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  1. This is crazy, companions drop like flies wearing the best possible armor, in the first combat. They either should take cover, have 10 times hp, or not die at all.
  2. This is a big issue for naval combat: If you let aggressive enemy ship run away during combat it will immediately attack you again with full HP\sails\crew.
  3. Cool, but where is WM2 dlc? Store page does not open for it when clicked in game client, just main store page
  4. Still no counters for stun locking?
  5. Yes please, make follow up to f4, new vegas style, it was awesome.
  6. Also please automatic weapon switch back to the one that was used before party member got dominated
  7. Paralyze can be dealt with, but stuns have no counter-spell, and ghosts spam aoe stuns while instantly teleporting in the middle of party - that is a major party wipe source for me.
  8. Was hoping for some Party AI fixes and CC balance tweaks...
  9. Where are CC balance changes? Party AI updates?
  10. Yes, that is about right. Strange how int sometimes extend the durations that i would rather not extend at all. "Heal 200 over 10 seconds" get to be "heal 200 over 12 seconds"? No thanks!
  11. If i remember correctly in BG confused party member would turn yellow, not red, and were not valid AI targets for my own party. Here we get red circle and full blown enemy side switch, with enemy buffs starting to affect and my harmful auras start to press down on poor confused guy.
  12. Most grieve comes from AI that insists on using killer spells on your own crew that is under confusion or daze. I think they should not be considered as targets at all.
  13. As we have lots of "of protection" capes\rings that give +5/+10 to every def, the value of items that give single def stat at +2/+3 is questionable at best. Would really like to see items that could boost single def for +20/+30 as opposed to items that give +10 to all.
  14. We need stacking cc resistance, the more stuns applied the more stun resistance should actor get. Or make enemy stuns limited casts, and also nerf to returning storms is needed.
  15. We need some buff spells like "chaotic commands" and "freedom of movement" that allow consistent immunity to enemy CC.
  16. Okay, let's imagine following situation: Crew of 3 men operate a ballista, firing on enemy formation. There is an ammunition carrier, loading mechanism cranker, and aimer. Who should apply his might attribute to effective ballista damage? Answer is - no one, as ballista projectile damage only depends on ballista properties, operators only factor in loading speed and accuracy. Crossbow is a scaled down ballista, with one operator, but now we suddenly need to apply his might? "Because magic", right.
  17. We already have accuracy covering shot placements. Your argument would be marginaly applicable to burst fire weapons, where recoil control is a factor, but we have no such things here.
  18. I'm talking about the door on the first floor left from the main entrance, it leads to the wall with guns right above the main door.
  19. Is this also true for enemy casters? I would really like to kick some druid butt, but returning storms were keeping me from doing it
  20. You do +50% or +100% damage against blinded targets as rogue. So it is pretty awesome.
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