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  1. Interesting that orange is one of more disliked colours. For me, whenever I think of orange, would usually imagine it being reflective of how sunset looked on Dantooine from K1. While watching sun setting can be relaxing when there isn't exactly something important to do, it can be a bit dreadful, especially if one prefers a sunrise.
  2. Might want to know that TSL doesn't always generate lightsaber items that are of only one colour. So, say that game tends to give you lightsabers that are mostly of yellow or bronze, there might also be a few that could be purple or of another colour. Just that it takes a bit of effort to be able to get sabers of different colour.
  3. Well, on Telos, before Exile leaves for Restoration Zone, you already get one saber part, so that leaves two remaining parts to look for. Defeating Vrook on Dantooine gives another lightsaber part apart from getting say his Jedi Master robes.
  4. If K2 does allow it, I would take droid parts from G0T0, break them down further into say some components using workbench and sell them to the salvagers on Dantooine for some additional credits, especially for buying some inventory items. Or, if possible, reworking some of his droid parts into some upgrades for T3 instead.
  5. Don't really mind Manaan as favourite planet in KotOR, apart from listening to croacy voices of Selkath people. And considering that there was much to explore underground, except that planet was a bit dark beneath water surface.
  6. Well, if there is another power that is advanced form of Battle Meditation, something like being a war repulsive effect that turns groups of people on planets against each other. Able to work against a planet's inhabitants and civilians.
  7. Or one could lead lightsabers into corner by outrunning them with Master Speed, then go straight for Kreia. She won't be able to attack in second round (Both her wrists have been cut) Just that she has almost as much life like in first round.
  8. Kreia. Her character has relatively consistent starting stats and with dialogue, she tells things that other not many other Sith lords willingly reveal to Exile character. She is Sith and has other roles in game as well.
  9. That's true. Hardly thought of using him until much later after a few times. Quite effective with surveillance and scouting, but imagining droid as an interrogator would be last for me.
  10. Droid planet might have been planet I would like. Am waiting to see if people working on it are making progress through it. Including any other items that can be found there that other planets in K2 may not always have accessible as random drops for character equipment or other miscellaneous items. And also for dialogue lines, like how it would relate to dialogue, if modified, when on other planets about M4-78 questions.
  11. Trying to use Dominate mind on Onderon soldiers guarding entrance to market square and also that of soldier who was trying to arrest a journalist. Here is a line from first situation after successfully using Force Persuade on one soldier "I don't think your business is any of my concern." And another one when dissuading soldier from arresting a journalist "I have the wrong man. Yes, you heard me right."
  12. There were a few games where character was male in TSL. Would say that playing as male was hard for me in KotOR but a bit easier in K2. Could be due to templates for faces that were changed in K2 which first game might not have yet had. However, almost none of them had face choices for an appearance like say Jolee's character.
  13. Least liked droid so far - still G0T0. Which was mentioned some time go. Breaking him down into spare parts and selling them to the salvagers on Dantooine might add some credits to character's inventory.
  14. Since game has rain-like effects on Dxun, reason for using hoods could be shielding oneself from being rain. Apart from being used for masking character identity, otherwise leaving hoods on robe without being able to use them is a bit like having Atris keeping lightsaber for character and not being able to have it returned.
  15. Assassination would be easier than a frenzied rampage of untamed bloodlust. Otherwise, stealth effect of assassins would become redundant in game, anyhow. For sake of not being able to find another more accurate instance, Kreia could be one, especially with her way of manipulating people in story.
  16. Another interesting planet is Nar Shaddaa. Found story of place being used for war refugees an alternative option, rather than having a Sith occupation of the planet. And there was also rescue quest in looking for Exile on G0T0's yacht. Trying to get attention of Exchange with either DS/LS way involved quite a few things that could be done. So was droid battle using T3 as solo character.
  17. Yes. Until, character realigns himself/herself back to being darksided. However, weapon master feats like extra melee damage might still work even if character is darkside, just that +3 Str from LS mastery is not given.
  18. Have been using female Exile for most games. Well, with Revan in KotOR, am finding it easier to play as female as well as for K2. With female faces, am able to choose character that has look which goes with how am playing game. Somehow, with males, am unable to choose a character that has face which I like. Besides, find it hard to understand how male Exile would be interested in someone like Kreia. Where else for females, there is reason for me to be.
  19. Can imagine seeing Exile using force wave on sheer numbers of dragons in cave and having my screen freeze for quite a while before next screen frame shows almost all of them dead and purple XP numbers. Have to say it is relatively fast. One can gain a few levels without even having to wait for long.
  20. Would have wanted to know exactly why handmaiden sisters looked the same, and having a specific explanation from either the Handmaiden or a few of the sisters about how it was like that at all. And much more from someone like Atris' character in story, both for male/female Exiles.
  21. And game has variability with several kinds of robes. Like matukai, Ossus, Padawan. Colours for robes are also more detailed, apart from different bonus increases to stats.
  22. Consular and either Assassin or Watchman. For reasons already stated before. However, character classes often used are Sentinel and Jedi master.
  23. Would usually end game close to around lvl 24-26. Which is quite ok, considering that character gets about 6 points of increase for stats. 2 points for increasing Str and 4 to base Wis. Both for first game and quite a few games since last one which was some time ago. Character classes usually chosen are Sentinel/Jedi master/Sith lord LS/DS alignment.
  24. You might try getting some random items from Joran after rescuing him from a room in the Jedi enclave on Dantooine. He will give one of three lightsaber parts and occasionally two colour crystals. I sometimes had orange and cyan crystals from him on one try. Items are slightly different with each reload.
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