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  1. I assume that means this patch doesn't contain any further PotD encounter tweaks, XP-tweaks or mob level tweaks to further correct the mid-game over-levelling bloat?
  2. You've given us the Broom. Please give us the lute. Or the banjo. I'd even settle for the sax.
  3. Let's face it: the real magic which every single character has is the fact that they can lug around 17 pieces of plate mail, 13 pieces of ring mail, 27 greatswords, 840 assorted books of lore, an infinite number of mundane quarterstaffs, 23 cats and a cannon. And survive for a week on a single meal of a piece of uncooked ham gutted from a pig on a beach. This is a role-playing game, with your imagination filling in the gaps. If you want to play a nerdy, brainy character who was never picked for the rugby team and then decided to learn to incinerate his childhood enemies (hopefully by at l
  4. Durations gets changed by Resolve on NPCs, explaining why NPCs might have a duration more or less than duration on skill description. In addition, additional effects can graze and crit, reducing/increasing the durations relative to standard hit. No idea what is up with that... I haven't found any inconsistencies with indicated damage rolls and actual health removed.
  5. So I played around with this a bit, and I was surprised to see how much of a difference is +1 AC on enemies. I tried two different fights, one in the starter island and one in Neketaka. I only added +1 Pen and +1 AC on enemies, and didn't include any other PotD modifications (i.e. + accuracy, + defense and + HP) From my previous playthrough, as well as the [unmodded] 1.1 beta, I had the feeling that on Veteran your default penetration (whatever weapon/spell/ability) is on par with most enemies' AC, even in most cases increased AC for specific damage types. Weaknesses (e.g. to slash, shock)
  6. Thanks Insolentius and Cdiaz, will give it a shot and see how it plays. Harlath, I agree witb you on perspective of veteran difficulty, but I honestly think that the AC/pen normal values are too low, hence the mechanic in Normal and Veteran only plays a role for very specific encounters and allows for wearing lighter armour on frontliners. Ill see whether modding gives a player something to worry about every so often without reducing most encounters to "stacking pen and ac" as it was during the first backer beta. Otherwise, it becomes mostly unnecessary to worry about high pen abilities, mod
  7. Since PotD enemies get +2 PEN and +2 AC on top of reworked encounters, I was hoping we could get the same (but at a reduced effect) for Veteran. While the reworked encounters in Veteran are quite a bit better than what they used to be, it feels as if the modals on weapons, pen- or AC-increasing abilities and other pen-AC related mechanics are a bit useless in Veteran. I would recommend either a game-wide +1Pen & +1 AC buff for enemies in Veteran, or otherwise a selection of +1/+2 AC or +1/+2 PEN for some enemies. I think a good niche for Veteran in the game is as the difficulty le
  8. NP. I have to mention though - the enemies get a +2 Pen & +2 AC bonus on PoTD, but nothing on veteran. As a result, penetration and armour is much bigger of a worry in PotD than in Veteran, and abilities that provide additional armour (as well as heavy armour itself) makes a massive difference in Veteran, whereas abilities (and esp. modals) that give penetration is not that big of a deal. I will suggest on the beta feedback thread that enemies in Veteran get at least a +1 pen and +1 AC, or one of either +2 pen or +2 AC (as opposed to both in PotD).
  9. It seems like you cannot change to PotD from Veteran, but it does seem like you can change level scaling. I started with level scaling set to all, but I can change it to off or critical path only in game. I haven't tested whether this actually has an effect, though. I might do so at a later stage. At the very least, the level indicators for quests and enemies whilst using level scaling has been fixed! As to the difficulty level of PoTD and Veteran. I've played the starter island on both difficulties, pre- and post patch. Both difficulties have been increased, quite tremendously, for the st
  10. It is supposed to work the way you suppose. It worked fine in the beta. Im not far enough into the game to have encountered areas above my level, but maybe, if you want to test, you can sail to the far edges of the world and see if you can find high-level content?
  11. There were numerous debates on this forum leading up to release regarding the drop of Vancian (per rest) spell casting for per encounter casting. I assume such debates were held internally by the designers as well. It is relatively clear that you cannot have both - it is either or. Having a single class with mostly per rest abilities change the entire pacing and balance lf the game. In the end, it was a design decision (of which the pros and cons can be argued endlessly) which is here to stay. IIRC it was done on order to improve on the rest system - so that it isnt necessary to rest too frequ
  12. I have the same bug with Priest of Berath's Summoned Greatsword. The extra 11% done as corrosive is much larger than reported, in this case doing an extra 521 damage instead of ~5. (Against training dummy).
  13. As Concentration was removed from Resolve, most of us think it's pointless. Interestingly, although Perception was also deprived of Interrupt, nobody complains. Perception has become almost equally worthless (at least, for a defensive character) to my opinion! +1 Accuracy is just the offensive version of +1 Deflection, after all. Unless Interrupt and Concentration are restored, or Resolve and Perception receive something really valuable, both attributes could be expelled from Deadfire. If somebody complains about the lost symmetry of the defenses, let's just remove Fortitude from Might, to
  14. I know this is jut making feedback collection by the devs more difficult... but I liked having "grazing as choice" rather than "grazing as guaranteed". I was initially bothered by the lack of it, but I think that was just bias since I was used to the old system. I've since gotten semi-used to not having it all the time, even though the current beta isn't really balanced for the lack of grazing (similar to the PEN system) which makes it difficult to evaluate. Grazing was a nice addition to the per-rest system of PoE 1, since resources were (supposedly) more limited and therefore each "swing
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