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  1. Force Enlightenment turns you into an un-parrable GOD!
  2. I still think "scruffy-lookin nerf hearder" "hey...who's scruffy-lookin? Thingie is the best :D
  3. Canderous has always reminded me of Wolverine... and Go-To (not the droid) reminds me of Professeur X, minus the beard...
  4. Microsoft do not allowing games other than their own 'special cases (halo and halo 2) to be patched via X-Box Live...
  5. Hmmm i have a friend who already houses a forum... fancy me asking if he can create a K2 side-order with it?
  6. No need to take my word for it, check the combat logs
  7. Better storyline, same game Cheers for the pleasure Obsidian, one of the few games ive actually bought
  8. Yes but single saber compared to double sabers is wimpy aswell so, meh Basically i posted that so those who wanted HK-47 as soon as they gert the Ebon Hawk they can spawn all the items for themselves
  9. E Chu Ta is a blaspheme, one you would use if you were angry at someone. Kinda like if someone stole my foodeh, i would say sonofa b!tch
  10. It gives you both if you choose the combat logs... However it doesnt appear in the "personal screen" This is proven, there are too many rumours about this game... they need to be quashed
  11. You receive the bonuses but they arent shown... it is the same as the Force Speed bonuses
  12. The Harbinger is new to this game, it isnt a Star Forge design either...
  13. Ive been a well-known fanboy for the past part of half a year... so Obsidian if you want 1300 odd posts worth of praise just check my record
  14. They said the Story was better.... but the game failed to improve... Personally thats what i wanted so 100%
  15. I completed the game 4 times without the 'Cheat Console' but believe it or not if you have no bugs just complaints about the loot system or not getting HK-47 early enough then you can merely drop these items into your inventory... For all of those that dont like the random loot system Hope this helps some who like characters only activated by the items...
  16. Jolee has a complete backstory mate, google on it, find a reliable source and you will have all the story you need
  17. *sigh* Is this poll meant to be "THAT" ignorant... or are you being genuinly serious and merely laughing at all the people that vote? I wish there was a way to describe why RPG's / CRPG's do not have the same graphical "wow" as modern FPS's... But if you dont know, then i would be wasting my time, and if you do know, then there is no need for an explanation
  18. Since when did the forum come under attack from imbesil trolls? <_<
  19. 3 times so far... too much work to play atm
  20. I did a lightside darkside combo I told some Exchange thugs to leave a man alone... then force persuaded them to jump over the hand-rails into the bottomless pit :D
  21. Definatly Weapon-Master! (w00t) Now pass me my Lightsaber Which one is it? Its the one that says, Bad Mutha' f*cka on it :cool:
  22. She is a historian... and so is the person from AotC... They are both really stuck up but tbh i dont mind, looks good Dammit beat me to it Darth Sun Tzu
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