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  1. ok when you press the tilde key the character is supposed to stop moving which he does when i press tilde but when i hit "enter giveitem a_robe_26 enter" nothing happens. is there something specific im not doing? is there a space after giveitem, do i have to put the code in quotation marks do i have to put a _ after giveitem? what am i doing wrong?
  2. well i bought this laptop in the good old usa so i am pretty sure its an american english keyboard and i pressed ` and ~ but my character was still movable
  3. well if not the tilde key then what key am i supposed to press
  4. i did include the 0 but the instructions say if ur character stops moving then the console is activated. i never stopped moving and also is there a space after "giveitem' well no matter cause i tried with space and without
  5. i did add EnableCheats=1 under game options then i got in the game presses the tilde key, hit enter typed giveitem a_robe_3 then hit enter again. i also tried hitting space, i tried different codes, i tride hitting tilde and enter at the same time. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why wont it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i know u cant see the text box but the codes would not work. i did use the codes at the very beginning when u wakeup fromthe koto tank; maybe u have to use the codes later on
  7. id like to see someone do to kotor 2 what they did to halo and make a kotor 2 version of red vs blue
  8. i discovered the cheats for pc version of kotor 2 where u have to change the files in the game but the cheats would not work
  9. here is sara kestleman (voice of kreia) young and old.
  10. well i do have a thing for older women. and kreia looks so sexy when you make her walk real slow, the way she sways her hands and the way her hips move. sara kestleman doesnt look as good but their is a resemlence; sara did look okay when she was younger though. you can see her pics at nerf herders anonymous.
  11. im sorry i should have specified that the question was aimed towards men
  12. is it just me or did anyone find kreia and her voice kind of sexy. too bad you cant see her in her underwear like you can with the other female characters
  13. yes but then again you can play regular xbox games on xbox 360so why shouldnt the 360 controller be able to be used on the pc version of kotor 2
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