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  1. Same for me. It just needs to be refined and balanced. There are many good ideas/theory in the system and interface, but sometime you see they're not really well exploited. For example the system is designed for that you play very tactically, planing well your fights, managing your efforts etc. and that's great... But after a while (I would say after level 8 ) the game is really easier (IMO) and you don't care so much, apart for some bosses, to act in an optimal way. I'm not sure if it's a problem of balance or if the gain in experience/abilities is too much rewarding. Anyway, it's a supe
  2. And also the interface that is more player friendly. And the slow/fast mode is great too. There are a lot of little details that make the game more confortable
  3. If I don't have my GoG patch today, I kill a kitty. With a pumice stone. I've all the week end.
  4. >> Lephys Okay. So wouldn't it be mostly a problem of vocabulary/terms. If they named Might something like "fighting spirit" or "aggressiveness", would it work better ? Good point. But can't we say the same with Perception for example that does not differenciate the five senses ? I understand your point but I still think it works well (apart the dialogue lines asking for Might, right, but I see that more like a bad use of the system than a flaw of the system itself). This is a discussion about design, and it's interesting for people interested in de
  5. It's crazy... No. Just no. Bending bars depends of athletic skill, not might. That's how it works in the game. That's how it is. Crazy... The common sense says that you have to understand the purpose of a thing before deciding that thing does not work. Just try for once. Wimp with 18 Might :
  6. You even don't need to force your RP. Again, just try to play your mighty wizard in melee with a claymore, he will die early and accomplish nothing, as you used skills and abilities to make a good wizard, not a good warrior. At the end of the character creation, you realize then, that your mighty character is mentally strong, but obviously not physically strong. That's design for effect. And that's why this stat system works pretty good.
  7. It's crazy.... A frail old wizard would have low Constit, no low Might....
  8. Because you overestimate what are attributes in this system, I think. One attribute is not enough. Might for example will just increase your damage. It can mean you are more muscular, or it can mean you are more agressive, or nastier, or....etc. All the rest of the elements like skills, abilities etc. have much more importance than in D&D/BG for example to define what can do and what is your character. In a fight for example, Might will have far less importance in PoE than Strength in D&D. D&D is a descriptive system (design by cause), PoE is a synthetic system (design for effect).
  9. Yes but what for? for what result? If he has not the other elements of the combination to make a good fighter (let's say all the other things you can not choose at creation if you want a good wizard...), what would he like to fight in melee with the sword ? Just because he has the energy to do it? Just try. Create a good wizard with high Might , give him a greatsword, send him in melee, and see if you can exit alive the encampement. Let's bet... This is design for effect. At he end, whatever you imagine his high Might represents, you will not send your powerful wizard in melee with a cla
  10. Yes, like for the little man Joe Pesci (not an athlete by any measure)
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