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  1. Same idea here. Game lacks flexibility with this. Besides, having Disciple with a male Exile isn't exactly unKotoR-like considering that second game can be complex with character backgrounds and stories. Original KotOR did have bit of that to greater extent.
  2. Handmaiden concept would be far from close to how Bastila character was done for KotOR. Handmaiden and sisters look quite the same, somehow. With or without white hooded appearance. And sparring with them, their attacks look so identical that they seem almost being considered as look-alikes.
  3. Sometimes lightsaber found with character is usually either purple or bronze from Vogga's room. Found hardly any other colours like blue or green. Items are mostly random. Have not really found any blasters there as well, which would help for Mira's equipment. (Like a mandalorian disintegrator or an Onasi blaster)
  4. Being dead serious, characters in K2 could still be developed further. Dialogue lines are much shorter in second game and barely last for more than a few seconds before next line for conversation is shown. The Handmaiden story was basically shorter than expected. Almost same for one of female masters who is found dead on Korriban (Or so I think).
  5. Only heard of it, but hardly saw it in game so far. So answer would still be no. Have only found mask of sith lord back in first KotOR game, though.
  6. Apart from Mandalore, Power Attacks work quite well with the Handmaiden. Considering that her Str can be increased with Power Implants, Str bonus from LS mastery, apart from a GNS Strength Enhancer and also a pair of Dominator gauntlets. However, its been a long time since my character was male.
  7. Never overestimate the power of the dark side. (Although it can still be underestimated) Anyhow, Kreia's alignment stays as neutral even though influence can be gained with her. Her character can sometimes be a bit dull, as other party characters, being unlike her, would have alignment shifts after dialogue with main character. I like Kriea, but would not want her as someone who has major role in story. Glad part of her story is a bit of DS as well.
  8. Reload an autosaved game. Bug or no bug, enable autosave under game options. After you clear Sith lords in Freedon Nadd's tomb, mandalorian Xarga will appear in tomb and you will be switched back to your Exile character flying in a Basilisk droid. There would be cutscene where Basilisk droid dive-lands into Onderon market square or near there.
  9. Strange. Am only using an X300 card, and have tried 1024 by 768 resolution, and game seems to run fine. Resolution that you would be looking for that is above what you mentioned would be closest to 1400 by 1050.
  10. To DarthBlivion: Am more or less getting what you are trying to say. However, topic discussion has been quite intense. Not sure about what you think with this.
  11. And sith might not always agree with Vaklu's views. Easier to for general to have his own opinion. With Onderon, at least.
  12. Could be part of dialogue after having much influence with Bao-Dur, after he comes Jedi.
  13. With T3, his shock-arm is particularly effective. If character has Repair skill and Computer Use skill that is 16+, it will allow droid to be upgraded, with bonuses to Dex and Con. Either buy and look for diatum plating for T3, and if possible, get a plasma type of weapon, which is particularly effective against HK-50 droids on Nar Shaddaa and the renewable shield that can be activated unlimited times for droid. Shield is gotten from Sullustan whose droid has been sold to Kodin. (Get droid back for him and shield is given as reward) With this, droid can do without blasters.
  14. If you do have bug with skill points, try creating new game. Character was supposed to have regular amount of skill points for me, which was around 3-5 skill points with an LS prestige class, but instead, leveling up only gave about 2-3 points instead sometimes. So I saved my character before gaining a level, reloaded game and skill points returned to 3-5 points. Same problem that game like K1 had.
  15. Maybe cancellation of Kotor 3 could be more like a temporary suspension. LA might be thinking of moving towards other games rather than deaing directly with another KotOR game. Hard to tell if their decision to cancel can be counted as being permanent decision at all. Besides, they gain something if game is made anyhow.
  16. Well, skills like treat injury and repair would likely be used by the Exile's skill. Unless, say if Exile isn't in party, of which one such part of game could be raid on Dxun where party leader is another party character. Seems that way, so far.
  17. Am of similar opinion with this. It is only when character decides to remove captains from their positions that Bostucco has to be assassinated, so character will still get DS points from doing that, even if playing through as LS alignment.
  18. Of course, apart from being able to be added to usual damage of attacks for character, sneak attacks don't get doubled with critical hits. Instead, damage from ordinary attacks is doubled, then added to sneak attack damage.
  19. All of the Jedi could also mean those within certain part of galaxy. Hard to be sure if all means including those that are living on planets outside say mid-rim region or so. Perhaps Katarr could have been only one planet unfortunate enough to fall to Nihilus' attack.
  20. That's true. Am not sure if same colour is suggestive of words that begin with homo... something. Anyhow, without purple or green, some usual colours like red and blue seem ok as single blades, for contrast and balance. Brings back old SW memories from prequel stories.
  21. Expect to get some criticism from Kreia in some parts of game, if character has dialogue with her during first playthrough. Some of dialogue lines that work with her either come with LS points or DS points, and sometimes neither of both. Generally, is easier to gain influence with her without having to have alignment shifts if possible.
  22. Force users who are no longer Jedi might be characters in exile. Or like Revan, may be on planets seeking something based on how force is understood. Masters in K2 may be dead, but are not only masters around.
  23. Can only think of two suggestions. Either alignment is flexible, or maybe game might be a bit confusing, and second one seems like it. Being able to kill without alignment shift sounds a bit unlike KotOR or Star Wars at all.
  24. Well, if there aren't any eyes in face, how does the holovid man's face look like then, apart from floating eye that is part of visual effect? More info might help. Anything else that is odd about visual effects in game?
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