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  1. BSG is inspired by the news... I find it refreshing that with BSG, Sci-Fi is more serious. Maybe it will help the genre to get more serious recognition but I wouldn't bet on that right now. Besides, drama can be entertaining too. Even if it's in space. ^_^ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh im all for seriousness, ive long maintained the only things I dont like about star Wars is the stupid cutsy creatures lucas comes up with for the kids. Id much rather Star Wars be created for adults so it doesnt get dumbed down in spots to appeal to kids (Jar Jar and crap like that). Im all for swearing and nudity (and other adult situations) in Games and movies IF IT FITS THE SITUATION at hand (swearing for the sake of swearing and nudity for the sake of nudity is just lazy and stupid IMO). Disney is for kids, the rest should be for Adults! But IMO (only my Opinion) BSG goes beyond seriousness and enters the land of depressing (as i have said). You can be serious and still uplifting, you can tackle racism as a topic and not be all negative and mellow drama. This is where BSG fails for me, sure it tackles real topics but it NEVER has a uplifting finish to it. Its like that Clint Eastwood Western he made "unforgiven". Hated that movie when I saw it because there was no hero. Everyone was trash and evil, just different shades of bad. I watch movies and TV for the drama and story but in the end I wanna be able to cheer for the good guys. Maybe its nieve of me but I see nothing wrong with that. Our lives are filled with negative role models already (be it drugged out rock stars or actors, racist political figures (or actors), ect that we dont need our entertainment to copy them. When I watch BSG I feel drained and negative because I dont particularly like the good guys and dont particularly hate the bad guys, they all just different shades of negativity and thats depressing to me. I like shows that make you think but there is a clear cut hero or main character you can get behind like Boston Legal. Alan Shore might have questionable morales but when push comes to shove he tries to do whats morally right. If his same character was on BSG they would leave out him doing anything right or good and just focus on the bad. Maybe im a optimist at heart but id rather see a show that focuses on the good of a person then try to glorify the bad of a person. Sorta is the glass half empty or half full type of question. We can turn on the news and see muderous scum and religious fanatics every day of the week, tv shows should make you think but they should also entertain you. I find nothing entertaining about being depressed and glorifying the bad in a person. Thats just bad writting in my book. As I said, just my opinion but I HONESTLY beleive shows like BSG, the Wire, and Brotherhood do nothing but harm to our society at large. We need our make beleive heros as we have so few legit heros in the real world. The real world has enough villians and morally void figures that we shouldnt need to glorify them in our TV shows as well. As I said, it might be neive of me but give me good old fashioned Good over Evil any day of the week, im bored to tears with Bad over Worse. Being evil (or writing for it) takes no talent or imagination, its easy to do (which is why so many are doing it in the world) but doing the right thing (or writing about it) demands thoughtfulness, decency, and intellegence. Why watch a show thats so void of thought, decency, or intellegent that they try to make negativity and taking the easy route the normal choice?
  2. I could beleive she was designed to be a gay character, after all Bioware added the option in their Jade Empire game as well. Frankly I could care less if she was or wasnt and glad Lucas Arts didnt allow it. Just there for shock value and doesnt add anything to a game. The generic run of the mill romances enough, dont need to go future into the subject. KotOR didnt lose any of its appeal or drive with out having a gay option.
  3. thats strange as I really dont like BSG to be honest. Maybe cause I was a fan of the original in my youth and its changed so much. I find BSG just depressing to watch, nothing good ever happens and when something good does happen its down played into a depressing side line. Much prefer SG1 and SGA because its lighter fair that doesnt take itself serious all the time. Corse I watch TV to be entertained, I can watch the news to be depressed.
  4. I gotta admit im a fan of Star Gate Atlantis and have been from the start. SG1 never really grabbed me (because of the actors I think) but since I been watchng SG Atlantis I find myself watching more and more SG1 now. One thing that absolutely amazes my about this series is the imagination they must have to tie so many of earths history and lore into their series. Its absolutely amazing to me and so well done! Makes me almost wish their version was the real one LOL. Anyone else watch these and notice this? I swear its the one thing that keeps me coming back week after week to watch the show, the revised history and lore.
