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  1. In which I go: "NoooooOooo nonononono NO." I hate it when character morality is reduced to a check-box tracked on a character sheet. If you spend time talking to an npc and nothing about them convinces you they're a bad person, having a spell that makes them glow and say 'yes they're bad who knows why it doesn't matter' is the exact opposite of immersion. In-game, the traits your character picks up (benevolent/deceptive/honest/stoic/ect) are a nice substitute for alignment. Besides, the games entire story runs on grey-morality. Having defined good/evil stats attached to NPCs would ruin
  2. Overall I loved the game, glad I backed it and was well worth my money. Definitely satiated my BG cravings. I beat the game on normal difficulty and grabbed all the companions. Here are some nitpicky things that bothered me throughout the game: Adra Dragon and Thaos are the only difficult fights in the game. Minus certain spots in the Endless Paths, I employed little to no strategy throughout the game. Once you're at the mid-way point, your un-enchanted weapons and armor are good enough to auto-attack your way through most everything. I found myself digging into my Durance's spel
  3. Overall I tend to agree with what's been said. Cities and Stronghold should have no fog once explored. Sight range is a bit limited as well.
  4. My point is, I'd rather there be some sort of other "currency" instead of just dropping coin on the ground. I like "tough" rpgs, I would not mind having to go to a forge or lab to craft or even repair. To me that's more "normal", again, just my POV. I understand the idea of creating a difficult choice on how to spend your coin, which is already a little tough to gather (coming from someone who stealths everywhere while Stashing and selling everything), but the fact they're using coin just irks me a bit. By no means does this approach the level of being a deal-breaker, and I'm certainly not
  5. No pun intended.. This game is fantastic, I love it, and it's been well worth the wait - but why does it cost money to learn a spell I'm capable of casting or craft an item for which I have all the materials? I'm baffled by this concept and it tarnishes the incredible immersion and detail of the game. What magical, ethereal bank does this cash go into when I'm in the middle of a cave crafting away..? It just comes off as a lame last minute hurdle to make it slightly restrictive to craft or get new spells. Suggestions: - Make it "kit" based. Alchemy kit, Scribe kit, Food Recipe,
  6. Is this part of the "known issues" of the Load/Save? This has been going on since Beta release. The problem is not immediate, meaning, I can save/quit and come back to a successful load that day. If I take a week or so off and come back, it's gone. I did a google+forums search for this and didn't really find anything specific, so I figured I'd drop a thread. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Paying for a beta should have netted us a lot more information than we're getting, along with a 12:01am EST release of this badboy. Instead, it's 8:45am with not even a word. Had I not paid, I wouldn't have this high of an expectation. As noted earlier, at long as this has several hours of gameplay I'll at least feel like got something for my money.
  8. Whenever it's available, I roll Human Paladin in any game I can. My "alt" is almost always a caster with whatever race suits the class best.
  9. I really enjoy looking at numbers, I like "real" achievements but I feel the industry in general caters to the average gamer and they often include a lot of fluff that doesn't really showcase any skills or talent. Achievements absolutely extend the maximum playing time for someone like me who tends to enjoy the chase for certain distinctions, so for that reason I'll have to say I'd like to see them. Regardless of what happens, I'll gladly take a detailed statistics screen for my own musing.
  10. I agree with what most are suggesting here in terms of more simplified and historically accurate looking armor/weapons. I believe only truely rare or difficult to earn weapons and armor should have ornate/unique designs, possibly aquired toward end game. Obviously, rare items should look much different, as well as Set items if they make it into this game. On a side note: Has there been any rumblings of "legendary" or extremely rare items making it into the game?
  11. I would be open to additional goals, but this is the first game I've helped kickstart a game and as it stands right now, I'm in a "wait and see" mode. I love what I've seen so far but I'd be much more inclined to donate more with a positive Beta experience. Basically, I need some more tangibles.
  12. Just getting around to signing up for the forum but by the looks of it I should have a "K", as well. I backed Project Eternity via PayPal. I forget what level but I should be able to produce something from PayPal if that is needed? Thanks.
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