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  1. Am only able to think of talking to Vogga that relates to this quest before boarding G0T0's yacht. Then, speaking to Vogga again after blowing yacht up. Strange is that character is unable to speak to Grenn about it even though fuel from Hutt is secured.
  2. ...you think that Master Vandar looks like a miniature Gremlin. ...you start using water gun sneak attacks on your cat or dog.
  3. Krayt dragon quest and detonating traps and mines around it was quite neat. Probably would not have thought of it if Bioware had included another creature in place of krayt dragon. Liked second game for T3's role in becoming something like a records archive droid and for relaying happenings to Exile.
  4. Thanks. Sabers are nice, just that somehow it seems easier to raise hands and utilise body dynamics to unleash attacks without having to resort to weaponry. Would have wanted unarmed special feats for Exile character that gave additional penalties to target hit by hand attacks. Like say, having stun effect for between 12-15 seconds on target hit by feat like force wave effect, except without knockback.
  5. Will add a bit. Sneak attack is extra damage added to character attacks when enemy is supposedly stasised, stunned or paralysed in some way. Is basically non-critical damage. Can be used with or without stealth, of which such skill is optional. Plague/master force scream with insanity weakens enemies considerably, thus making sneak attacks substantial with damage.
  6. She does still get killed eventually, just that character is able to see Vash in terms of dialogue before brutal battle with her murderer.
  7. Well, Marauder prestige has feat that allows activation of Master Fury which lasts between 45-60 seconds rather than using Master Speed. Could try using character with such class and still use buff powers (Think either force affinity or force potency extends durations of powers).
  8. Would give vote to HK-47, both in K1 and K2. Mechanical capacity for logical reasoning of droid can be quite imaginative and amusing. Especially for those things concerning his termination of others' existence.
  9. Thanks. Frankly, have not had any of robes in list. However, would choose Nomi's robe as force regeneration bonus and addition to Wis would stack with Wis bonus from PC crystal. Only problem is alignment restriction for some robes, especially that which can only be used by characters with neutral alignment.
  10. I really don't mind if a KotOR character is allowed to gain levels up to maximum of 20. One of the reasons why K2 was a walkover was due to being able to gain high levels and having excessive force powers and feats that were chosen in addition to ones that prestige classes and Jedi classes already had. And skills looked redundantly high, say up past 40+. If there was a limit on what max level was, one would not have needed to use exploits in game to get to such high levels at all.
  11. Would much prefer to have gain additional prestige levels without having to go past level 20 as game tends to become fairly easy and hardly challenging at all. Being able to take prestige levels needs to have some other requirements rather than simply having to get to a certain level in the game at all. Which was what K1 had, just that non-Jedi classes were used wit Jedi classes. There was not much reason to have to get character to such high levels like 40-50 anyway.
  12. Unarmed attacks. Of course, will keep lightsaber/melee weapon in inventory list as last tactic in case hand attacks are not enough to bring down some force users like perhaps Sion and Kreia. Using flurry as feat with either way of attacking.
  13. Kreia force draining the Jedi masters for LS character before leaving Dantooine for Telos and waiting for Exile at Malachor V. Quite squarely placed and unexpected way of ending their lives.
  14. Right. Got your point. Character concepts can be flexible and don't really have to be set. Mentioned it before, anyway.
  15. And not having to use Burst of Speed once Fury power/feat is activated. That means being able to spend three force power choices on other force powers, LS/DS. Either way, enough in saying that Str can be stacked, counting stims, master bonuses or damage bonuses for alignment, str bonus gloves and belts, etc.
  16. Can only think of one that I want and am able to get, which is Ossus robes. Matukai adept robes would be nice for +2 bonuses to character stats. If only game had specific Jedi master robes for each Master that was rescued or defeated as LS/DS.
  17. Found it hard to get used to hair appearance in K1. Especially since face for PC I choose had a tail of its own. Tnankfully, K2 turned it into a string of hair laced horizontal way around head. Makes sense, anyway.
  18. Which KotOR game? Much of ideas of K1 would likely draw upon some from NWN. NWN2 from K2 as former comes after TSL game.
  19. Maybe of the two, Taris' destruction would have been intense by quite a bit. By the time Telos is seen in K2, it is in state of recovery somewhat, so there is a bit of time difference if thinking of lull period between Revan's departure for unknown regions and Exile's return to rim where planets Peragus and Telos are. Since purpose of attacking Taris was to try eliminating Bastila and friends on planet, fire would be more focused.
  20. Hard to forget his character in first game for Tatooine's main quest. Especially with Sand people negotiations and translations.
  21. Have not really been using Weaponmaster/Guardian character, but when I did, quite a few hits with power attack were critical against most enemies in game. Same tactic works well against others like Sion and Kreia, Nihilus being another one without exception. And knockback effect is helpful in slowing their attack momentum.
  22. Make game challenging. Having various kinds of poisons that inflict some sort of effects which make character negatively affected. And then again, there could also be some advantages to having character affected by same poisons, like great increase in some stats while a few others are lowered.
  23. There was. Hardly ever had problems with Kreia at all. Just lead lightsabers around Trayus Core and trap them inbetween the pillars of the level. By the way, with combat feats, power attack was probably extremely effective against Kreia. Especially for character using Weaponmaster or Marauder prestige as Kreia was continually knocked over almost every time hit was critical (Before the three floating sabers).
  24. Games I am thinking of now are NWN2 and an FF game for the pc. Am waiting for NWN game to arrive over as it has not reached here yet.
  25. Speak to Kreia to gain further influence with Handmaiden after having sparred as much as possible with her and exhausting her dialogue options. If you want to build up your reputation with her, try not to get to get too much influence with Visas. Otherwise, Handmaiden will start disliking your character and from what I heard, there is part of game where this is not easily reversible. Or save game befor trying some of her dialogue options.
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