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  1. I personally like the voice overs in PoE. Wouldn't mind even more of them actually! But what I really want (and wanted in the IE games too actually) is: Other adventuring parties roaming the land. Some can also be "evil" or antagonistic in some way and you can meet them, interact with them and fight them in random locations. It's just something I always wanted to see in such games. I find it weird that only the PC party roams around in a whole country. Of course in BG you'd have a couple in set locations but still Generally stuff like that to increase immersion. More awesome legendary items hidden away or protected by mythical beings. Locations that are completely optional and can be missed. Enemies that are extremely hard and will be an impressive achievement to beat. Stuff like that
  2. Quoted for truth. That was the best ever. Sets of commands with triggers and everything. It was near-perfect! I'd love that in PoE
  3. Yes you can. I do and it runs smooth like butter. I do have 8 gigs of RAM though.
  4. lol You should look at you party member stats...chances are they're super buffed. I don't know really know how it happened, but Eder has 827 health at lvl 3. LOL. I think it might have to do with a food buff and loading/saving bug? I stopped playing. I just have to accept that new releases are paid open-betas. I'm pretty sure you faced this weird "saving and loading in areas that you get companions" bug. I actually didn't do that, somehow. Lucky I guess. Still being buffed is not "game breaking", certainly very awkward and imbalancing though.
  5. I have to say something because I think we're not doing the game justice. Yes there are bugs, some are really weird and have significant impact BUT: - They don't break the game except of rare occurences - I PERSONALLY haven't dealt with any of them. I never doubled clicked and even though I play a ranger never had a problem with my animal companion. Also I finished Raedric and had no issues what so ever. So please let's be calm. The game is certainly not a buggy mess. It has bugs, as all games do on release, but it's a wonderful experience none the less. Still I find this list useful and important to maintain
  6. Is it confirmed that it's late this week? I think some of them should be adressed promptly, I agree that they don't break the game per se, but they are extremely awkward and honestly I do wonder how some of them passed the testing phase. I mean someone would've double clicked something at some point while testing, no?
  7. Agreed this should be pinned. I would also add the temporary solutions to each one of them(for those that have one ofcourse, eg dismissing and re-hiring a companion fixes the stats)
  8. Playing at Hard. Enjoying the battles immensely even though my party has been wiped A LOT OF TIMES Can't even imagine how it would have been to start a Hard game with Iron Mode without knowing already all the encounters etc.
  9. X-Com 3: Apocalypse and Jagged Alliance 2 are two serious contenders for that title Hah OK I admit I agree with JA2 but that's preference I guess!
  10. I think a mechanic like increasing the difficulty of the remaining encounters of the area in case you leave it (when they are "connected") would be a solution. For example if you are in a Keep slaughtering everyone and then you decide to leave to go to an inn and come back, the rest of the guard encounters should become harder.
  11. People claim that theres a bug where if you load within an area where you recruited a Companion, said Companion will get a permanent increase in his/her stats
  12. Wow people are actually leaving dungeon, running back to an inn to sleep and going back there? I wouldn't do that even if supplies costed 200 each!!! Haha Capitalism has destroyed us
  13. My personal opinion is that crafting is nice as it is, simple, fast and usefull. I find extensive crafting systems that require you to also go somewhere in order to craft, tedious and boring. I like that we can fastly make stuff wherever we are and apply some bonuses fastly if we have the right ingredients. Sure its not realistic not by any chance but for me it removes the main issue I have with crafting in other games which is constant backtracking to get to "crafting spots"
  14. Truth be told, prebuffing was kind of a joke in late stages of BG2 for example. You would die instantly without it and then after reload youd have everyone drink like 5 potions each, cast 3-4 spells and then start combat. That doesn't seem so nice thinking about it so many years later. Come to think about it I probably preffer the "no prebuffing chaos" of PoE.
  15. I dont think there is a combat system that is "the best thing ever". And of course the BG games had the immense advantage of using Core Rules which have combat systems that are tested thoroughly through time. PoE had to create something new, it's not perfect but quite good I'd say. But yeah turn based would be better (but I generally like turn based RPGs more than anything else anyway )
  16. I disagree with you in 2 out of the 3 points you make. 1) Camp supply restraint offers tactical thought on how to approach each fight. You don't go spells blazing in each fight, you must think which ones you consider easier and avoid using all your spells/abilities in them. I like this approach. 2) Prebuffing, I agree with. Although you can actually have some sort of prebuffing with food and resting. However it is a battle design that was intentional and doesn't bother me too much. 3) Movement restraint. There is no such thing. There is the equivalent of Attacks of Opportunity and I find that very reasonable. Plus you have a lot of abilities to bypass it.
  17. They are definitely overpowered in a lot of games (ranged classes often are), especially in the past. So like I said, I do understand FF and/or other methods to try to mitigate such issues. But while I love real-time pause, it doesn't mean I want to spend every fight/scenario pausing every 2 seconds to position and reposition and position some more. Along with the always present pathing AI issues, it becomes dreary for some of us. The real problem is that combat is too fast. You do not have time to react - to enemies, hostile spells, anything. 1/ I have my defensive fighter in the back...and got killed within 10 seconds. 2/ Re-loaded game, put fighter to front, easily killed mobs.... Hm come to think of it you have a point there. In the BG games, the rounds were a bit longer and you could adjust your tactics more easily. PoE is a tad more hectic admitedly
  18. I actually like the Wizards in this game. Usually Wizards in CRPGs tend to be overpowered but in PoE I think they've hit a nice balance. Also with correct positioning and patience, you can dish out great damage, with just a nice Ray of Fire for example
  19. Hello everyone! First post here, coming from a really happy customer/gamer. Obsidian has really done it, they brought I.E. games to the new generation. Sure there are changes but I like most of them and the final outcome is simply put, amazing. Having a blast in my 30+ hours of playtime so far! I just have a couple of small issues that I'd like to see adressed: - When in the Crafting/Enchanting screens, when you expand one of the lower levels of upgrades, the window auto scrolls to the top. Not something incredibly bad but kind of annoying when you want to check Scrolls 4 and 5 for example - When moving your party, the party's current positions shouldn't "restrict" the new positions. What I mean is that when you try to position your party a bit further than where you currently are, the new "spots" can never be on a spot that a party member currently is. I don't see why, except I guess for engine issues. - Nice to have: In the Bestiary I would love to be able to see the % of knowledge for each monster type. I know its not very realistic, but we are seeing stats anyway so why not also this? That's all! I love the game, keep up the good work and maybe add some co-op down the line Cheers!
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