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  1. Just keep an eye out for items in the Ravager as the last part of the game starts after the conversation with Carth.
  2. K2 seems to stick to the role of the Exile, as the player character tends to be a lone venturer throughout most of the game, including the beginning and the ending parts.
  3. Another way, (depending on your Jedi class and prestige class), would be to use master speed and energy shield to cut down damage. Use two single lightsabers with a nextor crystal and a sigil crystal for each, and use master power strike or master flurry. You can get Kreia to create other items to enhance your lightsaber. Or enhance your melee weapons and use hit and run tactics, and keep on healing after every round.
  4. Well, if a story was to be written, it would need to consider the overall theme in TSL, which was not really evident in K2.
  5. The way I look at TSL is that you get more flexibility with lightsaber crystals and other items that can be equipped into a lightsaber. Besides, there are some parts in TSL, between the beginning and the end where your character gets involved in boss fights as part of some of the sidequests, which makes it all the more challenging.
  6. Well, I am not exactly sure about how the sith are striking back in Kotor II. The impression I get is that the sith wait for you as the player towards the end of the game while you fight your way through the Trayus academy.
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