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  1. Just adding a bit more. By sometimes with using Death Field, it usually means having Death Field cast around 4-6 times by her on Exile before Al for her might switch to another option/attack. So, if Force immunity is enabled, could also use time that she spents casting this force power in bringing her health down. Granted that in short, it becomes distraction tactic in buying enough time for character to either heal health back to more than 3/4 of max life, or bringing Kreia's health down by more than half or so.
  2. Am not sure if he can even be considered to be any more human than what he looks like at all. Thought he resembled someone more like what I would not want to see, especially from a bad dream. Even Kreia is not half as close to being as malicious looking like how Palpatine is. In any case, he is anything but hideous at all, assuming that his character is similar to that of a crow witch from bedtime stories.
  3. With Assassin prestige class, sneak attacks together with power attacks, and assuming that character with enough Str and sufficient Wis can easily take out quite a few Sith force users in Trayus academy. Find it hard to forget sound of force power when Insanity works on those Sith assassins.
  4. Being able to see more of Jedi apprentices being taught by various Jedi masters in K2. After all, every apprentice's background and story would be slightly different. And that would also involve additional side quests in learning more about their part in war, if any. Or perhaps discovering their corpses if they were killed on certain locations, and finding some items they leave behind. Missed finding remains of past living people somewhat. Storm beasts on Malachor V hardly gave any items at all from their own corpses.
  5. First planet in K2 that is hard to get used to is Peragus. Having a blown-out planet was ok, except that story seemed more about trying to escape from location rather than exploring what was left of it. Planet that I like would be Dxun and perhaps Malachor. Just that second planet could have been darker and deeper if it had been followed through.
  6. Am thinking same too. Especially with Malachor's story and character dialogue. K1 was not exactly a surprise, considering that elements of story would be drawn from previous games that Bioware released.
  7. There is also tactic of using Insanity or Stasis Field with sneak attacks which likely works well with a Consular Watchman/Assassin. Worked quite well especially since master speed used together with power attacks adds Sneak Attack X damage to such attacks. Makes short work of greater storm beast and sith lords in Trayus academy, even on hard difficulty.
  8. Some other things that could have been included would be being able to access holograms of apprentices that were learning force under any of the Jedi masters in game, and finding out how game's story would have been connected to them somehow and how they might have been involved in Mandalorian war and Jedi civil war. Besides, they would have own story to tell that their masters may not reveal readily at all. So far, game is basically concerned with locating and rescuing them. Would have made for quite an advancement rather than simply getting them to gather on Dantooine.
  9. Well, K2 chronicles is supposed to describe Malachor V as being dark. If planet was indeed as dark as it was said in storyline during gameplay, then I wouldn't mind playing it now and again once in a while. And a bit more dialogue on final planet of game would have made it more interesting. Part where Sith assassins walk out of Trayus academy entrance and bow in parallel lines while Exile walks in without much resistance was a bit unexpected.
  10. Kreia sometimes likes to use Death Field on your character, so counter it by casting Force Immunity which will last for about 60 seconds or so. Power attacks work quite well against her, especially if your character is using a Guardian Weapon master/Marauder character hyper adrenal str stim. Took her down in end game in one such way. Plague can also irregulate speed of floating lightsabers, so that perhaps 2 instead of all of them engage Exile at same time. If you have quite high Wis and Consular master force focus, could also try force waving them, although that's something I have yet to try. If you are using mainly DS powers, biorestorative underlays for character's robes/armour can stack with regenerative effects from Kaiburr crystal if you have included any in your lightsaber.
  11. Kreia can be annoying as well as being insightful at times. With stats for starting character, would say that her saves are fairly ok. Character wise, her experiences would more than make her effective in role as master or teacher, only that her actions seem to be discounted by masters in Jedi Council, including some of the other NPCs as her opinion and others conflict with either alignment. Mandalore being one of them who has dispute with her.
  12. An option to ask Vash more about story, background. Same for other masters, where they grew up on. Dialogue between them and Exil was restricted to what happened in second game although I wouldn't mind having some other questions to ask about their past experiences and encounters not directly linked to conflict on Katarr or hole/wound in Force half of time while playing through game.
  13. Game has alignment status and bonuses. Otherwise order for those towards lightside or darkside would be absent. And with killing or harming, it is more of how it is positioned as priority in game. Which is summed up in dialogue between Jolee and Sunry back in KotOR on water planet of Manaan where difference between darkside and lightside is killing in cold blood and doing so only for defending oneself from being harmed, either potentially or fatally.
  14. With Vrook, if Exile character is LS and still decides to kill him, after having helped Azkul take over control of building where the administrator is, you basically get an option to either accept the credit reward that Azkul gives to you or to decline it. Refusing to take it raises LS alignment by quite a bit.
  15. Likely to be a bug in game. K1 did not have such a problem when it came to dialogue lines display. Most of the time, reloading seemed to help. Strange thing, is that for me, it only happens for some time, before the rapid text skipping disappears and dialogue resumes at usual speed. One such situation is when Exile reaches Harbinger and comes to room where Exile's armband is found and where Kreia asks him/her "Are you all right?", which is where rapid text skipping tends to occur with most of games for me.
  16. Sentinels get immunity to paralysis which prevents effect of insanity and stasis field from being able to freeze character in place. However, powers like plague and kill will still have effect on character assuming that attack roll against save is successful.
  17. With darkside, thing about it is not having to think about creating ranged upgrades at all for Mira. Easier to play DS for a change especially considering that DS characters get Hanharr and not having to create a pair of swords for him as he gets his own Wookie weapons. That is, sometimes after being LS several times. Still, am using same order of planets with DS so far.
  18. A DS character can decide not to kill the Jedi masters and so task of killing them off is left to Kreia. Similar outcome can also be said for lightsided character. Alignment doesn't exactly affect whether Jedi Council is killed and by whom.
  19. Well, there was a game where after I spoke to Vrook and tried to open up some other dialogue lines with him, and what happened was after getting through those lines, although the game did not exactly freeze, trouble was conversation could not continue. It only works if you ask Vrook using those lines that are related to why he and the others went into hiding and sticking to those questions and answers that relate to the main story, as there is bug with some of the choices you get for that. And it happened more than once even after reloading.
  20. Sentinels also get paralysis immunity at level 12 or so, and immunities to fear and stun. However, they can still be force choked by sith enemies or so. And powers like insanity still work against Sentinel PCs. However, with skills, it helps especially if fighting becomes tiring.
  21. For me, would say that bae class and prestige for first game would have been Consular and Jedi Master, or perhaps Guardian with Weapon master. Took me a while to decide to try other characters like Consular class with Jedi master/Sith lord. And hardly used darkside in beginning, but got used to it in end.
  22. Will usually save game and exit, and restart game again. Most of the time it helps, althought it doesn't prevent problem from happening again.
  23. Would say G0T0 fits this category quite accurately. Probably another instance of how transplanting concept directly from SW: ANH can be awful.
  24. Well, as with many other quests in K2, situations that involve using character skills will give some kind of XP increase. Believe it is about 1000+ XP points for repairing the speeder if Exile uses his/her own skills without Bao-Dur's assistance.
  25. Gaining influence with Mira is mostly speaking to her on Nar Shaddaa. And then there is another situation to speak to her on EH where PC gets dialogue option to show her something outside of ship, before going to area where Kreia originally shows Exile area to learn something else about the Force. Mostly on Nar Shaddaa, before she is turned into a Jedi.
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