIMS that the higher the skill the closer you have to be before you get spotted, but in reality all enemies have 360 degree detection at the exact same range regardless of your stealth score.. what stealth DOES do, is slows down how fast the eye fills up once you enter that range. So its "detection speed" not range...and really, once you know that having 1 party member or all party members sneaking becomes meaningless..
  11. IMO the Stronghold needs a complete overhaul. What wrong with the stronghold: 1. "Turns" are tied to quest completion, not time. Meaning that things that take X turns to complete can literally take forever in game days if you are short on quests to do. "Turns" should be removed and everything should be time based. 2. TWO loading screens to rest in Brighthold.. Why? Brighthold needs an innkeeper on the bottom floor as soon as you walk in. 3. "Hirelings" should be recruit-able "Suikoden" Style.. You meet lots of NPC's in the world who might want a better place to live.. Why can't I invite them to work for me? 4. All loot from random attacks should go into the treasury when the attack is over, rather then just vanish.. 5. Prestige loss adventures are garbage.. (especially with turn system). So, I have X days to give this guy 1000(Money) OR drop someone from party and send them off of "X Turns" which could be weeks of in game time.. OR I take a hit on prestige. 6. ALL "Business" type structures should generate income. 7. All "Resting Bonus" type structures should stack into a SINGLE bonus. I'm sleeping in the same bed every time, In the same building, so why am I only getting the tower bonus when I have everything built? 8. The "Throne" somehow managing to recruit contract labor.. makes NO sense. If it can't leave.. how exactly is it getting these people to come? Who is in charge of paying these people? The HONOR SYSTEM? Honestly.. I feel like the stronghold was tacked on with little effort made to actually incorporate it into the game in any meaningful fashion. Every single structure being built COULD have been a quest: Locate Architectural Engineer - You have to find someone capable of handling the work.. QUEST!! Locate a source of X Stone - QUEST Defend your lumberjacks from X Y Z critters who are impeding their ability to harvest the needed wood.. QUEST Fill your library is knowledge to get MORE CRAFTING RECIPES - Collect books/writings and "install" them in the library (suddenly you have a reason to collect all the books) etc etc.. So much wasted potential. Who knows, maybe a mod author with skills will see this and spark some idea..
  12. I would love "more info" on pretty much all the skills. Carnage AoE range would be nice to know tho, and also if it is effected by INT (assuming it is).
  13. Exactly! Heres an exploit, the game is on PC, so I can use trainers.. should be fixed.
  14. The "AI" is already there... dont believe me? Drop some party members from your party, then find them in town or whatever, and then attack them.. watch and be amazed as they fight back, use spells, etc.. All we need is a "MOD" that toggles on/off computer control of party members on a "per member" basis.. for instance, party members who only have per encounter abilities are and ranged.. like a ranger.. I would have 0 problems letting the AI run them 24/7 in fights. My biggest complaints with NOT having AI party management tho, is when my party members just stand there not attacking for whatever reason, or refuse to "path" to get to enemies.. nothing like clicking attack on a monster only to have your melee run into each other and do nothing when there is a CLEAR PATH AROUND TO THE FLANK/BACK of the monster.. yeah, I can "Manually" move them over there.. but IMO PATHING should be a no brainer inclusion in standard "click to attack" environments. So yeah.. waiting for AI MOD and/or Obsidian to do it themselves.
  15. If you are looking for "Total Time Played" across all characters.. use "Raptr" google it.
  16. I think the key to a "Solo" run is doing just the story and only the story.. all the side quests may just be too much. That said I think perhaps a wizard can pull it off through judicious use of the "Tactical Withdrawal" MAX Might and Int + Stealth and FoF.. stealth in, cast FoF's.. then run away.. rinse/repeat till everything is dead.
  17. Skimmed the responses, but "Meta Gaming" (SPOILERS). You get special abilities on your main character, almost all of these abilities are point blank AoE's.. meaning that if you ever want to use them, you have to get in melee range. This IMO is why you should always make your main character some kind of "Tank'. Yeah.. you dont want to "be" a tank.. but look at your main character as just another NPC in a story, when you get to the first INN make the character that represents YOU but treat the "main" as a forced tank slot.
  18. IMO Resting in a Dungeon only makes sense if the dungeon re-spawns if you leave. Leave to go back to town? Guess what, dungeon completely repopulates Camp inside? No re-spawn since you didn't actually "leave". But.. since there is NO re-spawn and NO random encounters AFAIK, this is 0 incentive not to clear a few fights, then pack up and go back to town only to come back days later and do it again. The rest system is bad.. just so very very bad. Dragon Age Origins was a completely NEW system (like PoE) that was based on RT "IE" style combat.. and guess what, they managed to pull off NOT RESTING. Yet it managed to be more balanced then PoE. (not saying DA:O didn't have it own set of problems) If PoE manages to get a sequel, here's hoping they completely scrap this combat system in favor of something more fleshed out. Countless threads here and elsewhere have already pointed out its many flaws...
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