  5. Welp I been collecting KotOR Legacy and now Dark Times just to get my SW fix. KotOR is really becoming interesting and by far the best of the 3 LEgacy has been OK but I gotta admit I hate anything Skywalker so was about to cancel it until Nihlus made a appearance this last issue. Dark Times is new and appearently getting ALOT of buzz. I gotta say I wasnt to impressed with the first issue (mainly the art). The aleins in this series just look like animals being drawn as humanoids which has always bugged me. Complete with a Rat character called Ratty (rolls eyes). Also the story didnt grab me like KotOR did so its a definatel wait and see title on if ill keep collecting it. I miss collecting comics, back in the 80s I had no less then 15 titles on file for myself each month but with comics now costing $5.00 each thats impossible to do (which is a shame). 3 of them costing me $15.00/month which is more then enough to pay IMO!
  6. just goto the TSF officer and Lt Gkenn will close the quest for you. Its one of those quests that are broken and not completed. Sometimes you will run into them again on the surface of telos but that doesnt do anything to advance or complete the quest
  7. yah LORD FORBID we actually make the characters gender based on the game and storyline! Why that would be terrible and beyond reasoning! (rolls eyes) Just love when someone cant argue/debate the facts they just make the silliest statement they can think of to back their claim!
  8. NGE was a last ditch effort by SOE to make SWG popular. Fact that older players (I played from beta as well) dont like to admit is SWG had lost so many subscribers because of things like CU it was about to close. NGE was needed to attract interest. For every old time whiner that left, 2 new players tried the game, so on that front the NGE was a success. SWG was just poorly designed from word go, it was designed to be UO in space with a Star Wars shell and that was its first mistake. If SOE had actually designed it (as people that didnt know what they were talking about refered to it) "EQ in space" it would probably have a larger following to this day as the EQ mechanics far out do the UO mechanics that were used in the game. The game had many faults but cheif among those was the arrogent and ego driven attitudes of long time players. Check out Athenas posts for a insite into that ego driven garbage. Some where along the lines these players desided that people having fun in the game was to only be allowed after years of grinding and lord forbid anyone playing a jedi because that was their (older players) right ONLY. If you read the SWG boards now adays you will see the BIGGEST WHINE FEST found on the net. Threads of "WHAAAAAAA, so and so that only played 6 months is a as powerful as me and I suck at tactics" are common place from the older players. Its really quite pathetic to be honest! NGE weakened the Jedi classes from being all powerful to equal as any other class for balance and allowed it to be a starter proffession so ALL (rather then a select few) could experience and enjoy the class. Older players hated this idea because they feel they should be the only jedi and lost their power advantage that clearly showed they could only win a fight with a insane power advantage. When all things are equal they failed and went to the boards to whine and complain like little children. NGE also removed Creature Handlers that had no place in Star Wars and were only there because it was a popular class in UO. This drove the power gamers crazy, now they couldnt have a pet fight for them and again had to rely on their OWN skill as a player (which they sucked at). I still hold out hope anouther Star Wars MMORPG will be made but made right this time. I could see a game like DAOC being given a Star Wars shell and being hugely popular because of the PVP and adventure. The old time SWG players would hate it but they hate anything that doesnt hand them a power advantage over others. Sucks to be them but Alpha classes in a MMORPG just dont work thruth be told. NGE didnt kill SWG, the CU did far more damage then the NGE did. But in the end, what truely will kill SWG is its players. They whine so much no one can enjoy themselves even if they enjoy the game.
  9. nope no joke, didnt take kindly to being called sexist. The topic was debated long before the thread you point to and end result when the game was still new and boards were still active with people that gave a damn was exile was male. Plain and simple. All the female arguements fall through the cracks in the storyline when you analize it indepth and completely. There is not ONE single instance in game that supports the exile being a female over a male, not a single one. Go dig up all those old threads (if they even still around) and you will see for yourself. The movement to make the exile to be a female really is more a political correctness move then anything else. Sorta like racial profiling where the minority gets the job rather then the most qualified person. I honestly really wish someone, anyone, would write a story with a female lead so that the "fanatics" behind this movement could let this story play out as intended and designed!
