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  1. No don't worry, most people have positive things to say. People that gather in the forums after a game is released are mostly the unhappy ones. Or the ones that are in work and can't play like me Or some other nice people that were here before the game got released
  2. There are no game breaking bugs in PoE, at least in the way that I understand the term "game breaking" as in "I can't continue playing". There are serious balancing/gameplay bugs though, that's true. I however did not face any of them.
  3. Just for fun, make sure you didnt enable the Expert mode in the Options
  4. Well...I guess that's fair. I'll say this; I went in on normal with my squishy MC, Eder, and Aloth and it was no problem at all. Not any harder than any random forest encounter, and easier than some (I'm looking at you, Forest Lurker!) Oh yeah these 2 that you first meet.... I hate them
  5. Comparing PoE with BG2 or Planescape:Torment is unfair in my opinion. They're the two pinnacles of the IE, BG2 for the sheer amount of amazing encounters and battles and Torment for the atmosphere/setting/plot. If you compare though with the other IE games, PoE is already better and more enjoyable in my opinion, which is a great achievement. We can only expect more and better now
  6. Since I'm the "worst kind of person" I will bump this for extra pleasure
  7. The other races can feel too man, don't be racist like that
  8. I like all classes, I surprisingly like the Wizard a lot, simply due to the ability of opening with Rolling balls of fire but I'd say my favorite is the Chanter simply due to the novelty factor. I just find the whole idea of custom "songs" that lead into spells really cool. Can be done even better but at least it makes a bard-like class be actually cool and effective instead of a weak mage/thief
  9. I did it on level 4, with 6 party members. Relatively easy, except for one particular fight which I had to do twice. (Hard difficulty)
  10. Meh I'm not arguing, whatever floats each person's boat I guess. I personally would never go back to C intentionally, I love Fluent APIs and such stuff.
  11. Let's make it clear: To work with Unity you write code in C# or javascript or this Boo thingie. I don't know what you mean by "important stuff" unless you mean the actual development of the Unity engine itself which is a different matter. You , me and everyone that wants to create a game using Unity will actually work with C# or javascript *C# is awesome and most definitely a "real" language
  12. You're not correct. To use all of the features of Unity, you'd use C#. .NET Framework interactivity etc. Plus C# is slowly and steadily becoming the standard prog.language for games, eg most Xbox games are wirtten in C#. http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/index.html Let me also use the magic of stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4989689/what-language-is-used-to-develop-using-unity
  13. It's like you were promised a juicy steak, char-grilled, medium rare. Then you bite into it and realise it's a cleverly-camouflaged nut cutlet. I think it's different. It's more like you had sometime tried a steak that you found amazingly awesome and since then you had no steak at all. Then someone tells you that he can also make a similarly awesome steak and offer it to you if you help him a bit. You do and then ,eventually, try the steak. It's very tasty but not exactly similar to the one you remember.
  14. It seems there are some of them around but I personally in 35-40 hours of playing didn't actually face them. And I finished Raedric btw AND am playing as a ranger. I guess I'm lucky that I don't double click or save/load in areas that have no combat
  15. I actually don't want encumbrance. I know it's realistic and all that but I don't really care. It makes our lives much easier to not have that and be able to focus to the actual game. Dropping items though, it's not that I *need* the feature,but I dont see why not to have it
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