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  1. Consular and Assassin characters can use sneak attacks and wisdom. Watchmen get only up to sneak attack VI or VII, Assassins get up to sneak attack X. Sneak attacks work with either Insanity or Stasis Field, or even stun effects like Force Wave. Sentinels get immunities to fear, stun effects and paralysis from force powers like Insanity and Stasis Field.
  2. Most of party characters seem ok. Just that sometimes dialogue with Disciple can be a bit hard to understand, maybe due to some inability to see things way that Kreia is able to do so. Like not being able to answer reasons for why workings of Force happen in some ways or so. However, Disciple does indicate effects of echoes being sent through Force by Kreia on EH.
  3. Cheat node situation keeps game being locked in repetition cycle. What happens is that apart from not being able to talk with Atton and Kreia, after speaking to Atris, and if you try to access dialogue with Atton again, same sequence where Atris walks down walkway towards your character keeps happening.
  4. One part of game would be Dxun as being favourite. With Dxun, one gets to see rain and other kinds of weather effects apart from other sorts of wildlife on moon which would be unlikely to exist on planets like Dantooine, being ravaged by war. Only thing that was left out of game was music theme that you hear from K2 site in web link to LA. Fighting more of creatures like a zakkeg and other beast/animal challenges would be interesting part of game for me. There could also have been cave entrances in different parts of Dxun, where hidden artifacts and crystals existed in. Caves were so rarely used, apart from just one Sith tomb on Korriban and another crystal cave on Dantooine. Many side locations were simply left out that could have been used as way of allowing character to uncover long abandoned journals and other ways of telling about past happenings related to Sith lords.
  5. Adding a bit more to this. Kreia also has force bond with Exile, apart from taking on task of protecting him/her from harm. (She mentions this many times with an LS character after masters on Dantooine immoblise Exile with stasis force power) and also with Mandalore and Atton, although it is more of seeing through Atton's experiences. Hard to be sure if other Sith lords would have regarded Exile in same light.
  6. Am thinking that process of restoring parts of Jedi enclave would require work of a large group of people. Likely five to six or more of a group, considering that much of walls was destroyed and that many parts of outer shell shape of the building was bombed beyond expectation. Or perhaps people who were charged with rebuilding enclave used force powers to move bricks and other tools so that process would be easier.
  7. Another way might be disabling CG sequence if lowest resolution settings does not allow game to run without seeing screen as black all the time. Lowering the screen resolution does speed up rate at which game can run, possibly.
  8. That's strange...I used single lightsaber, and I rarely hit a "Critical Hit" even I hit the critical strike. but when I shift into two lightsabers, I almost hit "Critical Hit" every round.... And my class is Sith Marauder. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Could be that some crystals on single saber increase damage, instead of critical range. Crystals for few games can be randomly different.
  9. Liked Handmaiden for story and background. And considering her eventual dispute with Atris, although am hardly playing game as male Exile. Part about dialogue with her describing character of her mother isn't exactly specific, but makes for interesting thought in terms of thinking about how Kriea could be involved.
  10. Apart from Malak, would consider Azkul as least liked Sith for me. Personally think that Sion would make a much more interesting Sith lord than Azkul could be at all. Only that both have one eye that looks slightly dis-functional than the other.
  11. Can't agree more. There might even be some others that OE might have thought of that didn't make it into game. Imagine if Kreia's three floating lightsabers were each made of a slightly different blade. Would have made for variation in saber fighting. There might even have been an aura that was generated when those three sabers were together within certain proximity that made getting rid of them three times as hard.
  12. And don't forget to equip upgrades for life regeneration, even if bonus is only 1 point. Assuming that character is using Consular class, Wisdom mod might help with force powers like Fear against rodian thug or either one of Exchange aliens you meet in room.
  13. Disciple is more of character that works for Republic and with Carth. Doubt very much that he is anything close to being villain or even subtle as someone like Kreia is. Trouble is that his concept being described as innocent and being naive. Disciple's background could have been a bit more vivid and deeper. Looked like someone who was a bit reliant on what Exile did previously. Not sure if he looked like he was in his own world or whether he had someone yet to say to Exile from his own experience. Sometimes dialogue with him gives answers which are hardly specific.
  14. Considering that defeating Visas on EH gives one part and since first is obtained from Telos, remaining part will be from other planets. On Onderon, could either try speaking to Dagon before trying to locate those disks/records from Bakkel for him. On Dxun, doing enough tasks for Mandalore could also give a lightsaber part or lightsabers if parts have been collected before. Have not tried getting them from Onderon, but it is likely that parts can be collected from those same areas. Elite Sith assassin in Trayus academy more or less gives a short lightsaber that is of viridian colour, and museum in Queen's palace on Onderon has a viridian crystal, if you are not looking for a specific colour other than this one.
  15. Hardly saw Atris as being Sith. Official guide for Xbox has screenshot of Atris with her Sith appearance, but it looked quite weird. If Obsidian had been able to create concept of her without making her appearance so much similar to face that was used for the Queen, I would have believed that she was as much of a Sith that say others like Kreia and Sion were.
  16. Only trouble with saber weapons is that the regular ones look almost similar apart from difference in colours for blade. If there were some other variants of weapon, like one that had curved handle that had a bit of a fencing attack style which Dooku used, then saber attacks would not be as predictable as it was in game. Or perhaps something like having blade that could be divided into two fine blades. Only with this one is how damage will be divided between those twin blades. Same old thing again, otherwise.
  17. Single sabers give extended critical threat range. Also means that crystals for each saber can be different. With a double-bladed saber, there are only two slots on weapon for which character can add for either increasing damage, stats or maybe force point regeneration.
  18. Assuming that you do get to speak to Luxa after escorting a droid for Ithorians from hangar where their shuttle is, she asks you to get rid of Loppak Slusk for her in Exchange quarters. It will be quite a fight, although it is nothing close to NWN2's difficulty. Then, after speaking to Ithorian leader Chodo Habat, go to cantina and ask about getting droid from Czerka, and there will be a need to get credentials from Duros droid vendor in one of residential apartment rooms. Show his credentials to the droid and ask him to follow you back to Chodo. Will leave rest to you to explore.
  19. Makes sense too. Can't exactly think of using silver as colour for other characters like Disciple or even Atton.
  20. Maybe Exile could use force power move in getting saber back from Atris if it was included in game, given that Vader did in being able to get Solo's blaster in TESB after surprising him through in Cloud City. Not exactly sure about what move is called, but pulls weapon away from someone's grasp.
  21. And using Persuasion against Sion in order to weaken his will when fighting him in Trayus academy. Using 3-4 times against Sion brings slightly different dialogue lines than previous time when Persuasion works against him. Although fight with him is using combat, part of it can also be due to persuasiveness.
  22. Dxun was likely close to only planet that had rain effects in K2. With weather effects, planets like Dantooine and Onderon likely showed more of sun, with the first being sky that is filled with grey mist, without much of sun effects. Fighting a zakkeg on Dxun is something to look forward to, but it could have still be a bit more challenging than how it was in game.
  23. Kreia has white hair. You probably would not want to know if she has white hair on every part of her body. Am likely not wanting to see more than how she looks with her robe on, especially since what is beneath her robe would be last thing I would look at.
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