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  1. Deadfire isn't a multiplayer game, so every weapon and ability should deal 1,000,000 damage per hit with infinite number of uses per encounter. Why can't I use the same figurine to summon the same creature 20 times in a single encounter? Or 30? Or 50? After all, singleplayer games don't need to be balanced at all, and we can all exercise a certain degree of "self-control" to pretend we're experiencing challenging and interesting combat encounters. My parents spoiled me when I was a little kid, and I don't know any better than to demand Obsidian to constantly reinforce my narcissistic tendencies and obsession with illusory power without the game or anyone else calling me a cheater!
  2. Paralysis is a tier-3 affliction that Chanters gain access to (with a large cone AoE) early on in the game. A high-INT Skald could keep entire groups of enemies perma-paralyzed. I nerfed it personally a couple of days after the game's release (lowered the cone AoE, and reduced the duration to 3s). The invocation (in its current state) is still way too powerful for such a cheap low-level ability.
  3. One approach encourages mindless spamming, whereas the other encourages careful planning. Which of these do you find preferable? Figurines were OP. If it's just a 'single-player game', and you don't mind overpowered items/abilities, then just use the Unity console mod and cheat like your life depends on it.
  4. You're overthinking this. Fampyrs use charming gaze, whereas Ancient Fampyrs have access to the dominating variant.
  5. I think of the Gurdian as the final boss fight, while the 'final' encounter is sort of an epilogue in term of combat - basically, something you simply swat away as you reach the end.
  6. It's not fixed. It's strange that your log shows multiple bugs (this one plus the summon stutter bug) being fixed when they clearly aren't.
  7. It hasn't been resolved. Other QA testers and devs have asked the players whether 1.1. fixed the problem, and it hasn't.
  8. I just tested it (fully updated - Steam version). It affects spells/abilities that summon clones, summoned creatures from figurines and even shape-shifting. Basically, any item or ability that adds a new character/creature to the encounter or modifies an existing character's model will cause the game to freeze for about a second. This only happens the first time such an item or ability is used during a session - however, upon restarting the game, the same problem occurs once again.
  9. Just wanted to confirm that 1.1. didn't fix this problem (phantoms still attack with their fists).
  10. I agree. It's a very annoying problem, and it really doesn't make any sense considering that Tyranny did an amazing job with their UI direction (with bars indicating the timer and allowing us to 'lock' the enemy tooltip and peruse the buffs/debuffs easily).
  11. It has already been reported (and ignored). https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101029-bug-flame-naga-incorrect-resistance-values/
  12. I had trouble with that location on PotD until I decided to craft a 'Meteor Shower' scroll and lure the Fampyrs into its AoE.
  13. I reported a similar problem. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that they retaliate with 'Dominating Gaze' when interrupted.
  14. Deadfire is very CPU-dependent, but even folks with top of the line i7s are reporting performance issues. There's nothing we can do.
  15. I have the exact same problem. Anyone know if his is the last quest for the VTC? It isn't. It's not even relevant to their main quest line.
  16. What? Shouldn't this be the other way around?
  17. This should be really easy to mod in. Just change the values in... "Difficulty": "Hard", "HealthMultiplier": 1, "AccuracyBonus": 0, "DefenseBonus": 0, "ArmorBonus": 0, "PenetrationBonus": 0, "LevelMultiplier": 1, "RecoveryTimeMultiplier": 1, "DisengagementAccuracyBonus": 0, "HostileEffectDurationMultiplier": 1
  18. Try letting the game give you a morale penalty for forcing the injured crew member to work. After that, plop him/her back into the reserve slot and they should start healing just fine. Right not, this is the only way to fix the problem.
  19. Liquid cooling? There's no way you're achieving those temps with a stock fan.
  20. I guess it also depends on where you live. It's pretty hot here and my CPU is idling at about 32 degrees. Could you get into a big fight by boarding a junk or a galleon and check your temps then?
  21. The ability is called Sacred Immolation for a good reason.
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