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  1. Thanks again folks. Thanks Baeus. It is the x key.
  2. I do have the ammo. Just can't figure out how to switch it. Are you supposed to be able to do it in the inventory screen, or do you do it in-game? Again, thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the info. It seems to be working better now, although doesn't seem to do a whole lot more dmg than just lining up a good shot. Maybe it's not supposed to. Still can't figure out how to switch ammo though. If I go to the inventory screen there's no way to select a different type ammo that I can see, and I can't find any other option to do it. As to the game itself, I'm pretty impressed with it. I just did the mission where you get Surkov? out of the Russian embassy and didn't realize I was shooting all the marines as well. Now I feel like a murderer haha. Debating on trying it a
  4. Hey all. I bought this game a couple of years ago, got frustrated with the very slow pc controls and gave up on it. Decided to give it another shot now that I have a better GPU and really enjoying it so far anyway, this time around. Anyway, I can't figure out a couple of things. First, for the life of me, I can't get the hang of chain shot. I activate it and line up a shot, however it doesn't seem to do any damage. I Also thought you could hit 2 targets at the same time but every time I try to line up another shot it seems like the first shot is fired then ends the ability. The game s
  5. Thanks for the help. My problem was that I didn't know about the shuttle that I could use to get to hangar 126. I guess I missed it at first. Once I got there everything seemed to fall into place. DOH! The story doesn't seem as spoon fed as K1 which is a good thing, however somtimes I amaze myself at my stupidity. I just need to pay more attention to what is going on in this game compared to K1 which I'll start doing now. Thanks again!
  6. I started the game last week and have been alternating between this and NWN2. My problem with K2 though is I'm not sure what to do next. Although I don't like a game to hold your hand too much, I have no clue. I have taken the Ithorians quest to escort the droid back to them, however I can't find the area pick him up anywhere on the map, or even how to attempt to do this. I've also played Pazzak with Het and won, and met Luxa at the Cantina as well, (who I could've sworn wasn't there the first time I went there), however neither her, nor Het have any quests for me. Now I'm wander
  7. So it appears you have to give the game multible playthroughs to get the full picture. And that's fine with me to a certain extent. However just how is the replay value in the game? I mean I've played VTM Bloodlines 3 times now and I loved the game, however the main story is the same no matter how you play it, and I can't imagine this game being any different. Either way, I'm enjoying the game so far. Between this and NWN2, I've got my hands full. Oh and one more question. I have a hard time being an ahole in any game. Don't know why, must be my angelic nature haha. But this ga
  8. Well I'm asking about this because so far anyway, the story has sucked me in pretty good. Although I've already lost some influence with Kriea, or whatever the old broads name is. I know this has been placed in the spoilers section but I would appreciate it if we can keep this kinda spoiler free, as I'm just starting the game. Just how important is the influence system in the game? I'm only now just trying to start the quest for the Itharians, (escorting their robot), as I've decided, for the time being anyway, to ally with them. Guess I'm just wondering if I need to really pay attention t
  9. Is the story coherent at all? I mean am I going to play the whole game and wonder what it was all about? I don't really care if it's not accurate "Star Wars" material as I didn't buy KOTOR for that. I just wanted an RPG with a decent story which I got with the original. Just hoping that the Sith Lords story makes some kind of sense. Thanks again.
  10. I have no idea what you guys are talking about with TSL and Exile to Reven. Could someone explain to me what these are? I would appreciate it. Anyway, I guess the story isn't so great huh? That seems to be the general consensus. Thanks again. BTW; I didn't think I was spoiling anything by asking about the story. Did I? Double BTW; How do I turn off a force power once I activate one? Can't find it in the manual.
  11. Just a quick post here. I've never played Sith Lords and just picked it up for 15 bucks. I installed and started playing and the game seems a lot like KOTOR which is just fine with me. The thing is though, I'm a sucker for a good story, and while KOTOR's was pretty generic I still found it great. I've heard Sith Lords story is very convoluted and hard to understand which would suck. So.... what do you guys think. True or not true? Appreciate any replies.
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