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  1. Well to answer one question im playing at Noble level (thats the 4th ranked AI level), Epic speed, raging barbarians, no space victory (as its a cheap way to win), max number of opponents. So no im not playing at a low AI level. Civ 4 just isnt as challenging as Civ 3 was. As I said, in some areas its a better game but overall I dont think it is. Its definately not going to have the staying power that Civ 3 had, after 3 games Im already getting to the point Ill take a break from game. That didnt happen with Civ 3 till like game 25/30 when it was released. As for MP, im sure ill eventually check it out but I like long games and most MP gamers (as I found out from civ 3 mp games) want instant gratification games (small world, start in modern age, ect). Those bum rush games dont really appeal to me or require to much stratagy to be honest. Anyways, was just a question, for me I think Civ 2 and 3 were better overall games then Civ 4 is to be honest.
  2. So finally got civ 4 working a month or so ago and have made it to noble level (that I can win at). But Im really starting to think Civ 3 was the better game. Now granted, I love having the religions and all that, thats a nice new addition. But Im finding that building units kinda less important in civ 4 as you can breeze through to tanks and mech inf so easily. basically if you can survive the barbarians early on, get to muskets (for defence) and knights (for offence) you have won. Civ 3 was much more detailed and getting those newer techs were more difficult (or fealt so anyways). Also the limitations placed on you early on in expanding I find annoying in Civ 4, I much prefered the old system of needing at a minimum, 3 pop in a town before you could build a settler. Im just not sold Civ 4 is a better game, graphically yes, has some new ideas and concepts that are appealing, but over all game wise, I just dont think so.
  3. As I said, not going to get into the discussion again. Just go look up the same topic in this same forum and everything is explained in detail point by point why Exile needs to be LS male for the story and franchise to work.
  4. Never heard anything about a connon exile and last I heard (nopt that long ago) Lucas was undecided IF they would even do a cannon exile. So think your information is incorrect. Besides, based on the story and MAIN characters, exile will also have to be LS Male. Otherwise the story falls apart! But really dont want to get into that topic again. Just wanted to point out there is NO cannon Exile as of yet!
  5. Im just guessing but always thought those droids were originally meant for apart of the droid planet story as well!
  6. Ive always thought the Armband should go up in power as you level, just like the special lightsabre crystal
  7. Doubtful it's Kotor 3. If there was a Kotor in development we would have heard about if by now from those who would be making it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> With the following of the first 2? Doubt you will hear about it officially until its well into production with a full story written and everything like that. Otherwise there would just be to many questions and such distracting people from their jobs!
  8. There is already a canon Revan, LS Male Nothing on Exile as of yet
  9. Hope is K3! Im going through withdrawl already!
  10. LOL I stopped collecting comics oh 20 years ago or so but think ill actually try to find a comic store around me for this one. Course that just might be I need a good KotOR fix more then anything else
  11. Aye interesting theory but doesnt work for me either to be honest. Kreia was Revans teacher and Kae was a jedi that followed Revan to war, so right there a problem is presented. Kreia never followed Revan, Revan went to Kreia when he needed advice/mentoring. In fact I cant think of a single time in the game its said Kreia actually took part in the Mandalorian Wars to be honest. I think she was more a interested bystander watching how it unfolds. Also, Kreia doesnt speak to Atton because she thinks him a fool, and doesnt waste her time on fools. Its not until the Academy on Telos that she uncovers what Atton is hiding and then has a small amount of use for him. Lastly, Kreia is passionate about Handmaiden breaking her Vow because it is betrayal, and Kreia lays out (almost at the start of game) her opinion on betrayal. As I said, its an interesting theory but think you reading far to much into it and looking for proff thats just not there. PS: The source is the wound in the force created at Malacor V by such grand scale slaughter.
  12. I always kinda thought it was straight forward to be honest. He and Malak were light side until the end of the Mandalorian Wars when Revan decided the republic could not protect itself and needed a true leader (in his own opinion). They then searched out the Star forge which gave them the power needed to take over the sith (the republic sith) and form their army togather to conquer the republic, for its own good (as Kreia says). Revan then reverts back to Lightside after being captured by the jedi and having his mind wiped. Dont think Kreia ever lied at all, she just reads alot more into a topic then your normal CRPG NPC. One of the things that made her so interesting. Where as other NPCs would catagorize Revan good or bad based only on the deeds, Kreia looked beyond the deeds and to what was the thinking behind doing the deeds. Revans goals were not evil (in a traditional sence) just how he went about obtaining those goals after the Mandalorian wars (his acts) made him evil in everyones eyes.
  13. Welp my problems were Windows ME! Just changed to Windows XP operating system and the game is freak FAST now!!!
  14. What are your computer's specs? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have a 2 gig intel processor, 512 of RAM, and a 64 MB GeForce 3. It's above the min specs for Civ4, but the gfx card only barely so. I figure I can add two years or so to its useful life (the machine is as originally purchased in 2001) by doubling the RAM and geting a new vid card. I'll do it one of these days, but I'm lazy and not really interested any of the more demanding games currently on the market. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ouch, your going to be really slow. Im running a 3.1 gig, 512 ram, 256 meg vid card and still once you hit mod era it slows down brutally! Cant imagine trying to play with lower stats then that! Course im also running ME and Im SURE thats causeing some of my problems!
  15. Patch made the game playable for me thank god but still slow You really do need a gig of ram for this game to run at respectable speeds
  16. heh its probably the hardest fight of both KotOR games until you do it, then it becomes easy What I always do is max my hand to hand skills early and take the shout (dark side) jedi power. That makes the fight (along with healing) pretty easy. To bad the reward for the fight doesnt match its toughness.
