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  1. Well, looking aside that Malachor planet ending was not exactly done in climatic way, would still say that planet like this had some kind of setting that KotOR likely did not have. K1's Star Forge was much more like a mechanical environment where else Malachor was more like a planet that was shaped through effect of mass shadow generator and how many Mandalorians, Jedi and Republic people were killed. Could not really understand idea of Star Forge being fueled by DS energies while it was easier to do so with Malachor as it looked more like a non-artificial environment of a planet, although game does not show it in its initial state before war occurred on its surface.
  2. Well, some points in thread have been discussed quite a few times previously. Not too sure how this is still being discussed now. Hard to believe that this is still here.
  3. Barab Ore Ingot and Pontite crystal if using two single sabers will be able to make battle with Kreia much faster as additional damage crystals apart from using suitable saber forms against her. Also don't really mind using Plague effect against her to slow her down. Old lady tends to run quite fast, especially when Master Speed has not been activated on Exile character.
  4. You mean poison? Yes. Suppose so. Well, would have liked to visit place while locating an item for a specific quest and maybe a few other things while encountering some NPCs. The pollution thing would be challenging, although am not sure if it works like poison effect from Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina in TSL's underground tunnel.
  5. Remote concept was likely underdeveloped. Droid looked more like a small version of Death Star. They could have used more specific way of doing concept and given droid more involvement in story. Its part in story was almost only reserved for unlocking sequences for mass shadow generator towards end game. Between G0T0 and remote, obvious difference was size and weaponry.
  6. You could still even level character up only as much as needed to use those powers that you prefer to have. K2 enemies will be scaled according to current level of your character. Won't really need lightsaber throw much as slashing with saber strikes is usually enough to get rid of force users with either flurry or power attack.
  7. Yellow looked more like a faded colour in game rather than being bright like golden than at all. Strange colour to have for lightsaber, somehow. Ended up reloading my lightsaber choice in KotOR or using other colours for saber. And colour seems to be made of only one type. As for bronze, could think of it as combination of few colours like say between red and orange. Something close to orange saber colour.
  8. This part seems to make sense, since idea is explained from more general DS view. If you hadn't said it, would not have thought of it at all. Might be what it means to falling to darkness or darkside.
  9. Duros planet. KotOr games have many Duros as enemies and NPCs but homeworld has only been mentioned by Atton and a few other characters through dialogue. Rather than seeing same Duros character concept being used many times in third game.
  10. Well, lightsabers work as well. Just that they tend to look almost alike in game, difference being through colours, double-bladed or single. At least with gaffi sticks, the chieftain's gaffi might have some added damage to it as compared to using usual gaffis. So, if there were lightsabers that were specifically from force users in K1, it could have been an interesting quest to collect some of them and decide which one to use as weapon. Mantle of the Force and Heart of the Guardian might have worked, although it would have been nice to have a third that had a name for specific force user, as party has three, including Revan as PC.
  11. Can only think of one way - create another game. Unless you had saved game before getting character to such high levels. Editors and cheats can raise character levels, but not likely for other way. With the kinrath spawn in cave on Dantooine and infinite hssiss spawn in Korriban's sith cave, it doesn't take long to train character up to level you want. One way of playing without cheats.
  12. Seeing the planet of Duros. Saw a lot of Duros in K1 with Mandalorians and in second game as hired mercs on Nar Shadda and Dxun. Trouble is all Duros seem to look almost same in both games although they did have different voices.
  13. If character has enough force points, could try advanced using throw lightsaber against Kreia after outrunning her floating sabers. Kriea can't really attack after floating sabers are activated (wrists are gone). It is just a bit slow, though. Still find master speed and power attacks or flurry easier.
  14. Need to have previous save before entering Atris' academy in order to be able to get back to scene where Handmaiden confronts your Exile PC.
  15. Me included. Especially with devotion to producing game like this.
  16. Well, if one can suggest that Hoth is bland, then same idea can also be said for desert planet like Tatooine. (Looking aside from having towns on surface like Anchorhead in KotOR or docking bays for crafts like Falcon and EH). Dagobah is also bland, but relates to darkness theme. Hoth is bland somehow as whoever turned it into a concept had little imagination in making it into a planet. Which means that other games can build initial idea of Hoth. Planets are hardly dead at all, from time perspective.
  17. Vash. Strength and weakness is basically her charm and attractiveness. Which is welcoming and just as lethal as well, except that Sion probably hardly fell for it (Am guessing, as hardly saw her in story, except corpse on Korriban)
  18. Chewie or Zaalbar, although Hanharr might be a bit hard to consider.
  19. Duros. Saw quite a few of them in first game. Interesting to look at as NPCs, a few of which were on island of Rakata Prime world. Looking at them as enemies in TSL was a bit like looking at things upside down. Would have liked to know where they came from through dialogue with them although Atton does mention it on Nar Shaddaa with enough influence.
  20. Can only guess that there might have been a lightsaber battle between Atris and Nihilus and perhaps one of them fleeing from the other. More like something close to non-conclusive duel between Maul and Qui-Gon as latter was trying to leave Tatooine in Naboo spacecraft in SW: TPM.
  21. Or could try contention for lightsaber if you prefer saber style with less penalties. Kreia is hard simply due to having much health. Some tactics she uses might be death field (used to drain your life for recovering her health). Cast force immunity to protect against it. LS or DS? Force enlightenment works well. More so for force crush. Or just activate hyper adrenal stims for strength and dex against her. Energy resistance helps as well.
  22. When I think of darth feta cheese, am thinking of spaghetti with tomato sauce together with melted cheese that is tainted with burnt ash. Hard to imagine a sith lord that perhaps has that for his/her dinner almost all the time.
  23. Jedi Master/Sith Lord and Sentinel. Easier to start out with class that has quite a few skills and then decide later which skills to continue raising further. Found that not all are exactly needed throughout later half of game. Bringing many skills, additional force points and force powers together for one character, although Immunity to Paralysis does not prevent DS Plague from working.
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