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  1. I just finished Deadfire last night and my total time was 92 hours (i had FS and BoW) compared to 259 hours in PoE1 (WM1 & 2). Deadfire's main quest is simply too short. They should have started with the Watcher receiving an invitation from the huana queen to deadfire THEN Eothas destroying Caed Nua while they are away. I feel like I'm playing from the middle of a story though I can understand why Obsidian did this as one of the main complaint of PoE1 was that the plot felt bloated.
  2. PoE2 ended on a cliffhanger so it will really suck if there isn't a part 3 to tie up all the loose ends. However i do agree with you that cRPG is really a niche genre and with Deadfire abysmal sales the future looks bleak. I remembered reading somewhere that Josh is taking a break from the PoE series too.
  3. OP may not be active on this board anymore but would like to thank him for this build! Been having a blast with this build (sad that the game is ending so soon though) but I did swap out the armor for Miscreant’s Leather as it was taking too long to cast my spells.
  4. ship combat were intended to be a tangential mini-game, sorta like kotor swoop racing or pazak. the disconnect is natural and arguable intentional. as xar-monty mentions, you may skip ship combat entirely, which is possible in part 'cause o' the fact such encounters is non-essential. that said, particular for a potd and/or solo run, ship combat, while repetitive, is offering the best early-game 1007 and xp opportunity. is difficult for us to not exhaust ship combat opportunities o' named captains for a potd game as avoidance feels a bit like voluntarily handicapping our self. HA! Good Fun! ps following threads have useful ship combat insights https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107827-need-help-with-ship-battles/?p=2130159 https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107286-avoiding-instant-death-on-ship/?p=2123453 Thank you so much!
  5. Just landed in Neketaka and glad to be enjoying it as much as PoE 1! The ship combat is kinda tedious though and feels disconnected from the game. I mean what are the rest of my party members doing when enemies are throwing cannonballs at us?
  6. Running in full screen borderless (Windowed) mode with Vsync disabled and FPS limit set to 60 seemed to have fixed the issue for me. Though the mem leak is still there. This usually happens after extended hours of play. Nothing much you can do except to quit and restart the game.
  7. Is this build still viable on the latest patch? I'm looking for a lightning themed build and this seems to really fit the bill!
  8. The main thing that PoE lacks as compared to BG series is the companions. The companions in PoE have such boring and shallow quests. And so few companions! Zahua was the only one interesting to me. Dopey monk lulz.
  9. There are some wizards and priests builds for PoTD solo. Maybe you can check those out? Since they are spell casters so builds should be somewhat similar. Shapeshifting duration is very short so it’s not suitable for soloing unless you’re using to deal the finishing blow or something.
  10. Any of your equips has the “Second Chance” ability on it?
  11. With PoE 1 the game was really “complete” with patch 3.02. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again.
  12. Stop feeding the troll guys. Look at his posts; all of them are mindless bashing of PoE. Artyom, go back playing Metro and your FPS games...
  13. I'm so pumped up for the expansion! Maybe I should try playing a dwarf...
  14. This is not a MMO or MOBA...why care so much about balance??? If you feel that it is OP then don't use it.
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