  17. listen i think you and I (kalfear) are the only ones that like KOTOR 2. i agree with you on everything. i think 2 was better because of the instant jedi classes, the prestige classes, and the ability to make other characters jedi <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL, we very well might be at that! LOL I loved part 2 because it was so so so much more complex a story then part 1 was And yes, being able to make your party members into jedi was an awsome way to go for npc side quests (although to be honest I wish they had ALSO kept the more traditional npc side quests in game as well). Hades, since K3 would have to be on XBOX 360 (I cant see any game not yet being designed, getting designed for original Xbox at this point in time), im all for allowing someone to play through as a non jedi, just dont force it on me is all im saying. I didnt enjoy the first part of K1 when playing as a scout or soldier, it wasnt interesting or compelling to me and IMO weakened (in str and personality) my character overall because of the level 20 max (when you were forced to waste some levels on non jedi skills and abilities). In my replays I would intentionally stay at no higher then level 4 just so I could get more jedi levels. That also became a pain and a drag. Hopefully Obsidian (as they the best bet for a K3) make it so you have the choice to start as a jedi or not. That way everyone is happy (lol, or should be). Course if they continue the storyline with exile (my personal hope for K3), then being a jedi mandatory just because of previous set up.
  18. Personally I wouldnt play it if I couldnt become a jedi or if it took to long to become one. I hated part 1 (starting as a non jedi class I mean). No interest what so ever in playing just a soldier or scout. Loved that you didnt waste time on non jedi levels in part 2. Im sure they could come up with a system for everyone but if they forced you to play the scout/soldier role again or took to long before introducing jedi to you, Id probably just pass on the game. More then enough Star Wars games out there that you can play non jedi classes in. Course I still hope they continue the storyline in part 3 from where it left off in part 2, that stories not finished and is a great set up.
  19. All depends on the writers really. In K1 the Bastilla/Revan romance was done to appeal to younger crowds. It was your most generic and basic romance angle around. A kiss would have definately finalized Bastila/Revan but I suspect thats not the crowd Bioware was going for. In K2 the Handmaiden romance was extreamly well done and didnt need any kissing or such to finalize it. Her telling you her real name was more payoff then any kiss or physical act would have been able to protray. Visas on the other hand, her pay off was also extreamly well done and didnt need more physical acts, however her build up story/interaction was so short some people were not able to "feel " the moment so to speak. Then you look at JE, the kiss was needed to finalize that romance, with out it, the story fell flat and unfinished. So really just depends on the writing and situation. You dont need the kissing and such if your back story /interaction can make the romance. But if you go with the K1/JE generic romance style, then yes you need that stuff to finalize the moments.
  20. LOL, one could argue that with less then 50% voter turn out in recent elections Kum (thats for both Canada and USA ), and cross boarder relations at a all time low (well not as low as when USA invaded Canada in 1812, but since then), we are already suffering a fair amount of internal strife (with no signs of it lessening in the immediate future).
  21. Kreia was Revans FIRST and LAST teacher. Revan had many teachers inbetween that. And yes, the council did blame Kreia's teaching for Revans fall. In many ways, the council wasnt totally wrong in that either as Kreia admits she didnt beleive in the jedi code by that time either.
  22. LOL, I wont get into the Bush /anti Bush stuff. All Ill say is this new Iranian Leader is going to be trouble for EVERYONE!
  23. I actually agree with Darque on this, I think society as we know it just isnt working and we are entering a transition period (I have no great predictions as to how it will all turn out) but change is defenatly starting. A mass change? Are you guys seeing a cold war ending type of change? Because everything is always changing, obviously, but as the clash of religions go.....not that big of a change if you ask me. Grown in publicity because they hit the US, sure, but what really has changed? I think the big change coming is China growing in power (Cold War 2: Revenge of the Commies) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well speaking for myself (im sure Darque has his own reasons for saying what he did), I dont forsee it as a cold war senario. More a move away from traditional Politics that we in the west have become acustom to. Far as the war topic goes, I still think (and have since I was a kid 40 years ago) that the middle east is just going to blow itself up on its own in the long run, being driven by their fanatical religious zealots! They can yell and scream and blame the states and others much as they want, its themselves that are their biggest threat to their own lives. But as you say, thats nothing new really. However, when one of those lunatics over there do finally "push the button", its going to make a drastic change for all the world, regardless if its only directed at themselves or not. I think Western (Canada and USA mostly) populations are just getting fed up with corrupt and lieing polititions to the point I could see massive electral changes coming in next couple decades. Possibly to the extent that our political leaders are finally head accountable for their actions and lack of follow through on their promises (beyond just not being re-elected). I could feasible (its a stretch but not as large as one would think) see the removal of ALL political parties from politics so the elected truely are representing their constituants. I think people are just getting that tired of the same old senario of the democrats/republicans/liberals/conservatives/ect. I dont see either of us riseing up and forcing change through force, but think the change is coming all the same. Its obviously not here yet, but based on previous USA and Canadian Elections and general voter attitudes, I wouldnt be all that surprised to see it go that way in upcoming decades. For instance, here in Canada were going through a Election right now YET AGAIN brought about by political corruptness. A recent poll on "who people would vote for" showed that 40% of the country was going to make their final choice based on debates. Thats never happened in Canada before. Usually Debates help 10-20% of the voters at the most with everyone else falling inline with their selected parties. People just dont know who to beleive anymore and dont trust any of the parties (their words, not mine). Saw much the same thing/attitude in last USA election. PS: China doesnt worry me at all. Countries like Iran (with its new president who doesnt beleive in the Holocaust ever happening...and the rest of his weirdly stated opinions) and North Korea worry me far more then China ever has.
  24. LOL Rambo 4? What his old age home gets attacked by terrorists? Least Rocky 6 is viasible! Look at some of the boxers to come outta retirment! hehe
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