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  1. If one likes force powers and bonus added to success of using such powers, Consular with Assassin/Watchman could be another option as well. Added with sneak attacks. Prestige class will also give additional skill points depending on Int modifier.
  2. Stealth is optional. Even when playing as Assassin or Watchman. Which means that if your character has base Int 14-16, points that you might want to put into Stealth can be used for other skills that also help with making upgrades for weapons, armour or lightsabers. That is plus for not having to use stealth as a main skill. Some other skills like Demolitions need only 15-20+ points or even less, so remaining points can be put into skill like Awareness, for additional dialogue options and building upgrades for ranged attacks (Like with Mira, etc).
  3. There could even be ancient planets related to either sith or parts of dark side that exist which canon has yet to consider as part of SW stories. Which is why its easier to imagine planets which canon has not documented yet. Could assume that timeline that is accepted as canon is a certain period of SW universe.
  4. I could almost imagine how Sidious would be so unsith-like at all. Just watching third movie RotS is enough to see how sith lord is close to anything but scary or fearsome. Have to say that Kreia is indeed more agreeable in quite a few ways.
  5. One could say that violet is formed by two colours generally. Red and blue. So, in a way, choosing violet colour for saber is in a way liking red and blue, thought not as being separate colours on their own.
  6. Difference between a handmaiden and the handmaiden is basically that former could refer to sister and latter usually refers to Handmaiden as Brianna. Not sure why Obsidian did not give each of them names. Handmaiden as name can be confusing. Easier to refer to sisters as the Handmaidens.
  7. It is possible. Considering that Kreia's concept with hooded appearance would be a bit similar to Sidious's look in Episode I, except difference being atrophied eyes and some other contrasts with looks.
  8. 3PO's fate would likely be like how droid was blasted by a stormtrooper back in Episode V: TESB after entering Cloud City and supposedly trailing behind Solo and Leia. After entering droid dismantling room on right side.
  9. Can hardly think of one. How about a game where heroes of both KotOR games are brought together? It would help to have third game, so that a story about heroes during era of KotOR could be made into another subsequent game and show side of their characters that original games left out.
  10. Lightside or darkside story, either way, second game assumes that Vandar and Zhar have been culled by Nihilus' Sith assassins. It was not exactly featured in game as a cinematic or CG movie, so how it happened is only based on description. Assassination happened because Atris spread information to Sith enemies. Vrook and others would have yet own ideas about splitting up so that each master is located on different planet. This is after Katarr assassination happens. Not exactly explained where they were when masters on Katarr were killed.
  11. Could try standing next to Vrook's force cage and see if cage barrier becomes disabled. Otherwise, will have to reload either from previous save or autosave.
  12. Reload your previous save. Easier if you have enabled the autosave function. And instead of destroying the console like you previously did, speak to the rodian standing outside the entrance to the Exchange's quarters to gain entry. Before doing that, your character will need to speak to Luxa in the Telos Cantina. And be prepared to fight Gamorreans and other guards of Slusk.
  13. KotOR series, so far. And also games like JA and JO, although the latter was likely easier to play as a story due to its style without having to decide order of play with mission levels. However, other games like those made from prequel movies would be far more interesting than those SW games released by ActiVision.
  14. Maybe Mandalore. Don't really know much about Mandalorians. Tend to hear more about them through dialogue and hardly see their way of life on their planet.
  15. There wasn't much recruiting of people involved in the Dantooine battle. Only about five NPCs were allowed to join in against the mercs and Azkul. Suffice in saying that it was more like a group. Not quite a war as much as like fight between Republic and SF Sith warships back in first game towards end of story.
  16. Imagine Kreia speaking something close to being Egyptian or perhaps say German. Would be something to imagine about. Voice actor for her would need to have slightly different approach to characterising Kreia.
  17. With KotOR, there wasn't an element of jumping or falling from certain places to lower levels at all. Could be a strength to not have such things in game, otherwise it would not be what it is to many. So, one did not have to have a power like Force jump at all. However, if it were to be used, there would have to be lakes and rivers on some planets, or even areas with quicksand like on Tatooine. Manaan was a water planet, but it was more like character had to explore things that were underground.
  18. Or enable autosave feature if you prefer to have game save your character for you, assuming that manual saves are not done too often. (You wouldn't want to save all the time throughout an entire game unless it's an initial playthrough)
  19. Character also has force sensitive feat which your other party characters might not have. Can't really remember if it gives bonus to max force points, though. Check character feats list for it when playing game.
  20. Character can be LS and still side with Vaklu or Talia, and can also be darkside while helping Talia (Have not tried being DS and helping the Queen, so can't be sure) Also, LS character can still kill Master Vrook on Dantooine and stay as being lightsided. Alignment is not dependent on whether Jedi masters are helped or fought against in game. More about reflection of how character has been doing quests in game (Even for side quests).
  21. If character was using single saber and took dueling feats that give attack bonus to singe weapon attacks, bonus is also added to unarmed attacks with Handmaidens and Mandalorians. (Apart from gaining +3 to defence with same feats). Can also help with reducing penalty to defence from using Critical Strike as combat feat.
  22. Just select prestige class as either Watchman or Assassin. Your character gets first if alignment is lightside and if you are at least at level 15. You get assassin class if your character is darkside and are at level 15. Speak to Kreia after getting to level 15 to select class. Both classes have sneak attack feats with them. However, assassin does more substantial damage with sneak attacks (around up to 10-60 points for damage). Its basically a passive feat that is used against enemies when they cannot respond to or block your attacks. (Same for unarmed attacks, attacks with lightsabers, blasters, vibro weapons or any attack where target cannot move or if your character is in stealth mode) However, character can only use sneak attack once with stealth. (Hardly use stealth anyway, except for getting past enemies, but they are not half as hard as they could have been) Sneak attacks are automatically applied in above situations. They don't have to be activated like how flurry or critical strike feats have to be used.
  23. Take both Charisma and Wisdom. DS Sith lord mastery bonuses only give bonuses to max FP even with base class Consular but LS Jedi masters get +3 for Wisdom. (+6 for Consular/Jedi master)
  24. Characters do regenerate life as well as force points in K2. They do start with around 30+ life in beginning of game as well. Not quite as half as surprising as imagined. Differences in life is simply based on class, as much as it is for difference in increase for force point totals. Classes that has most force points are Jedi master and Sith lord. Similarly, classes that have higher increase in health for each level are Weapon masters and Marauders.
  25. Game could have had e robe for Exile, that could be customisable. A bit like how SF robes/Revan's robes in first game were created. Surprised to see that second game only included a personal crystal that worked for PC. Almost nothing of it at all for TSL.
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