  10. There was romance in KotOR2 people. Play a male Exile (as intended) and you go through a whole story with Handmaiden that builds the romance up until the climax near the end when she thinks your dead and tries to avenge you (giving you a actual reason to return to Telos (makeing the story make sence) unlike when you play a female exile). With Visas its much shorter but you get the end pay off of the force sharing which SYMBOLIZES having sex with her. And the jealousy scene between Visas and Handmaiden also makes PERFECT sence (as per the storyline) unlike the jealousy scene when you play a female exile. There is no love story with Mira but there is good back and forth banter (again if you play male exile). The stories are there, just play game as designed (male exile) and follow all the conversations to their natural and logical conclusions. Coukd they have been better? Definately, its obvious ALOT was cut from the game sadly but there is still romance there if you play the game as obviously intended (designed) to be played. Its no different then KotOR 1 in this fashion, the main logical story was written with a male main character in mind and the female option was added in afterwards and doesnt always match up prefectly to the story being told.
  11. Thats true, the assassins dont drain life as Nih or Exile do, but Kreia does say they become more powerful the stronger you are with the force. So they are truely the underlings of Exile or Nih in that they share a similar trait but with limitations unlike Nih and Exile! If you remember at the start of game Kreia explains you are able to beat the assassins so easily because you are just rediscovering your connection to the force and thus the assassins cant feed off the power making them less then normal fighters.
  12. QFT... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oh well its not really worth paying for anyway, SoE just had to fix stuff that aren't broken they refuse to admite they skrewed up. They took a good mmorpg and turned it into uther garbage oh well. :angry: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> heheh Altena is definately in one of the catagories! The Emancipator Sees the game as a titanic struggle between the evil expressive developers and the poor, downtrodden gamers. The evidence? Every rule and limitation in the game. Sample Quote: "I don't see why I have to complete quests to get epic weapons! If I want my second-level Bumblefur Bard to wield the Deathsword of Arat'rak'k'k'k, that's my right! Quit telling me how to play!" Punishment: Sent to Sudan to experience first-hand what oppression actually feels like.
  13. LOL you missed it for sure MJC, its a joke, yas know, ha ha heh heh, funny. /shrug, I guess its lost on some folks
  14. LOL sexist? come on now, thats just silly! Only sexists around here are those that constantly demand a obviously male character go into cannon as a female! But yas know I just reloaded kotor2 and watched the opening movie and in that they refer to the Exile as HE and HIM ONLY. So Obsidians meaning was pretty clear and straight forward! Only reason LA THINKING (its not official in any sort) of making Exile female is not in regards to storyline or anything important, its because some posters whined, complained, and stomped their feet that there was NO female main character (only female supporting characters). And thats a true shame that they ruin a great story to pacify SEXIST complainers. Storyline should be the ONLY thing that matters in this discussion as in the end, with out storyline you have no fans or interest! And again, Handmaiden is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR more important and relevant then Disciple is. Its not even a contest! With the Handmaiden the story flows and makes sence, with out her its far to jumbled and pasted togather.
  15. LOL, I been playing MMORPG since they first came out 16 years ago so Im definately Whats sad is I would have loved a job as a CSR for a online game but alas I dont live in India!
  16. Good points Art, hard to argue, you put alot of thought into it. I honestly dont think its the case though but after hearing (its not cannon jusy yet btw) the exile is female I stopped thinking about KotOR series and story line as that ruined it for me to be honest. Ive played the game in every fashion you can think off and the story was obviously meant for exile to be male light side, anything else ruins the game and deletes important characters from it. Handmaiden is to important of a character and basically doesnt exist if you go with exile being female. Where as disiple is a throw away character that exists regardless of exiles gender. As I said, once the push for exile to be female happens I stopped following the story line as its been ruined for me and truely pisses me off. Anyways, excellent post and would be interesting if true. Sadly with exile supposibly being female the chances of it being true are lessened, which is a shame!
  17. I just finished trying SWG again and one of the things that turned me off the game was all the whining on the forums about jedi and everything else! Guild mate posted this today on guild forums and its BANG on discription of ANY older player in SWG and how they act on the forums! Seriously cant stress how boring and stupid the people are with their complaints about jedi being a started proffession, was totally insane! Been playing MMORPGs since they started 16 years ago and never to date seen a bigger bunch of whiners.
