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  1. I'm having a lot of fun with PoE. I'm sorry if others aren't, but they're not my problem. With that in mind, it's time to play
  2. I think it's a bit odd you can easily get the Child of Five Suns quest in Chapter 2, but can't do it until Chapter 3. But it's all good now
  3. All I need is a hint ... how do I get to Twin Elms? I have the Child of Five Suns quest with Pallangina, if that makes any difference .... but so far none of the maps I've checked seem to let me travel to that area ... what am I missing? MTIA!
  4. I'm just gonna say that I'm playing on Normal with a non-min/max group -- myself, a hireling Priest, & 4 NPCs. I'm in the Dyrwood Ruins in Act 2, & having a load of fun. The challenge level on Normal is just about right for me. I don't just face-roll through spamming auto-attacks, either: I'm pausing, buffing, casting spells, summoning my bard's lil buddies, dropping END heals, & so on. & every now & then, I still have to reload. While I think it's woefully obvious that the OP is having some funzies with this post, I'm quite bemused by the number of people who are taking it seriously. I recall doing much the same in BG1 & 2, & reading this thread makes me wonder if the rest of you & I are all playing the same games. Like, I dunno, maybe you guys got hold of the Super Secret Uber-Gimp Mode version of those games, or something. Yea, ya, I know: someone is going to just say "or maybe you suck." Because, you know, that's the way "discussion" goes on the Interwebby thing these days, when most people can't even figure out what an "argument" is, much less formulate or refute one. One last point: if you don't think BG2 was cheesable, then you didn't play BG2. Period. Trap-cheesing of dragons, anyone??? Please.
  5. I read the OP & all I could do was /facepalm. Why keep adventuring? I dunno, dude: you won. Don't bother clearing out the levels below your stronghold, because you're the WINZORZ. Don't bother going to Defiance Bay & seeing what's going on there. Don't bother with anything else, in fact; just burn the CD & move on with your life, cuz you so totally won the game & know everything about it from your Act 1 accomplishments. Or, perhaps you're just trolling. I say that, because -- quite frankly -- I'm having great difficulty taking the OP seriously.
  6. Trolls are awesome Trolls are good Trolls provide us with our food. Let me go get this hook out of my mouth.
  7. I could probably quote any of the PoE companions ... if they said the same things over & over & over again, like they do in BG1 & BG2. But, since they don't seem to do so, I'm never sure what they're going to say next, & my utterly subjective, personal opinion is that both Eder & Aloth are fairly interesting individuals. YMMV.
  8. Has anyone Twitch-streamed themselves 3-manning in hard mode without resting very often? If so, could you link me to your streams? I'd like to get some play tips from the awesome-sauce pros. MTIA!
  9. High Int creates yellow friendly-safe zones on the outer edges of your AoE, so that you can use it safer. So high-Int wizards....kind of a good thing. But go on. Continue regaling me with your knowledge of stats and builds in PoE. I thought the "safety zone" aspect of the AoE was just a feature of AoE spells ... I had no idea that INT affects it.
  10. I'd just like to point out that my Wizard has no points in Might, but his spells still seem to hit quite nicely. The "Scion of Flame" utility talent might have something to do with that, tho. My Priest has lots of points in Might, because the game told me that Might affects my Healing prowess. & that's all I can say.
  11. So far, I've not been hit with a single bug I considered "game breaking." I'm not saying there aren't any; I'm saying I've not been hit with them.
  12. I'm having the same problem uploading a photo, & sadly I don't have a Gravatar account & would sort of like to not bother with that. Any assistance on uploading a pic would be awesome.
  13. I think it's sadly hilarious to see the number of quite obviously subjective opinions posted as if they are actually confirmed, objective fact.
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