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  1. I would prefer that they drop "Classes" all together, and instead implement a talent perk system that gives you certain "Major" benefits, that mimic class features. IE, every other level, let the player "pick" a class power. Wizard Casting 1 Wizard Casting 2 etc etc.. up to 6 Cleric Casting 1 Improved Accuracy +5 Accuracy with all weapons Carnage Animal Companion etc etc..
  2. WWII Tactical Combat RPG with fully destructible environments = Silent Storm Came out years ago.. nobody noticed, even tho its one of the better tactics games to come out in years. Would have made a GREAT "core" for Xenonauts and/or XCOM revival... but alas, those got poor shoddy inferior engines with poor tactical combat... blech.. PoE.. Should be remade using the "New" engine coming out.. something something storm coast.. make it a "module"..
  3. Yeah, Barbarian brings nothing to the table for Archer(S). Ciphers I think make the best Archers, since you can increase bow damage by 1.4 on all attacks with soul whip + biting whip, then penetrating shot, marksman, wood elf, and then the +6 accuracy boost for whatever bow - war bow is the best bet. Sadly the "Ranger" is just bad with bows..
  4. I know that the "Flag" for spells being usable in/out of combat is a simple byte difference of 00 vs 01 for on/off. Sadly tho, I cant find a "Pattern" for where this flag appears in each file. Guessing this has something to do with unity obfuscation of some kind.. (oddly enough tho, "Wall of Fire" and "Wall of Force" had identical patterns, maybe they copy pasted the spells?) I was in the process of fixing all the wizard spells, but i think i have decided that i dont like this game enough to bother..
  5. (PoTD) There is an Archer in the bandit camp in Blackfield that consistently does 70+ damage a shot using what looks like a hunting bow, which unless there is some broken math somewhere just should not be possible. After being one shot about 5x by the same archer, I just ignored the camp.
  6. I made a Cipher that abuses charm/paralyze/confusion. At level 4 I am not having much issue clearing Readrics, just run in confuse someone, run away while his buddies murder him.. rinse and repeat. As far as gear goes, it has become clear to me that this game is painfully gear dependent
  7. More then likely they will be forced to changed the achievement by steam itself, as I'm assuming that just like Microsoft does with the XBOX, steam has some kind of "Rules" system in place for achievements where all achievements that ship with the game must be achievable.
  8. Yeah, currently the asset editor is changing files in such a way that they come out non functional. They you need to do edits now is: 1. Open the File in the Asset Editor 2. Do NOT Modify it. Save it AS "Uneditied(filename).unity3d 3. Make whatever change you wanted to make. Save it as "Edited(filename.unity3d 4. Open both UN an EDITED in a HEX-Editor that has the "Compare" function. 5. Compare them using "Precise" and "Differences", finding small sections that are different between those 2 files. Those are your actual edits. 6. Open the ORIGINAL FILE in the Hex editor, and
  9. Bloom.. the bane of gaming existence. I don't know when designers decided bloom was needed all over the place and in such extremes.
  10. Estoc is the best weapon in the game, so all classes that engage in melee are good with a 2H weapon, as long as its the Estoc.
  11. Wasn't meant to be a side by side comparison of actual spells in game, just a demonstration on how balance could have been done using a set of rules as the foundation.
  12. Seriously. Please re read the topic name and my original post. I never said anything like that. My point is that considering damage focused spells FoF is a clear winner. I was wondering why is that the aoe spell deals more dmg per target than a targeted spell and is easier to hit because rolls vs reflex rather than deflection. Yeah, thats been answered already, but to be perfectly clear: There is NO reason beyond poor system design, play testing, and balancing. Thats it in a nut shell. Now.. if you are wondering WHY there was poor play testing and balancing.. I can sp
  13. Couple of things: 1. Has anyone managed to update the Asset Editor to the newest version yet? I went through the steps to update and thought I had everything correct, but it still spits out edits that give errors when loaded into the game. I have since reverted to the EDIT/HEX-COMPARE/EDIT method to make working spell changes, which brings me to.. 2. I'm in the process of trying to batch edit all the spells/abilities in the game to be usable outside of combat. I am running into a problem however in that "I" cant find a unique searchable string that works for ALL abilities. I can
  14. To "Get Money" murdering NPC's is the way to go. You can kill Aloth, Edin, Kana, and Durance with NO consequences.. even while villagers watch you do it, no need to hide. Just murder away. All of them have 1-2 decent items that you can use and/or sell for cash, and all of them can be gotten to easily. Once you get their gear, you can then kill some enemies on different maps for their drops, but humanoids of course are your best source of money. Still, getting 6k "Post Patch" for the Horn isn't exactly "Easy" without the horn. It was a stupid change in the patch, and it only hurt so
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