  18. If you play an online game that you enjoy, there's one surefire way to spoil the experience: read the forums on the official site. There you will find a vast underworld of lost souls keening their misery onto your screen. A game you thought was entertaining, well-balanced and attractive will be torn apart before your very eyes and pronounced lacking in every conceivable way. It doesn't matter that the complainers spend as much time on the game as you do, and probably more. While they may disagree on the nature of the flaws, they are united in agreement that whatever those flaws may be, they are unforgivable. Herewith then, a guide to the deranged, degraded inhabitants of the forums. You cannot defeat them, they provide precious little experience, but if they get their claws on you, they may turn you into one of their own. The Power Craver Wants only one thing -- more power with less effort. Any downgrade in power is infuriating. Any upgrade is insufficient. Sample Quote: "I can't believe they nerfed the pillar of lava spell! How am I supposed to kill twelve ogres at once now?" Punishment: Forced to admit that no matter how powerful in the game, still works as a cashier at Kroger in real life. The Magical Realist Doesn't understand what a "game" is. Constantly makes arguments based on what would be "realistic," even if the game is set in a fantasy world run by wizards and pixies. Sample Quote: "You can't tell me a Mondlagarian Tiger Warrior is stronger than a Swamp Troll. That just doesn't make sense!" Punishment: Sent back to kindergarten for remedial make-believe classes. The Majority Stockholder Seems to believe that $15 a month buys you a seat on the board of directors. Doesn't realize that a hundred thousand other people are ponying up the same amount. Sample Quote: "I've e-mailed the developers several times telling them that Fire Paladins should have the axe-throwing skill. They haven't changed it, but they're still taking my money!." Punishment: Forced to work customer service for an online game company. The Emancipator Sees the game as a titanic struggle between the evil expressive developers and the poor, downtrodden gamers. The evidence? Every rule and limitation in the game. Sample Quote: "I don't see why I have to complete quests to get epic weapons! If I want my second-level Bumblefur Bard to wield the Deathsword of Arat'rak'k'k'k, that's my right! Quit telling me how to play!" Punishment: Sent to Sudan to experience first-hand what oppression actually feels like. The Eternal Quitter Just comes on the forum to let everyone know he's quitting for good and to spend a dozen paragraphs explaining why. Then does it again three months later. Sample Quote: "For real, this time." Punishment: Forced to actually quit. One-Issue Poster Only has one complaint, but posts about it 15 times a day. This is because nobody else cares. Sample Quote: "THE LAVENDER STARBELT IS ACTUALLY PERIWINKLE!!!! WHY DON'T THEY FIX THIS??!!!?!" Punishment: Lavender Starbelt changed to lilac. The Lifestyler Wants a bunch of cosmetic changes to a single type of character. Exhibits an eerie level of identification with said character. Sample Quote: "The Pastry Elves' laugh should be less bubbly and more tinkly. Our giggle should remind you of gazing at the stars as a child, and our smile should make you think of the taste of honey on a cool spring morning." Punishment: Character icon replaced with accurate photograph of self. The Deathmonger Main complaint about the game is that you can't kill everything. Secondary complaint is that the things you can kill don't suffer enough. Sample Quote: "Why can't I make the baker watch me kill his wife and child, then force-feed their flesh to him until his stomach bursts? What is this, Barbie's Horse Adventure?" Punishment: To be determined, pending DNA analysis of freezer contents.
  19. naaa exile and nihl cant be the same otherwise he exile wouldnt have faced him in kotor2 with vis and mandalore present. Woukd of had to have been a 1 on 1 encounter so could be explained away as a delusion or dream type deal
  20. Me either, it was definately easier as DS but wasnt that hard as LS, just have to read your options and play to the character is all.
  21. LOL, I been playing games that long and longer actually and still cant do the button combos! Fact is i have no desire to play twitch games, give me story and content any day of the week over button mashing.
  22. Thats your opinion, frankly I like the comics and collect them as they tell interesting stories and the art work is very well done. Im also looking forward greatly to the TV series they are rumored to be working on. Im sure it will be just as successful as the Stargate TV series was if handled correctly. If you hate Star Wars so much, why come to a Star Wars forum, is your life so void of interest that you have to bash things other like? Thats really quite sad honestly. Hope you get a life soon!
  23. this very segment of time is the time frame for the new SW comic book "Dark Times" that went on sale this month!
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