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  1. I'm a completionist. I pride myself on exploring every map, every nook and cranny, finding every secret, lifting every bit of fog of war that I can, looting and pillaging every piece of gear. The Sserkal bounty is the first quest in any game that I walked away from, and is the only quest that I know of in PoE+White March that I didn't finish. A great big nope, not happening. Stun/Paralysis solutions: institute diminishing returns, increasing resistance per encounter, or abilities that allow each class to shake it off (my recommendation). The encounters with multiple enemies capabl
  2. Dear Obsidian, Please stop the group crowd control. No, seriously. Please stop the 30 second paralysis and stun lock. It's not fun in World of Warcraft, and it's nowhere near balanced or fun in Pillars of Eternity. I've never come so close to punching my monitor than when fighting multiple Cwen Gala (sp) and/or Sirens. This is my only complaint about the game. That I can walk in and be held in place repeatedly while monsters chew on me and THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO. And the spell that helps with it has to be recast every 30 seconds. That could be done if those shades and spectre
  3. So i just tested this. I was already using this mod but i didn't enable save before transition, now that i did, IT WORKED. I can finally go outside. I suggest everyone use this until they patch the game! Thanks Liil The "autosave prior to transition" fix worked for me for both saved games I had which were having this problem.
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