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  1. Well, games are games and not everyone will like all of them. I found Oblivion extremely boring while a lot of people loved it. What can we do?
  2. I like the amount of the VO, would even go for more, but I would like a bit more... "flavour" or "character". Some voices just seem too...generic. I'd love more weird and special accents a la Minsc for example or Aloth's..."second voice" :D
  3. I would give PoE an almost perfect 9/10 but I'd give the same to D:OS contrary to the OP. Also if I take into account the co-op and how awesomely it worked, I would actually give it a 10/10 regardless of the kinda typical storyline.
  4. So here's what happened. Playing in Hard, I started going down the Endless Paths. At the second level as many of you know, there is this sacrificial pit which after investigating we discovered that it allows us to climb down using a grappling hook. We did that and ended up in the 5th level. The enemies here are too hard for us so we tried to slowly slowly make our way back up. We missed however the fact that there is a staircase IN THE 5TH LEVEL that leads you straight back up and after reaching a certain point in level 3, we are now with all our tanks maimed, plus Durance, no spells or abilities except the per encounter ones , fatigued and with no supplies. We have to get past these Xaurips that guard the door but after like 30 tries yesterday we just couldnt do it. We re crafting scrolls, potions, using traps but still... No success. They just flood us. Even though I find this awesome just because it can happen, Im thinking switching to Easy just for this battle...!!
  5. I personally think the Bestiary system is perfect. How much more experienced can someone get into killing wolves after he's killed already 15 or something?
  6. That is a very sad development then. Considering this is a kickstarter project. What do you mean? I thought being a ks project means less money which in turns means less time for testing and quality assurance.
  7. Please do not make us run back to the Stronghold to craft. I know the current system is unrealistic but I find it much more fun. I hate the concept in DA:I for example
  8. Noone said bugs are "not there" , we are just saying that the situation is not so extreme as some people present it and certainly not for everybody. I'm sorry some of you face serious issues, I haven't though and there are many more like me and that should also be told. Also please guys, do not compare a car with a video game. Or generally software with moving vehicles in which "game breaking bugs" would cause DEATH. Of actual people. It's unbelievably hard to control bugs in huge codes and inevitably some will leak out when you release. Releasing a patch that fixes the most important ones within a week is awesome in my opinion and I'm a senior software engineer if that matters at all. Finally, please relax. I'm not being a fanboy or aggressive to anyone. I have no connection with Obsidian or benefit from them doing well. I'm just stating my view on the game's current state.
  9. Someone must defend Katarack in the assault from bug-hurt people. I also havent dealt with any important enough to notice bug. And I've played like 45-50 hours so far. *Im playing a ranger btw, no issue with that as well. So far at least. **I think that people are basing their opinions a lot on forum topics about bugs that other people found and become way too concerned. I actually think that if I didnt come to the forums I wouldn't have even thought of a bug so far. Now I do try to be sure I dont double click for example, even though its something I never did anyway..
  10. Question: On the Save/Load thing, does this apply to areas where you *can recruit* companions, or areas where you *have recruited* companions? I believe it's if you have recruited the actual companion that is recruited in that area and have him/her in the party. Then will his/her attributes increase a bit. Generally I've had no bugs so far either. I did Raedric with no issue at all, Im saving/loading fastly and Im playing as a ranger with no issue. But admittedly, I never double clicked on an item to equip it.
  11. Well, I do believe I would be more accurate in hitting someone with a large door rather than a small sabre
  12. As a player who played EE versions of BG series and IWD just recently I can tell you it's not nostalgia, they're just that bloody good and worthy of occasional replays. Still not sure about PoE replayability though. I'm definetely not saying they're bad games. I love them, especially BG2. However I do think that for me currently it would be really hard to go back to BG1 after playing PoE. For a lot of reasons varying from quality of graphics,sound etc to ease of use and user-friendliness etc BG2 is a different beast as everyone has already said. It's the best IE could do.
  13. The biggest enemy PoE has to face is our nostalgia of the IE games. Since (I guess) we're mainly older people that played these games when we were young it's really hard for a game 15 years later to beat the "wow" factor that BG1 gave us when we first played it back then.
  14. - When you expand crafting categories the game shouldnt auto-scroll you to the top. - A nice "sort" button for the stash, to categorize the 10ths of armors or weapons youve got there - I would LOVE to be able to see the knowledge % for each Monster in the Bestiary
  15. This makes Jimmious happy Btw I already feel a connection with the companions in PoE, I do want to see what's up with each one of them. It will only get better then! yeah!!
  16. Quite possible, I am not soooo far anyway. Only just before D.B. I've only had them talk to me after resting some times
  17. Yeah actually BG2. I mean the "party banter", eg from Edwin:
  18. Maybe what we're missing from BG I&II are the discussions between the companions. They forged their characters a bit better I think.
  19. Maybe just making camping supplies very very expensive and allowing the player to have as many as he/she wants would be a good enough solution?
  20. Basically yes. If a chant is "running" after some time passes you'll have reached the magic number
  21. You can see a small number in the bottom right of the Chanter's icon. When this reaches 3(or more depending on the spell I guess) you can cast a spell. Think of it like your Chanter has to sing 3 verses before he can cast a spell *The number increases "automatically" as time passes when you have the chant engaged as you said **If you create huge chants, it will obviously take more time
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