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  1. I cleared out Crookspur and the RDC moved in the moment I boarded my ship. I delivered the slave master's head to the leader of the Wahaka and she expressed gratitude (and never complained about the RDC). However, I cleared out Crookspur at her behest, which is probably the reason why she remained friendly with me even after the RDC occupation.
  2. the only thing i came up with was that the ancient huana had their own god Ngati (whatever it was, maybe something akin to a supped-up water dragon or something similar), and perhaps it died with ukaizo, and ondra only took the name for some reason? though that still doesn't make much sense, i admit. That said, it is my understanding that the Engwithans created their missionary effort to spread the faith in their gods after they had created them and hence it is not an inconsistency for gods to have acted in areas prior to the Engwithans reaching them (if not by a large margin, in terms of generations), and that the Ionni Brathr cataclysm occurred after the Engwithans had spread their faith across known Eora, eg. significantly after the creation of the gods, and even the Engwithans reaching Ukaizo. The Guardian mentions (or maybe it was his bestiary entry) that there was a short period of 'quiet' preceding the activation of Ondra's Mortar and the ensuing cataclysm. The thing is that the dragon trio entered into a covenant with the Ancient Huana before the gods were created (i.e. before the Engwithans who worked with the Huana on Ukaizo to create the wheel arrived there and ascended). The activation of the wheel was a crucial step for the apotheosis (it's their source of energy), so the Engwithans who worked on it couldn't have been missionaries.
  3. The water dragon left me confused as well. Isn't he supposed to be one of the three original guardians that Ngati gave to the huana? If so, wouldn't he have to have been born before the cataclysm? The trio of dragons that guarded Ukaizo before the Engwithans arrived (and whom the Engwithans transformed into the Guardian) were a different bunch . The water dragon was born/created after the cataclysm, but these three were there before.
  4. I think that's the point. They're *not* all-powerful, they're *not* omnipotent, they're not really any better than Kith. They're not *actually* gods. They call themselves gods and they have immense power, but all they actually are is sentient complex constructs built around philosophical ideals--and they were built by Kith hands around Kith philosophies, so they are in the end every bit as ****ty and flawed as Kith. That's self-evident, but it doesn't change the fact that Obsidian transformed them into one-dimensional caricatures of what they were in the original game and what they could have been. Instead of a rich, layered reflection of the ideals of an advanced ancient civilization, we get a bunch of petulant teenagers. Whoever was in charge of Deadfire's overall narrative design can't be the same person who worked on the original Pillars (and they're most likely anime aficionados).
  5. Did the game ever account for the Ngati/Ondra conundrum? I mean, the Huana living on Ukaizo entered into a covenant with Ngati (and enjoyed the protection provided by her three guardian dragons) before the Engwithans arrived on the island. The problem here is that Ondra didn't even exist at that point in time and that she, according to the Guardian, created/activated Ondra's Mortar soon after the Engwithans vanished (i.e. ascended to godhood). The ancestral watershaping form can be found on Ukaizo, so it must mean that they acquired that ability from Ngati (who can't be Ondra) before the cataclysm.
  6. I kinda recall the dragon saying something about how the covenant between the Huana and Ondra weakened over time and how it forced Periki to trap the dragon because their watershaping abilities were waning.
  7. Or maybe they've been programmed this way -- if one gets involved with kith too much, the others are compelled to squish it. I recall some form of pact between the gods being mentioned in both Deadfire and in the original Pillars... or maybe I'm confusing the two with another game.
  8. I'm thinking it has something to do with the way I handled the dragon situation. By releasing it and not keeping a part of its essence for the guild, the watershapers would gradually lose access to their abilities (they needed the dragon since their covenant with Ngati/Ondra went down the drain). If they can't 'shape water' then there's no point in teaching Tekehu the final form. I'm probably wrong, though.
  9. Then I must have encountered a bug, because I didn't get any of those options. Like I mentioned earlier, accessing the control panel just gave me the option to either disable the machine or leave. EDIT - Maybe there's a trigger that I managed to miss earlier in the game. My relationship with him was maxed out, and I released the dragon without trapping a part of its essence for the guild.
  10. Trying to talk to him results in this... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pick something up (a physical object). I buffed my perception with Svef and other items to 22, and there's still nothing there.
  11. I just reloaded the game at the Spire before disabling the machine, and I still don't have that option. What exactly am I supposed to interact with to trigger that option? Interacting with the machine only gives me two options - to disable it and to leave.
  12. I brought Tekehu with me to Ukaizo, but I never saw an option to show him 'something of interest'. I must have missed it somewhere.
  13. I was really wondering how to get this ending for Tekehu? --- Tekēhu convinced that he doesn't have to guide his people, secrets of Watershaping revealed to Tekēhu Tekēhu distances himself from the problems of the Deadfire, giving the tribes a reprieve from godlike omens. Ngati's silence speaks volumes. The Huana grow to rely on each other, paving a new way forward divorced from their traditions. Soon after his departure from Neketaka, sailors report of mountainous water sculptures rising from the open sea - entrancing and salacious. These works are celebrated everywhere from the brothel to the palace, though the identity of the artist remains an open question.
  14. After reaching The Grand Promenade, an icon indicating unique dialogue appears on all of my companions' portraits. However, when I talk to them, all I get are the generic dialogue options. Save file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Io6THoKD1-37Gej-W4zVHYGkCZPKCuLz/view?usp=sharing
  15. After the combat starts, the two Engwithan Hierarchs remain stuck at the edges of the arena.
  16. Thanks for the information. But at least in 2 combat I had the bug. Sadly I dont have other naval combats saved... I completed all of the ship bounties, and the only time I didn't see extra party members was during fights against the Rathun (because there are typically five of them on each boat).
  17. The rest of your party members show up only when there are more than five enemy combatants when you board their ship. For example, if you're fighting seven enemies, two additional members will show up on your side.
  18. How's the performance in the beta? Any improvements? Does the performance still degrade over time?
  19. Tax too much, or just uses CPU? There is a difference. If it simply gets your CPU to high percentages without overloading your system then there's nothing wrong with the programming. There's nothing wrong with a CPU that gets used to full effectiveness. It's what it was made to do. Just now, as I was ambushed by the enemy fleet on my way to Ukaizo, the CPU usage spiked and the fan went nuts during the 'text adventure' section when there was literally nothing going on (and I have to stress this again - I have never heard my CPU fan so goddamn loud no matter what game I play). So yes, the game taxes the CPU too much since there's no way a static image and some text that popped up after the enemy boarded me should push the fan to the limit). If a maxed out Novigrad during a heavy storm and dozens of NPCs milling around in and out of buildings (that don't require any loading) taxes the CPU less than staring at a couple of low-poly models in Deadfire (with everything set to low at 720p - I tested it to see whether there'd be any changes), then the problem is with the game. Honestly, I'm no longer interested in the excuses some of you guys are peddling.
  20. No one is saying that Deadfire is frying systems left and right, but it does tax the CPU way more than it probably should have.
  21. I have Arkham Knight, Dishonored 2, Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 installed right now, and none of these games (even when maxed out) stress my CPU as much as Deadfire.
  22. After using Time Parasite, the visual effect persists after combat. Resting or entering a new area doesn't remove the effect. The only thing that does is saving the game and reloading.
  23. After freeing the slaves and trying to leave to leave Crookspur, this happened...
  24. It's impossible to advance this quest if Dance of Death is also active (at the stage where you're supposed to capture the Floating Hangman). When talking to Furrante, there's no dialogue option(s) regarding director Castol's request.
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