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  1. Why oh why did I trade in my xbox?!!! The flaws are completely magnified on the 360. Any combat has so many bugs that the game is not fun to operate. Has anyone been able to remedy this?
  2. When I read the book, I thought that the transition was well done. It was a long process that was intricate and it tore Anakin apart. Thus, when he killed the children, it was accepted. That part of the movie, in my opinion, was done poorly. It was rushed and as you said, he agrees to be Vader, the light switch is flipped, and he's killing kids.
  3. I would die and leave the saga and all of it's creative material to those with real vision who weren't obsessed with gay plotlines and fuzzy muppet creatures.
  4. Luke gets married, has a kid, gives in to emotion, allows himself to have anger. He does suppress his humanity, he allows himself to be human.
  5. My take is this. Anakin was the chosen one. He brought balance to the force in more ways than one. First, the obvious: 2 Jedi & 2 Sith. Second: He kills Sidious and dies himself leaving Luke at the helm. And third and ultimately: Created Luke Skywalker who, while on the side of what is right and good, is the whole package with both light and dark in his being. Luke is the epitome of balance in the force, thus Anakin(with some help from Padme)brought balance to the force.
  6. Xard My god, that was long. I'm not sure if I calmed down due to your points or if the length of your post lulled me into serenity. Only joking. Your point is taken. However, mine is unclear. I am not one who wants everything---right here right now. If the they simply put the wheels in motion and stated that the process is rolling and it will be available on xx/xx/20xx, I'd be satified. I don't mind waiting if it's worth it. However, we are 3 years from the last one and still nothing. What kind of company doesn't plan years in advance? Even if they were going to start developm
  7. Oh, how nice, just because someone doesn't completely agree with you, you come up with rubbish like that? As a matter of fact, apart from the KOTORs I haven't bought anything from LucasArts in the last few years. It's just that I don't feel the need to bash LucasArts for everything they do. If you make an assumption which has no basis whatsoever, I have every right to correct you without you overreacting in return. (Edited for language by SteveThaiBinh) Yeah, I guess every company should bring out their top products all at the same time, spending boatloads of money on them, instead of
  8. Let me get this straight, Thrillville isn't garbage, but Kotor 2 is? And as far as outsiders developing the game, that does make things easier on LA. If, in fact, they are going to shop out the game(like the last 2), they are not using their own resources(other than funding) or time on the project----so what's the holdup? And I'm curious, what is your big problem with Kotor 2? From the sounds of your comments, you really hate it. No wonder you could care a less about #3. Maybe it was too dark for your tastes-----I guess that's why you thought Thrillville was "really neat". Since
  9. First off, I have never and will never critisize them for the quick release of Kotor 2. It may not be perfect, but at least I can play it instead of guessing whether or not it will ever be made. Next, while drinking the LucasArts Kool Aid, tell me what would constitute being "too long" to you---5, 10 years? Thirdly, I can critisize all day long when I see games like Thrillville taking priority over Kotor 3. Boy, they ceratinly hold you and I in high regard when they release a piece of garbage like that. But hey, if all of that is alright with you, then god bless you. You are muc
  10. Translation; *Meeting of LA's computer games department* Suit one; "Next on the list, Knights of the old republic 3. When do we start to make it?" Suit Two; "Well we could get a team together and start by the end of the week, of course we might have to hire a few more people" Suit three; "Bugger that, lets wait until we have more people free" Suit one; "And when will that be?" Suit three; "Ohh, around 2010 if we rush the delelopment of games already being worked on. Of course we'd never do such a thing" *Room laughs* Suit one; "Ok, so 2010 it is, unless somethin
  11. It's funny. In my mind, I have this love for the first and certain things about it. But, I play 2 about 4xs as much. If the first was longer, with more flexible plot lines, the ability to turn your companions into Jedi, and the ability to create upgrades for weaponry, I think that I would like it better. But it doesn't so I like #2 better. I also like the fact that I could find different items in different places from game to game----rather than knowing where everything is ahead of time. Also, the fighting is better in So, for replay, I guess I prefer 2. On the flip side however, the fi
  12. It's a really tough question to answer. At some points, I believed that Palpatine was tanking it, example: When he was saying "I'm too weak", and "Please don't kill me". Also, when he devilishly smiled when Windu and Skywalker debated a trial. But then, Mace pulls the saber up and the Emporer looked terrified. Was it because he was powerless or was it absolute shock at possibly being wrong because Anakin hadn't saved him yet. If I had to go one way or the other, I would say that the Emporer threw the fight because it was all part of his elaborate conversion plan of Skywalker.
  13. I understood every word he said. Translation: I look extremely cool, but I'm going to disappoint in this fight.
  14. With me, it depends on what day it is. K1: I like the Han Solo-like ball-breaking that Revan pulls on Bastilla. I loved infiltrating the Sith Academy as a student. I dig Jolee. I liked cutting up Sand People. I really enjoyed the Star Forge. And the story line answered all of my questions and the ending was definitive and left me wanting more. PS: I have never felt so completely thrilled as I did when I played for the first time and figured out that I was Revan. I was beside myself. I can do without all of the court nonsense on Manaan. I can do without not being able to tra
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