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  1. I disagree wholeheartedly. D:OS combat was really nice and most importantly turn-based(which for me is always a good thing). I can't say which of the two is "better" but I would never say the one "destroys" the other. Playing D:OS co-op and putting down combos was simply awesome
  2. If they could manage to create a proper co-op experience a la D:OS then yes, I would love to have that too. D:OS really made a breakthrough in this aspect and whoever played the game co-op I'm certain he/she agrees. However this needs the game to be designed with co-op as a priority, which is not what PoE is about.
  3. True, its not good, its awesome. That said, I like turn-based combat much more than RTwP. And D:OS was friggin amazing, especially in co-op
  4. Fallout 1&2 are the best games ever to exist With Jagged Alliance 2. Thank you.
  5. DA:I feels to me like a single player version on an MMO and thus never really kept me interested. I mean it's a cool game, nice looking and stuff, but there's no "character" to it. A bazillion of fetch quests and an open world in the style of Far Cry may appeal to some people but for me they felt really boring, really fast. DA:O though, that was awesome. I especially loved the AI system with triggers etc.
  6. I've played since release and never really noticed any bugs. Might be that I got slightly influenced by some of the stat bugs but I didn't really notice(they are now fixed anyway). Mind you though, I'm not devoting too much time in gaming any more and when I do, I play to have fun, I don't really have the time to check if for example the Dexterity of someone increased by 1 at some random point and I missed it. Or even if I do check that, I don't really care that much.
  7. Dude are you like 10 years old? Obssheep? What the actual hell?
  8. I agree with you but saying "didnt enjoy" is too negative for an above-average rating. I would go more with something like "game is okay, I can play through it once but that's enough"
  9. 3/5 description is a bit unfair imo. You can absolutely enjoy a game that scores 3/5, that's not such a bad score in my point of view
  10. I've crafted countless scrolls to overcome the lack of supplies when I got stuck in a couple of places. Life-savers.
  11. Honestly the only thing I don't really like in this game is RTwP. It's just that after many games etc, I've decided nothing beats turn-based in RPGs. Everything else feels too hectic and imbalanced. But that's only a personal preference and I know IE was THE RTwP engine so I live with it
  12. If they could do co-op as well as D:OS did it, then I would love it. I don't think I've ever had more fun in a game with my spouse ever. D:OS was absolutely magnificent in that aspect(and many more in my opinion - bar the mediocre story)
  13. I think the review serves its purpose well. It increases traffic to the Codex. Because that's the aim of this review, obviously. When you play PoE and end up saying that you had more fun with Dungeon Siege 3 there are two possibilities: a) You do not like role playing games (which I doubt is true for any Codexer) b) You are an attention-whore. I will go with b) in this case
  14. Not exactly true, there are a couple of skills that allow minor Health healing once or twice per rest Also not sure but I think you cap Lore at 10?
  15. Its not lazy its just typical fantasy as everyone would expect. As for Xaurips I'm pretty sure theyre the equivalent of Kobolds.
  16. You could have answered without mentioning the exact number of dragons that exist in the game. I didn't know that and now I do. I don't really mind it that much but it could have been avoided.
  17. One idea would be to tie resting with the Survival skill. Each area will have a specific "resting difficulty" which will compare with the highest (or average) Survival Skill of the party and calculate how many times you can safely camp without being murdered in your sleep. If you reach the limit a message will pop out saying something in the lines of "You feel that resting again in this area will be too dangerous as you have left too many traces already. You should move on."
  18. You guys are too good at gaming or have too much time to spend on it , so you get to learn everything. For me Hard Difficulty is actually Hard most of the time. I've been wiped quite some times actually. I would never play this game in Iron Mode simply due to its size. If Im like 60 hours in and I die its game over...That would hurt. I guess I could min max and find all the best tactics if I had the time but...I don't.
  19. It all started when I was around 4 years old I believe. My mother claims so at least. At first it was really hard but now, after some decades, it is rather easy. You just need to practice a lot, then it's one of the easiest things in the world!
  20. I would like the world to feel a bit more alive. Characters moving around and doing a bunch of stuff, random encounters, some respawns here and there.
  21. Imo the "doorway chokepoint" is a valid strategy that anyone would use in a situation where he's outnumbered. In real life too. So I dont think it should be eliminated. The AI should be improved of course.
  22. I like the restriction a lot. It doesnt make sense "realism-wise" but resting anywhere, anytime , all the time also didn't in the old IE games. At least now there's a bit more of a challenge and tactical thought. I vote to NOT remove the limit, maybe find a way to make it more logical in game, somehow.
  23. Fun is also a very relative term. I have fun while getting my ass kicked continuously in Jagged Alliance 2. Others probably don't find that fun at all. Should they complain and change a game that I have perfect fun with just because it's not their taste? No I don't think so. Complaints and changes should be targeted into a game's context and what it wants to achieve. For example if someone complains that PoE doesn't have the super fast 3d action that he wants in order to find games "fun", well, no one should care. That's not the kind of fun that PoE is aiming at. Now if complaints are targeted to specific features and how they work within the context of the game, then yes by all means let us hear them. I guess they help the devs too.
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