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  1. Last charge is in room on map that also has a workbench in it on Ravager ship. Use computer console in that room to release safety mechanism holding charge in place. Found it even before three initial charges had been set altogether.
  2. Am waiting for some time longer so that perhaps box art of game can be seen should game be followed through.
  3. Well, Exile is basically utilising her own ability in retuning crystal for you so that you can battle her. As ironic as it may sound, it seems to work well.
  4. Different gender with Exile character for each game? Could also be that gaining influence after converting characters to Jedi might only be possible when party characters are at certain locations of planets. If you have option to convert characters like Atton and Mira to Jedi, influence gained would already be around 3-4 times or so. One character that it is easy to gain influence with would be Kreia, with only difficulty being how having to do certain things might affect your character's alignment. Funny thing is that there were quite a few dialogue lines for characters that did not require influence after some of them became Jedi. Like Bao-Dur's story about how he and Exile were involved in crushing many Jedi and Mandalorians in battle.
  5. If character is using finesse lightsaber attacks, meaning that Dex is another stat you are increasing, perhaps with improved automation gloves (+5 to Dex), and also something like say an implant that gives between +2-4 to Dex, with base Dex of 16 or more, it will also add to your defence as well. Force Enlightenment with Hyper adrenal alacrity (+6 Dex) will raise Dex even further also. Which will increase saves like Reflex and Will too. With Consular/Jedi Master character, base Will is likely to be high.
  6. Am trying out HoMaM V original campaigns. Have been looking forward to a strategy game with wide range of races, and will settle with this for now. Levels are longer, and thankfully combat is turn-based instead of real time. Hope it is a bit different from previous warcraft games. I could be mistaken.
  7. And character can learn battle precognition from Handmaiden if playing as male. Adding bonuses to Wis from robes, force enlightenment (if lightside), and also a circlet of saresh or perhaps a matukai mediation band helps as well for defence and force power effects. Yes. Always had difficulty with understanding her behaviour in initial part of game, after she joins party on EH. Am likely confusing her responses to Mira's way of speaking or appearance.
  8. Was character's Wisdom high and is it a he? If so, armour class might have included bonus from Battle Precognition power that Handmaiden teaches.
  9. After Exile character gains character levels, speak to Kreia each time and mention about the crystal. She will ask you to disjunction it from your lightsaber and you will find it refocused to match your alignment, which determines bonuses for stats you get. Maximum level for tuning crystal to get such bonuses is likely around level 42-44. Then again, if your character is between 24-28, it might be enough as game is not tough. Try to have it happen before Kreia leaves your party.
  10. There has been just an implant that have been using with game. Health implant that gives around 1 point of regeneration, if I haven't exactly any biorestorative underlays for equipped robes or armour for various characters with base Con 14. Way implants were integrated into game was a bit redundant, though.
  11. Don't really need to have survey. What other CDs? KotOR 2 only requires first disc for running game after files from other discs have been installed. Please be more specific.
  12. Could also be that consequences of journeying as lightside or darkside becomes more pronounced rather than simply being restricted to stat reductions. Game could minimise light side occurrences while showing dark side where devastation of a planet is considered minimal to DS people. Basically that maximum extent in K2 is reduced to being close to nothing in third game and showing something hideous and greater than that. (Could also be far older too)
  13. Haven't played for a while. However, my character had to get something like at least close to 4-5 influence gains with Bao-Dur. After the Jedi conversion, it seemed either having to question Bao-Dur where he would say talk about the war and how devastation wrought from activating the mass shadow generator in terms of consequences was beyond his and Exile's expectations. And he would also mention that Revan was in some other part, involved in war from a slightly different role. Exile was supposedly acting on Revan's behalf in a sense, I suppose. Can't really tell where this is situated, but it ties closely to why Bao-Dur seems intent on wanting to learn force to possibly reverse damage done by his ow designs. So, it is possible that it could even be before converting Bao-Dur, if I follow logic's lead in some sense. Suffice to say that it did not seem to be restricted to getting it it only before he becomes a Jedi, or after. Flexibility, simply.
  14. Depends on what flexibility is being questioned about. K2 did have complexity and depth. Was simply suggesting that the Exile could have been female/male without having to cycle through a few games just to discover what it would have been like playing as a male PC with Handmaiden or a female PC with Disciple. Besides, with an influence system in place, there can't be any problem with excessive dialogue. Also, previous argument was simply that it was easier to play through K1 without having to go through 'cycling'. Although whether it meets standard of a KotOR is open to discussion. Second game was unexpectedly flexible, to extent where character could level up beyond 20 or so. Lvl 20 satisfies basic requirements for playing actually.
  15. Thought that Junahi looked like a cat woman from a batman story. Except that she would have looked slightly different, if she had face covered with Jedi hood or so. Just that Juhani tends to be a bit violent and energetic to be considered romantic within KotOr, while cat woman seems more like what Juhani could have been.
  16. Carth image might have been supposed to be hologram. Same as looking at human form of G0T0 without enabling frame buffer effects for holovid visual effects that I had with old graphics card with old comp. G0T0 was supposed to be a droid, anyhow. Strange, have not had it so far.
  17. An option to ask Kreia whether she had any love in her life before she became a member of the Jedi Council. Or before she had even fallen to dark side on Malachor when trying to follow Revan after her/his departure. (After all, considering Kreia's age, hard to dismiss her life as being loveless at all) Apart from role of manipulating throughout game. Maybe if she had any lover at all, he might have looked half as close to what Vrook might have been like in his younger days.
  18. Sentinels get more skill points than Consulars for each level up. Meaning they get at least an additional skill for same Int for which other classes like Guardians and Consulars have. Guardians get least number of skills (or skill points for leveling up), followed by Consulars. Sentinels usually have most skills of the three KotOR base classes with Int 14.
  19. For Con, I try to leave around 14 or more. However, don't really feel need to increase to 18. Would have been easier if implans equipping remained as feat rather than how it depends on Con like in K2. How it was justified to depend on Con, is hard to understand. However, improvements like more differences between stat bonuses for implants is welcome, somehow.
  20. You could try going to Dantooine before talking to the Handmaiden to convert her into a Jedi. Am assuming that you tried to convert her when the Ebon Hawk was either on Telos or before EH had landed on any planet (apart from Telos). Could land on Dantooine and try speaking to the Handmaiden. Save game before trying this. Or perhaps on other planets like Korriban or Nar Shaddaa might be ok.
  21. With Kreia, it would usually be something close to a vibrosword with agranium upgrade, sonic discharge cell mark III, and ostrine edge, damagewise. Otherwise, for the quest of rescuing PC from G0T0's yacht would be single lightsaber. Lightsaber is a bit easieras emitter upgrade for saber could add bonus to blaster deflection. That added to advanced jedi defence feat considered.
  22. Right. Its lost artifact of Sith empire. There's likely enough of them around during that time.
  23. With that, have yet to try using Mira for that part of quest. Most of the time, it is either a female Exile that I use. If it is male character, then I usually have the Handmaiden handle this part of the quest. Although it would have been a bit interesting to for Kreia/Visas to do it instead, had OE not excluded such option for game from being used.
  24. None that I remember so far. Mine was mostly a female character, but male characters I had looked like their original appearance when selecting a face template during character creation.
  25. Was thinking that the Handmaiden concept could have included something like a white cape. (The kind that a recent NWN patch had for original game) Or something that made her look slightly different from other sisters, like an alternative weapon to using a lightsaber for attacks.
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